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  1. Hi there tin-tin. I am new to this forum and just saw this thread. Shamed I missed it the first time round! Sounds exciting still though. And cool to hear you have plans to resurrect the dream! A five year tours sounds incredible. I recently read this guys book: and it was fantastic. Though the two of you have different goals, after reading that I was naturall interersted to see your thread!
  2. USA played a darn good World Cup. LIke I have said before, in a generations time I think they will be up there with the best. Having said that, Belgium deserved to win that match though. The dark horse, no longer so dark ...
  3. Yes, and my mother was once stuck in a lift for three hours in a department store when she was a girl. She is unfazed by the whole thing, but the story still creeps me out. I tend to avoid them when possible. But back to the OP, I think in general knowing how to stretch and how to sit down is so important now that so many of us spend so much time in front of a screen sitting at a desk. The damage we are doing to our backs, eyes and necks without realizing! I have started working from home a few days a week now, just so I can go for walks and wanders when I feel I need to get the blood flowing again. I have recently purchased some comforters from this site as I was suffering from a bit of back ache before. When it really gets bad I just snuggle up in bed and work there! If only we could take out duvets into the office!!!
  4. yes i thought so as well! I didn't know it it would be appropriate to mention it though ...
  5. I eat most of mine raw, but that is only my personal preference re. taste. I tried making the base of pie with soaked nuts. I actually didn't taste bad, but completely disintigrated ... and looked a complete mess.
  6. 'The Stair Master: Want to avoid elevator small talk in favor of elevating the heart rate? Take the stairs! Accelerate on the straight-aways and take two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn.' haha - two birds with one stone! I do this anyway, four flights of stairs, but definitely worth it
  7. Anyone still following? What a weekend. Was kind of rooting for Chile ... but still, great match.
  8. Hello (I'm knew here, as you can see) but just wanted to say 'wow!' and 'well done!' Thats a hell of a decade you have had! So I see you went vegan in 2013, but when did you start trying to loose wait out of interest? And how long have you been working out? You look great for 30 as well, by the way.
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