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  1. Ditto IMO I wouldn't get too hung up on soy, there seems to be some xenoestrogenic activity but from what I have read this seems to be extremely minimal. Certainly appears not enough to have any effect on hormone levels within the body anyhow so if you're eating it in moderation I believe it poses no risk. Patrick Baboumian breaks it down in a video on his youtube channel, and basically states that it is a complete non-issue. (skip to 4:27) Then look at the animal estrogens in dairy
  2. I wouldn't be soy adverse, but if you insist, most of the vegan proteins (vega/sunwarrior) are soy free. For food, combine grains and beans. Together they make complete proteins. My post workout meal involves no soy and totals over 50g of protein, feature dish is based around black beans, chickpeas, quinoa, and bulgur. NOTE: I am 15 pounds bigger than I was in my avy haha
  3. Nice, I'll look into that multi- Also wanted to tell you have increased my fat intake since our last exchange, and still feel great. I don't think it was so much the low fat thing that was going so well for me, but rather the high calorie thing. Since I've made the switch to pound food as opposed to limit calories to lose tummy fat, I've seen excellent gains and have bundles of more energy.
  4. My typical day looks like this now: Waking: 1 cup muesli with almond milk and a banana 11am Smoothie with mixed frozen fruits, banana, blueberries, spinach, hemp hearts, 1 scoop of vega protein, dates 12am banana 2pm wrap with yves slices, spinach, avocado, tomato and verde sauce b12 Omega 3 Vitimin K2 and D3 workout 5pm Bulgur, quinoa and bean dish 1 scoop vega protein 8pm Small Kale salad Stirfry w/ mixed frozen veggies, half block of tofu, hemp hearts, over rice in a teriyaki sauce. I've been gaining steadily.
  5. I was pretty much only taking b12 for a while, but have some extra cash these days so want to maximize my health. I'm now taking (all vegan): B12 Vitamin K2 and D3 Calcium Creatine Vega Protein Powder Omega 3 Anything else I should look into? Also, if any of you can recomennd a great vegan multivitamin that would be awesome, as It'd be less a pain in the ass if I only had to take 1 multivitamin (in addition to creatine/protein powder)
  6. Ya it's canned white beans rinsed and dumped in with the smoothie.
  7. Were you low carb, when you were high fat? From what I understand it's the combination of carbs and fats that cause fat gain. Have been skimming through my gf's copy of 80/10/10 for the last hour or so. Lots of great info in there , and might be something worth checking out.
  8. That was a good read, and I'll consider it. From a pure physique standpoint though, I'm very sold on the high carb low fat thing. I do have some vegan omega 3 DHA supplements lieing around, so perhaps I'll make a better effort to take them, though am feeling damn awesome since the change so far.
  9. Since I posted this, I have made the switch to what I call a low fat, high calorie, whole foods vegan diet. Basically I eat tons of fruits and vegetables, as well as starches and legumes, and am very high carbed. Have cut out my protein powders too. Before I was calorie adverse and ate lots of fatty vegan foods like peanut buttwr, avocados, oils and like my username, hemp hearts. All while occaisionally starving myself to keep lean. I've noticed since I've made the conscious decision to eat more while avoiding fat, I've made the best gains of my life and have had my body fat drop while adding mass. And I've been drinking my usual dozen beers or so a week too. It's a bit anecdotal, but take it for what it's worth. I am now COMPLETELY sold on the low fat thing, as well as the high carb and high calorie thing. Fat is the enemy and whole foods are your friends.
  10. My girlfriend is a big fan of freelee the banana girl, and I've been reading up on the high carb vegan diet, 80-10-10 etc. So my question is, is beer good for vegans? Most health conscience folks are beer adverse due to the high carb content, but as vegans perhaps we should be drinking more beer? Perhaps wishful thinking, but it would be great for marketing the diet. "Vegan: the diet where beer drinking is encouraged" (I'm tempted to TM that)
  11. For myself my breakfasts usually are either oat cereal and almond milk or a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but if I'm in the mood for something hearty, a gram flour ommlette is where its at. Also sometimes I crave toast with olive oil and a spread of avocado sprinkled with real salt. Pretty damn tasty and easy and quick.
