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  1. That is my understanding as well. However, he mentions smoothies being a good choice for your 1 hour after meal because of it being easily digested, and gives the page number for the smoothie recipes. But, the smoothie recipes call for only 1 tbsp of hemp protein, and say it is 2 servings. So that's only 1/2 tbsp of hemp protein in meal following the workout.
  2. Hey there! I guess I shouldn't say high in protein, but higher than the post workout recovery drink, since he specifically says this will have a lower protein content. He says, "these recovery drinks have more protein than the sport drinks, yet less than a smoothie." To me it looks as if the smoothies have less protein, since the recipes call for the same amount, but the smoothies say they are two servings. I guess it just seems really odd to me that the meal following a workout would only contain 1/2 tbsp of protein.
  3. Whether or not you agree/follow any of Brendan Brazier's thrive principles, I'm hoping I can get some clarity here. On page 127 of Thrive it lists recipes for recovery drinks to have immediately after my workout. These have 1 tbsp of hemp protein. It says it makes 3 cups, but makes no mention of servings, so I'm assuming 1 serving. He then mentions eating an hour after this post workout recovery drink, and you can make a smoothie for easier digestion. This meal is supposed to have more protein than the recovery drink. If you look at the smoothie recipes on page 223, they also have 1 tbsp of hemp protein, except it says it's for 2 servings, so it would have half of the protein as the recovery drink. Granted, most have a little bit of flaxseed included, but that doesn't bump the protein content up much. Can anyone make sense of why there is seemingly such little protein in these smoothies that he touts are high in protein? Am I missing something? Thanks!
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