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  1. Back on squats, but this time I'm using high bar - and it's much more comfortable, but I'll see how it goes. Also, I deloaded to 70kg and I'll treat it as one deload (after another I'm going 3x5). Last pressing workout didn't went well, I just used too many warm up sets and got tired when I got to the working set, almost had the deadlifts - but my form broke on the last one, so I'll have to deload. 17/7/14 Bech press 5x5: 62.5 kg Barbell rows 5x5: 62.5 kg 19/7/14 Squat 5x5: 72.5 kg Overhead press 5x5 : 45 kg Deadlifts 1x5 : 105 kg 21/7/14 Squat 5x5: 75 kg Bech press 5x5: 65 kg Barbell rows 5x5: 65 kg
  2. If it was difficult because of morals, you can consider buying organic milk (or at least where they let the cows graze) and free range eggs, the treatment for the animals is substantially better in my opinion. Organic isn't necessarily more ethical.. In most cases it's a lot less... I studied animal care, management and welfare for 2 years and through experience I learnt that animals that are considered organically raised aren't allowed medicine when they are sick for example.. Obviously I would only buy free ranged, battery hens are illegal in the uk anyway. All eggs and dairy I'm consuming are local on the Isle of Wight which means no factory farms and no mass production, just homely well cared for farms. I'm starting to see through so much propaganda,most of which is made up crap from Peta.. Well, organic is more ethical where I live (I actually went to the farm and check). Anyway, I think local milk & eggs is a great option, and I wish you good luck with the lifts
  3. If it was difficult because of morals, you can consider buying organic milk (or at least where they let the cows graze) and free range eggs, the treatment for the animals is substantially better in my opinion.
  4. Thank you both Well, I probably have a problem with my squat form, my hips hurt again and a trainer I asked for advise told me it's probably torn cartilage and I should avoid squats, or any activity that causes pain for two weeks or so. So, I'm going to keep doing everything besides squats for this week and the next and see what's up. 13/7/14 Bech press 5x5: 60 kg Barbell rows 5x5: 60 kg Pull-ups 1x10 Chin-ups 1x10 15/7/14 Overhead press 5x5 : 42.5 kg Deadlifts 1x5 : 105 kg
  5. Today during squats my hips started to hurt, never had any pain there, so it was a unique experience. I decided to stop squatting when it started, so I guess you can say I failed on squats, also screwed my deadlifts... As for overhead presses - I deloaded to 40kg because I thought there were 3 stalled workouts turns out there were only two, but I'll keep on from there. Squats 5x5 : 80 kg Overhead press 5x5 : 40 kg Deadlifts 1x5 : 105 kg
  6. Thanks, and I have 80kg next - hope I won't fail, and I hope you won't as well Yeah, I would really like that - I love hedgehogs; although the ones that get in my garden don't love me back they're really intimidated by humans unless you keep a good distance. 8/7/14 So, to recover better I started eating more, and keeping track of calories became a pain so I stopped doing it. Right now I'll try to eat as much as I can. Today's workout was great, although it was hard not to cheat at the end of the rows, so I cheated two reps and had to re-do them... Squats 5x5 : 77.5 kg Bech press 5x5: 57.5 kg Barbell rows 5x5: 57.5 kg Pull ups : 1x7 Chin ups: 1x6
  7. Whew, finally got the squats... too bad pressing went to hell - even the 40kg warm up was hard! 5/7/2014 Squats 5x5 : 75 kg Overhead press 5x5: 45 kg Deadlifts 1x5: 100 kg
  8. Thanks. Cool hedgehog (or ferret? can't tell), is it yours? Anyway, blew it on squats again, this time I got 4 sets in and in the last one got 3 reps :/ if I miss one more time I have to deload to 67.5kg Also, rows starting to get hard... 3/7/14 Squats 5x5 : 75 kg Bench 5x5: 55 kg Rows 5x5: 55 kg
  9. I'm not an authority of getting big, but as far as I can tell it's all about getting enough calories. Most of the foods that you've listed sound good, but maybe you should diversify with the fruits a litte. I started working out and bulking in may and I was 70 kg and right now I'm 78 kg (I have no idea how much of it is fat, still have abs though). What I try to do is this - in order of importance : 1) Get at least 3000 calories a day - with the hope of getting to 4000. 2) Get all of the needed vitamins and minerals in the amount I need. 3) Eat at least 3 bowls/cups of legumes a day - to get enough lysine and protein in general. That's around 50 grams of protein. 4) Get some fats in - ground flaxseeds everyday (6 tablespoons), Peanut butter and tahini is a great way to get enough calories. Cashews and almonds are expensive, but I find I can easily eat 200-300g of them and get about 700-1000 calories just from them, not as often as I like though :/. Cronometer or a similar site will help you with these. I find nuts particularly helpful, as I feel stronger the days I eat them, but as I said they're really expensive. Good luck
  10. That's really cool, I'll keep an eye on your progress hope this workout went better for you. It was really a mistake coming to the gym today. I didn't sleep well, and felt really weak and came unfoucused at all. I used a lower working set for the squats twice, and one I noticed it I ramped it up but then used too much weight - I couldn't complete 5x5. Also, couldn't complete 5x5 on the press. Shitty day. 30/07/14 Squats 5x5 : 75 kg Edit: dropped dead after 3 sets Overhead press 5x5: 45 kg Edit: had 3x5 then another two sets where I got only 3 reps Deadlifts 1x5: 95 kg
  11. Thanks, I feel a tremendous progress already - it was pretty hard for me to do 40kg on squat but now 40 kg feels light, and everytime a bigger weight takes the "hard" place instead. 26/06/2014 : Squats 5x5 : 70 kg Bench 5x5: 52.5 kg Rows 5x5: 52.5 kg
  12. Today workout went fine, but from tomorrow I have finals so I'll see how good I can stick to working out. Also, I don't write my warm ups - it's just the lifts from empty bar with 3 even jumps up to the working set. Lifts: Squats 5x5 : 67.5 kg Overhead press 5x5: 42.5 kg Deadlifts 1x5: 90 kg
  13. If you want to increase core strength: look at this, maybe get those ab wheels things, and if you have a pull up bar work your way into the front lever. I think squats are great for core strength (certainly feels like it), altough I just started doing them, and so I can't tell you from experience. edit: oh, and
  14. Hey Daniela, wether you're vegan or not, addictions are hard to tackle alone, be it food or otherwise. When we attach positive emotions to objects, especially ones we have in proximity - it's hard to stop using them. I'm speaking from experience (not an eating disorder though), seeking help of a close one or a professional makes all the diffrence. if you want any advise I'll be glad to help. Best of luck!
  15. Today's workout: Squats 5x5 : 65 kg Bech press 5x5: 50 kg Barbell rows 5x5: 50 kg I think next time I'll add pull-ups to this, because the workout with the bench and row is much easier than the one with the press and deadlifts. Soon I'll add what I eat, but currently its a ton of legumes and peanut butter with bread on top of a regular vegan diet (fruits, veggies, rice, soymilk etc).
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