  12. I made my first one today. Pretty much 1 part hemp seeds and 1 part black beans (about 6 table spoons of each), mixed in a flax seed "egg", garlic powder, worcester sauce, smokey bbq chipotle sauce, and topped with a miso sauce. Fried in coconut oil. Served on a bun with Kale and tomato. Pretty damn tasty actually, and definitely loaded with protein thought the thing was huge.
  13. Oh man, I just made a topic about the exact same thing. Oops! How'd your experimenting go?
  14. Am trying to come up with a recipe for the ultimate veggie burger that is absolutely jam packed with protein, but soy free. I've been scared off soy, and until recently that was my #1 protein source. I've become a post workout veggie patty addict, ones that were kept frozen and then you just fry them up and make a burger. The ones I were eating were pure soy though, so want to make my own. Hoping to come up with a recipe that will get me about 25-30 grams of protein in a 110g (or so) patty. Can make a big batch and then just heat and eat after workouts with my vega shakes. Foods that are in the running: Hemp seeds Oats Black Beans Mushrooms (for texture) Any helpful adds? Things to add protein or make good flavour? Thanks!
  15. Thanks! never have done a training journal before, how does that work, I just keep track of and log my workouts
  16. Maybe a high intensity circuit workout would be good for you and help to burn fat. Sports are great like that as well, I play hockey twice a week, but a buddy of mine lost 30 pounds over the winter playing basketball 3 times a week.
  17. Hi folks! I'm a long-time vegetarian, gave up meat at the age of 10 after watching "Babe" nearly 20 years ago, who has dabbled into veganism and is transitioning back into it again. I was Vegan for about a year 8-10 years ago, but then went traveling and it just became impossible since I didn't have a kitchen and certain areas simply weren't able to understand, so I gave into cheese and eggs and some seafood. I'm pretty much vegan again now (cut out buying eggs and dairy about 6 months ago), occasionally I'll eat mussels/oysters and if I go out I won't make a stink if there might be a touch of dairy or egg in a pasta or bread. Basically my kitchen is vegan, but if I'm out I won't be a stickler for less than obvious non-dairy animal products (ie I had a butternut squash ravioli at a veggie friendly resto the other day and assumed it was vegan) I'm in my late 20s now, a shade under 6 feet and about 175 pounds. My workout routine these days consists of almost nothing but different kinds of pushups and pullups and curls (for the girls) 3 times a week, and I play hockey a couple times a week and that takes care of my legs and cardio (my legs are actually bigger than my upper body proportionally despite me ignoring them). I'm making good strides for now, but once I plateau I'm hoping to get serious into weight lifting and do the Ed Bauer plan. Cheers! Hope we can share tips!
  18. Hey Guys, was a poster here almost a decade ago, don't even remember my username back then, but came on here to post my awesome post workout meal. Cheap ingredients (mostly), very easy and fast to make ( I actually cook it between sets of my workout so it's ready for when I'm done), and loaded with 150 grams of vegan protein: 1 half bag of frozen mixed chinese veggies, 225g. (10g of protein) 1 half block of high protein Tofu (35g of protein) 1 half cup of black beans, optional (10g of protein) 1 cup of Hemp Hearts (60g of protein) Some Teriyaki and Sriracha sauce for flavour. 1 heaping scoop of vegan protein powder mixed with water for a drink, pea protein blend (35g of protein) It's a massive meal, but I usually only have a peanut butter and banana sandwich (and b supplements) in the morning, workout in the early afternoon, and eat this around 2 so I'm usually starved by that time and able to hammer it. Anyways, thought I'd share!
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