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  1. Hey All I'm 29 years old, 5'6, 128 pounds with 25.7% body fat I run 3 miles 3x week, do yoga (one strong and sweaty, one stretch) and have just started RT 1x week, working up to 2. If I run in the morning I have a protein shake with 3 scoops raw vegan protein powder (24g pro), 2 dates, 1 t maca, 1 t msm, and 4 cups of water. Otherwise I have 1-2 pieces of fruit. Lunch is usually 1/2-1 avocado, greens, chickpeas- something like that Dinner is usually a big salad with nut butter or tahini, soup, sushi, mung bean pasta or sweet potato I sometimes snack on nuts/dates and dark chocolate or I have a raw protein bar if I think I didn't get enough protein, occasionally I will air pop popcorn or have vegan homemade almond flour cookies. I drink 2-3 L water/day and lots of herbal tea. What do I need to change/add/take away to meet my goal of losing 5% body fat in 12 weeks. I need to firm, tone, and slim my entire body after having a baby. Lost the weight but definitely not in shape. The Bodpod trainer says I must add animal protein to see results Would appreciate your expertise. I will add that although I have been doing the diet above for awhile, the amount of exercise is new (2 months) and I have just increased my water to a min of 2 L/day. Thanks S
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