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  1. And the time has done wonders, it turns out all my blood work and organs are fine, bar one.... it seems a long standing UTI has caused a closure on the bladder opening to a very small (explains a lot over the last few months actually - ghost peeing etc) which is in turn, causing a build up of uric acid and not allowing my kidneys or bladder to empty properly. The extra water during training is obviously what's causing the pain. Thanks for the input, I will see what urology can sort for me, but it means I know I am not in deep trouble and can some what start training again to a light degree.
  2. They're pretty good in my opinion, they still use pesticides but you can find decent organic farmers market produce quite easy and with in a small radius. You just have to take a drive off the main roads. I was amazed how many there were when I started looking. I've not trained now at all. I am not in the business of self diagnosis but I do feel I need to sort this out. I've been rotten ill with abdominal pains and liver and kidney pains for a few days and all food is bloating me out. I have been to the doctors to finally order blood tests, the diet came up and she asked the usual "where do you get your protein" and wanted to know a full run down of what i ate etc and suggested I ate SOME meat, but it's not all about the health any more, 50% of the reason I went vegan was to be away from animal cruelty. She didn't feel or hear anything wrong and thought the probiotic was more placebo, as such I am going to discontinue use until the blood work comes back. I just want to put to bed any medical issues I may have in terms of organs, whether it's fatty liver or gall bladder or what ever or she suggested a muscular issue. She agreed my path for health and fitness was the way forward and to continue, which I would do unless severe. As for the yeast, she claims I didn't have an overgrowth, as I would suspect, but I know I do have an issue with it and if I had pushed the subject more she would have agreed as I have managed to reduce oral thrush to an almost minimum. I thank you for the time and insight, I think I need to keep a healthy balance of homeopathic and medical advice here to solve this. What ever it is at least I will be able to find out if there are any medical issues in the next few weeks. In the mean time I am going to try and keep on the yoga side of things so at least I am doing something other than walking etc.
  3. That's food for thought and I thank you for taking the time to reply... I am not in the US, but UK... I went vegan 2 years ago, but decided I wanted to train and hit the gym as of summer last year. I was never alcoholic or anything like that, I just now no longer wish to drink. I don't enjoy it anymore, I don't enjoy the hangovers, it's not worth the money. However, I have been a social drinker i.e. 2 -3 pints a night with say, 4 - 5 nights a week. Slowly decreasing over the last 2 years. As for fruit and veg, most is store bought or locally sourced at a farmers market. There are pretty strict laws on toxins, pesticides and GMO's in the UK. If it is GMO, it HAS to be labelled as such. I do have oral thrush however, which both my dentist and GP put down to diet but of course wanted to prescribe antibiotics, which is not really going to help. So I declined them and it has been clearing up with a pro biotic and fruit and veg. I am not anti science or any doctor etc, however I do not take any meds or any pain killers. But when I have tried to tackle this issue before, I get referred to imoprozol, which is just nasty. The heart palpitations are unreal. I stopped taking them, under doctors advice as well. I can survive as a vegan no problem, I feel great and the weight has slowly started falling off............. BUT, add in the training and bang. I had a diabetes test some time ago and my blood work came back as normal, cholesterol was a little high but blood pressure was fine. But I never explored a metabollic syndrome. I would love to get to the bottom of this as it's putting a strain on something I enjoy doing. Training and of course body building/crossfit. If it's something I just have to fight through then so be it, but I think I best get checked out a little more just in case here. Thanks for the input, it's been much appreciated, especially as I am a newbie to vegan nutrition and of course working out/training.
  4. Thank you for your response... I have really honed my diet for high carb fruit and veg. I couldn't be eating any cleaner. But this past 2 weeks I have started getting sharp pains in my liver area and burping/bloating/gas again, added to the candida over growth symptoms, normally after eating. Which I haven't had for 2 years since going vegan, I used to get irritable gall bladder and liver from eating too much meat. I am getting fatigue, brain fog and tiredness and it's affecting my training regime. I've started taking a vegan pro biotic as well, I am happy to battle through but the doctor just keeps trying to give me imoprozol which I refuse to take, I tried it 3 years ago and I thought I was going to die. I don't even drink alcohol any more. Should I up my water intake to help flush this out? Hit the lemon water? Google isn't very reliable so just looking for some info from the vegan community to try and remedy. It's getting more and more uncomfortable each day. I haven't actually trained for 5 days now......... I actually contacted a vegan doctor, well respected, who told me to eat more and MORE fruit if I was struggling with candida. So that's put that question to bed for me.
