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  1. Wow. That's exactly how I'd like to look. I am skinny fat runner. Way to go!
  2. Wow you did a 50K in about what I could probably finish a 50K in (did 42K in 4:13) but I did a hell of a lot more training then you. Well done! You are also very fit. I am skinny fat. I am 5'11" 165 lbs 20% bfat according to my scale which i'm not sure is accurate. how tall are you? what do you recommend for someone that doesn't do any strength training? maybe start small with pushups or something? What's next on the horizon for ya?
  3. I ran my second marathon this year. First as a vegan. My first marathon was 5:08 in 2008. Then I went vegan got passionate about running again and landed 4 hr 13 minutes on May 25th at Vermont Marathon. I have signed up for Manchester City Marathon. I should be training right now but I have an injury on my right ankle left side on the ankle bone I believe. I went to a chiro that does advanced release technique. Has improed a tiny bit but not much. Been injured since the second week of June. Not good!! I have until November 2nd to get ready for the marathon distance. I hope I can at least finish somehow.
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