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  1. Today has been a turn for the worst! I spent all last night in terrible pain, then it finally happened. I woke up for work and vomited everywhere. I must have a case of food poisoning, still in agony now at it 2:20pm. I think left over schnitzel heated up may be the reason. Has anyone had this issue before?
  2. So after a sluggish day at work my energy felt low. I smashed a banana filled up my bottle with bcaa and hit the gym. Pull ups felt strong 4 sets of 5 reps wide grip. Deadlifts felt strong but had a struggle with my hamstrings. I'm trying to do sumo stance because I have found my lower back doesnt hurt (I'm a bit short lol). Comepleted 4 sets 5 reps 70kg. Bent over rows felt good 4 sets 6 reps 35kg. Finished back with lat pull downs 3 sets 12 reps 40kg. Biceps started with hammer stall curls 3 sets 8 reps per hand 7.5kg per hand. Finished of biceps with 2 sets of 21s at 12.5kg. After that my biceps were on fire and felt good. Today I was a lot more mentally focused and wanting to prove to myself I still had strength. This forum is great to motivate myself and continue my vegan journey.
  3. From my understanding it wont be weight loss but body fat % drop...if that makes sense. If you eat enough to satisfy your muscle growth your body fat percentage will drop. Please correct me if I'm wrong just my understanding.
  4. Hey man I have hear a lot about the "window" I personally don't follow it but that is because I don't understand it lol. I do however have a post workout shake and tend to eat straight afterwards because im starving lol. when I was going to a gym I would have bcaa during workout, have a shake post workout and eat when I got home. If your looking to do it in the hour window maybe take you protein shake to work and put your water or almond milk or whatever in just as you leave work that way it will be alright to drink post workout. Also take a meal with you eat on the train home. Hope that helps man!
  5. Hey bud, im probably not the best person to answer this question. I do want to ask is vegan just to lose weight? If that is the case as soon as you hit your goal and start eating "normal" again you'll gain weight. If it is just weight loss reasons you want to go vegan I think you should just look at what your eating and your portion sizes . Also look into macro counting as it is a good way to trace you caloric intake.
  6. Thanks heaps esqinchi! Going from a meat diet to vegan over night I honestly have no idea what my caloric intake is anymore. I eat a lot more regularly as a vegan and feel like I eat more food but there is less calories in healthy food. So more spinach, kale & broccoli you think? I did miss breaky today but normally I have an english muffin with vegan butter and vegemite as well.
  7. Wednesday 23/7: Just woken up and ready for work. Feeling pretty tired today, not sure if that is due to lack of sleep from cold weather. Didn't feel like my morning smoothie today but I have some left overs from last nights dinner vegie crumbed burger on a burger bun with spinach mayo and beetroot for lunch today. Also got some baked beans for a snack along with 2 apples and an orange. When I get home ill smash a banana before training then post workout rice protein and almond milk shake. Haven't decided on dinner with my wife yet but post that I will have a smoothie containing broccoli, kale, tomato, almond milk, banana, mixed berries, goji berries and flax seed oil. Please leave some feed back on my diet what I may be missing, this is a general day keep in mind im cutting fat at the moment. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Makes sense HIT Rob, I think you hit it on the head with calorie deficit. I am happy with that though because I need to cut my belly fat big time. I will continue to to push as hard as I can and lose weight. Once I get to a good starting frame I will begin my slow bulk.
  9. Monday 21/7 - first heavy workout as a vegan. Very surprised with how it went. Benching 60kg again felt super heavy and was struggling to get the final rep up for every set. Actually failed on close grip bench one set and final exercise was tricep push downs which I failed every set. Is it normal when changing to a vegan diet to lose power? Energy wise I felt great could have kept going but power and strength felt less and had a much bigger pump then I used to...is this normal?
  10. This deload week has been a flop. I didn't do any training other then my deload Monday of chest and triceps. Tomorrow we start back and my training partner should be there too. I will post details on our routine and weight used. Food wise this has been my first week of being a vegan. Both my wife and I went cold turkey and dropped animal products over night. I haven't had really any struggles and have found I'm more excited about cooking and eating which is something I have never been. I will post a daily meal intake later tonight and see if you guys can give me advice and other meal ideas .
  11. Hey bud, good to meet you too. I agree completely about Maccas. I only ate that and other fast food because it was easy which disgusts me even more! Since becoming vegan I had a hard first couple of days not with wanting meat but feeling sick in the gut. I'm on day 5 now and feeling so much better, still struggling with energy a bit but not too bad at all. I feel it has also help a lot with a disorder I have too so hopeful that continues to improve!!!
  12. Probably not the best week for a journal entry as it is deload week for me and my training partner has taken the week off due to a relationship issue. Currently I'm doing a 3 day split chest & triceps, back & biceps, legs & shoulders. We are currently doing progressive overload each week for 5 weeks then the 6th week is deload. I have made some good strength increases for flat benching 30kg (working sets) to now 60kg (working sets). My goal is to bench my own weight and deadliff 100kg by the end of the year. currently doing working sets of 75kg dead lifts while weighing 81kg. I plan to take progress pictures each week and may post them if I feel comfortable as I am currently not happy with my fat gut and man boobs. I train hard but didn't watch my diet until now.
  13. Hey all, My name is Paul (aka Foonz) I am sort of new to lifting heavy things and very new to the vegan lifestyle. I started lifting about 12 months ago but had no idea what I was doing and had no consistency. About 3 - 4 months ago I started lifting consistant with my training partner but had a terrible diet. I could see all sorts of gains happening on my mate while I just got fatter and fatter. I have had dogs my whole life but about 6 years ago they became my life. My wife and I are extremely involved in our now 2 cats and 2 dogs and are huge supporters against animal cruelty. Only last week my wife came to me saying she would like to go vegan but was hesitant as she grew up in a very meat eating home and doesn't really like vegetables. I have never been huge on meat but began eating a lot of take away such as McDonalds. Monday 14/7/15 after work we did a 2 hour shop threw out all our food at home and begun our journey of becoming vegan.
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