  5. Not yet... I think I am due a full check up and MOT, but I know family members before me have suffered with diagnosed Candida Overgrowth and were able to cure it through pro biotics. I'm just not all that keen on my doctor sometimes........ he is great for injuries, but is happy to prescribe anything no matter what. Which is why I think I feel this guff.
  6. Okay... just after some feedback or thoughts. Why else would I be feeling tired and lethargic/brain fog from eating whole food vegan? I am over weight (by 3 stone according to BMI) but working on training CrossFit and Yoga 2 - 3 times a week at the moment. I eat enough, never hungry, mix of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, berries, cooked and raw and have smoothies. I try and get enough water. Especially when training. Before I trundle off to the doctor and have him tell me to eat the usual meat eggs and dairy etc, could I be suffering with candida? I seem to have the symptoms, including spit test, but it's getting worse as I progress with training (I sometimes want to go to sleep mid session) and seem to get mild acid reflux, even if I haven't eaten for 1 - 2 hours before training. If so, do I avoid fruit or not? Surely being a natural sugar, it can't do any harm? There seems to be mixed reviews of it on Google, so I'd like a few opinions from experienced people here... (I do intend to seek medical advice sometime this week and get function tests but want to explore this possible candida over growth as well as both a family member and health shop worker has suggested it could be this - it would also correlate with a heavy dose of antibiotics that was given to me for an ailment I didn't have.... twice)
  7. Thanks for tip, I have been trying to regulate my breathing, I can usually do 1k before it starts to hurt. Which then just ruins my workout. I have been monitoring myself with breathing and I have noticed during the day with work I am breathing too low or holding breath when concentrating......... never noticed before. I'm actively forcing deep breaths during the day, but I am still not getting the best out of my workouts. But I have found Yoga and Tai Chi to help in the evenings. This is going to be a long road, but I am prepared. I need to smash more cardio. I found that some stretches that were taught to me really pulled my side, which I think has helped reduce it somewhat. I've had a week off any intense training due to working away, but continued with the yoga. I think I can start blogging a little better now I have gained some knowledge.
  8. It's on my priority to do, I can train by lifting, but anything that exerts HIIT cardio and Im done for a good 10 minutes but its the oxygen and breathing, I can't get it in me as it hurts too much. I don't get ache or muscle strain either so I assumed it was a stitch but I can not regulate it at all. When I started the HIIT training though, it never happened, it's a recent thing of maybe 3 weeks or so. Will be seeing the GP next week just to make sure.
  9. I've been pushing my best to stretch out my side and regulate breathing, but it's really holding me back. Last night I didn't manage more than 5 minutes of cardio with weight before it hit me. I can't get the breath into me quick enough. Then it affects the whole routine I have. I've got some vegan B12 to take once a day, I do feel I could get energy up a bit more and researching a little on the net. I am okay with this for now. Yeah I noticed they do among other things, I used to be the same when I was a meat eater I guess - but then I would say from what I have researched on it that meat eaters are just as deficient if not more than vegans. I am happy to dump the protein shakes, I am not fussed on them and I would rather just eat proper food I find they bloat me out. Okay, thanks for all your time and input man. I really appreciate it. I'll still get this side checked if I can't get it regulated. I am pushing hard at the minute but there is only so far I can get before collapsing in pain and lack of breath. That's what does me in, not being able to breathe.
  10. Many thanks for the replies man, I think I am able to narrow down my diet now. You've been most helpful and put my mind on the right track. Fully stocked on just whole foods and ditched the juices and smoothies, water consumption has gone back up. Been getting two good workouts in a week at the moment but want to push harder... the only problem I have noticed is kidney pain under high intensity circuit work, which really knocks me for six. It's holding me back big time as I struggle for breath. I need to get it checked out and see whether its organ or muscular. It seems to go away after a few minutes but then I lose my buzz and it comes back if I start back up again. As for the supplements, I have completely ditched them... I know you've touched upon it, but I'd like to go supplement free... I will explore more on the site and the net but the B12 thing keeps popping up in front of me. Everywhere I go I hear conflicting arguments - 70 - 80% of vegans are deficient and should supplement OR B12 is made in the gut as a result of eating the right plant foods. I have noticed my energy is down a lot lately as I push harder on the work outs. But which is it... I got some vegan B12's to try, but I am a bugger for not remembering to take tabs. Am I just getting to hung up on it?
