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    Hey everybody, this is my first time every joining a forum or community such at this and i am looking forward to reading the tips and advice you all have. I am a vegetarian (i don't eat meat of any kinds, including eggs and fish), i have been vegetarian for 15 years. I do eat cheese but it is very difficult to find vegetarian diet plans that go along with my training. My trainer is having a difficult time finding out what i can eat meal plan wise. I am okay with being vegan as my dad is and am completly open to it. I workout 6 - 7 days a week, and i am currently at 13% body fat weighing at 155lbs, my goal is 8% body fat and i am at a point where nutrition and diet are the only way i will reach and maintain my goal. if you have any other questions about me feel free to ask, thanks for the oppertunity to introduce myself and i am looking forward to all the advice you all have. Thanks!
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