  11. Thanks for the input man, it's still a mine field in my head so I am relying on you guys here on the forum for as much guidance as possible, even more so as I am weak at the minute, especially shoulders and arms) and in a MEAT MEAT MEAT PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN gym environment. I've actually not used the protein powder much up until I started hitting the training harder, I'd like to be supplement free as to me, they weren't available up until recently yet the idea of body building and leanness isn't a new thing. So thanks for that. The one thing I DID want to clear up, in Roberts book Shred it! It's very clear on the working out "empty" i.e not using food as an energy source, but fat stores. Fat loss being my first goal. I've started training at 6am but have a bowl of porridge and water, dash of pink himalayan salt and sometimes some berries or flax. Usually 30 mins before the work out which is normally an hour before I start work. Should I just hit up some water instead THEN have a post workout porridge breakfast as such? I understand everyone is different and you have to rely on how you feel as well, but I don't want to go down a route of working out wrong vs. diet. The reason I ask is I have noticed a slight plateau in fat loss as of late but also I have been feeling a lot hungrier through out the days as my energy has increased so I have naturally been eating more fruits and veggies, but also take on pre work out food - normally a banana or two and some water. Only referencing the book again it states that fruit carbs are used quicker than veg carbs, so the energy is gone before veggie carb energy. So if I understand this correctly I should try and work out long after eating and continue cardio post work out. At the minute I am mixing weights with HIIT and aerobic. I definitely need to hone the diet a lot more it would seem. Although my waist has shrunk from a 36 to a 32, the belly is taking a bit longer and still bloating. But the arms are starting to get some definition in the biceps and feeling stronger. Thanks again, it's helped set my mind straight a little and give me a better idea where I need work, I can start blogging a bit better week by week. Practice and hard work.
  12. I've been adding a scoop to smoothies and having a protein shake after workouts. I'm just trying to get my head around the whole process of not eating or taking bad advice and wrong supplements or foods. Should I stick to just a vega protein shake post workout? I am complete noob, I will take any and all advice/criticism. What exactly are you trying to do then? You do realize that stronger muscles are bigger than weak muscles and that any gains in strength that are not neural adaptations will be associated with muscle growth. BTW no one gets huge and jacked by accident. It takes years and years of focus on training and diet and often drugs are used to speed up the process or take it further than naturally possible. The fear of getting too big is a false fear unless you're addicted to barbell squats, and is often used IMO by people who don't want to train hard. Sorry, don't misunderstand me, again I have no real clue here, I am learning. When I say that what I mean is I am not looking for BIG BIG power lifting strong man physique etc, physical fitness and lean muscle is my goal, but thanks clarifying a few things there. I understand the hard work and longevity of building and training, just want to make sure I am doing the right things for what I want to achieve in the long term. Physical peak, work work work to be the best I can be and more. So please don't get me wrong, I'm merely asking questions from non knowledgeable stand point... But at the same time I have a bit of timber and I do have some injuries to my shoulders that are slowing me down. What I don't want to do is push to the point I do more harm than good, if that's possible. A lot of the aches and pains I am getting post workouts are lasting up to 4 - 5 days at the minute on upper body and I am incredibly weak there as I never rehabbed the shoulders (muscular damage and tendon/ligament) I am trying to get the best and more energy into me so I can train longer and build up the aerobic strain (ex smoker as well) at the moment, I would struggle to go beyond 20 pushups without failing, early days I know, but I want to go further and train harder. I guess most will come with time, I just want to know I am on the right path with diet and correct exercises so I can practice. I'm managin 3 days a week of at least 1 hour training and fitting in some yoga to stretch out the tightness and pain, also managing some swimming which I feel is helping. Thanks! I've knocked the juices on the head for now, sticking to whole foods, nuts and oats in the morning with lemon water and green teas. I have notice that my water consumption has gone up, but I'm working on making sure I have enough food for the day, smoothies help a lot due to the job and I can keep them refrigerated in the van fridge when on site. But I think I am trying to eat/drink too much of them at the minute. I've switched to packed and balanced salads and bought a steamer for anything I don't want to eat raw. Thanks for the input, I feel I am moving in the right direction and gaining more knowledge.
  13. Thanks for the reply man, okay, so quit it on the juices from the juicer? My smoothies are an even split of fruit an veg at the moment, with seeds and nuts in the mix as well. I've been using almond, rice and oat milks that are fortified with B12. I've started smashing the mixed salads in to me so there is a large variation on foods and mixing it up with home made falafels and houmous etc. I've bought a pea isolate for protein. Thanks for the tips, my shoulders and arms are weak as hell. 30 press ups in 3 sets yesterday and I'm aching some what. I'm not in anyway looking to bulk up or build mass.
  14. Hey guys, I've lurked these boards for a few months now, the odd question etc... any way, I decided a while back that I had been relying on meat eggs and dairy for everything and did the usual, drink, smoke and be inactive which led to weight gain and bloating, tiredness all the time and resulting in a lot of injuries when trying to do physical activity. So, fast forward a little, I decided that logically, meat and dairy and animal products were killing me and I wanted no part in the suffering, even though I had turned a blind eye to it for 30 years of my life - the reality was, I didn't like half of the meat available anyway - so, I turned vegan, with little or no knowledge, resulting in no real weight loss, until I turned to juicing, and smoothies and eating high carbs. I lost about 3 stone and dropped two jean sizes, the belly started to go. But my diet is still pretty awful in that I feel I don't maybe eat enough... fast forward two years, I joined a gym, with no knowledge of how it works as such and hired a PT to help me on my way. We gained some strength and some confidence, but no real fat loss on top just ability to push harder weights etc. So, I want to get ripped, fit, healthy(ier) and be a "machine" again like I was in my early teens. So, I need to pin down my diet. I often juice fruit and veg as macro nutrients, but I also do a lot of smoothies, mainly fruit. BUT I have noticed something of late - I don't drink much water. Which is odd. I do if I am working out. But through out the day I just never seem to get the thirst. Has any one else had this? I know it's vital and probably contributing to me not losing any more weight. OR plateauing. I've been doing my best to try and follow Roberts examples in his book "Shred it" but always end up juicing more and more and ending up with too much. So, essentially my diet isn't getting much solid food bar salads and porridge and the salads are a little basic at times. Anyway, I will be asking a lot more questions and would love advice on my journey of taking this seriously. I will be putting up a food diary - as I know I survive, rather than eat - which I believe is scuppering me. I will be looking for support (the PT is sympathetic and no judgemental to me being a "veggie" and I THINK he has sussed that I don't drink milk or eggs, not that it bothers me, but I want to show that meat is not the answer and to stop with the protein myth etc) I am not afraid to work out now, I can work at my own pace, I am trying my best to find time or at least make time. The belly needs to go.... I still consider my self a noob when it comes to nutrition and this will be my main concerns and advice, I think I can handle the gym and deal with work outs for now, but I can cross that bridge if I feel stuck. Should I calm down on the juicing? Or keep up a week on week off? I know its an odd question to ask, but I did see results from doing it and I haven't put weight back on. Do you think the lack of wanting to drink water is a direct result of juicing? Should I stay raw, or mix it up with cooking? Is it actually possible to eat TOO much fruit, if you are shredding and training? Sorry if the questions seem a little inane, or odd, as you can imagine with this all being new to me, I have a lot of them and I feel I have to ask them for peace of mind, even more so living in a country that is still obsessed with bacon and fry ups and roast dinners etc... Oh, and I have come to the realisation I really don't like Tofu... much I can also see this may be a massive mess of writing that is all over the place.... So, for now, I will provide my stats... 30 years old, Male. 5 foot 7 inches, 14 stone 2.... I haven't done a BMI yet but hope to get one done at the gym soon enough. Oh, one thing I did want to ask, BCAAs.... what do you guys use as a "during work out" ? I would like to get more out of it and try and push through the fatigue a little more. I'm concentrating on shoulders, chest and arms at the moment as they are the weakest part of me. Sorry for the essay but I hope I have given enough history and insight into my conversion and journey, and I am little tired from work.
  15. Sorry, I should be more active on here. My diet before was horrendous. Too much meat, too much cheese, too much processed junk food, sugar and alcohol. And smoking.... no breakfast, binge eating at night, late often, convenience food in reality.
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