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  1. Hey Guys, 2 years ago I did vegan diet for 2 years and I got pretty ripped, felt good and pooped great! Over the last few months I started to re introduce eggs and fish. I noticed I have smoothed out a bit and feel bloated. I am looking at going back vegan again, however I recall I had a hell of a time getting the diet down right. Ie) calories, protein etc... I used to body build (not compete) and I would like to get that shredded look back. I struggle figuring out diets. I was wondering if there is a book, that is simple, and lays out diets? Any recommendations? I must also say I love vegan smoothies!! I am 38 years old, 5'10 184 lbs....... hope that helps. thanks Jim
  2. I have noticed that beans is usually th culprit. I still try to eat them but limited. I love p b!
  3. Hey I am concerned that I do not get enough protein.. I was about 187 and in a year and a half down to 181. Not too bad but some say I am skinner. I feel better although I have to go back to doctors this week for blood work results as I feel overly tired. That being said I am closing in on 40, and I work shift wok and have 4 kids under 7. With the beans, I am going to to try again, but I feel I may have to stop. I was told years ago (about 15) that I have IBS and beans is one food they say not to eat. Since I switched to vegan I have had hardly any issues, stopped all medications etc.. so I thought maybe it was just the diet before. I have read a lot about beans and IBS or not I am not alone. I am glad you posted your views! It helps my feelings. Soy protein is fine so far with me, but then I read online about men growing boobies cause of it! I will look into other sources, are powders ok or are they crap filled with fillers? In regards to whole foods what is on the non gassy, bloated list ? thanks!
  4. Hey I have been vegan for almost 2 years feel great most days however the second I have any beans I get severe stomach pain and bloating! It usually lasts half a day!What am I supposed to do? I have tried beano it's ok but still bloated. I have read about soaking beans etc and I h e been trying it maybe not soaking them long enough? I find canned beans are way worst. Maybe I ahold eat more sourcecrowt? Any ideas? What else can I do for protein? I do soy powder, nuts, greens, hemp seeds... I must say years ago I was told I have Ibs but since vegan I have no issues on the can! I think i had issues due to all that meat! Also I have not taken meds do Ibs since vegan! So I believe it is the beans! The pains are always mid torso goes smooth, bloated and I get gassy.
  5. I think I do ok with nuts, I eat almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pecans, hazel nuts.. I will look into the others too! I never thought of grinding them up.. great idea.
  6. Hey Guys Well after taking me 30 mins to figure out how to resize a photo on mac, I got 2 pics up.... I have been vegan for 8-10 months. The photo in the red shorts is today (in am) however during the day I get more bloated... (I have posting about that under nutrition, where I am seeking help). The older picture is a few years old, but its relatively what I was prior to vegan, only thing I am not sure of in regards to the old is if I was on creatine or not..... I take nothing now but food and b12 Comments? Also please take the time to check out my other post in regards to tweaking! http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=37200/url]. I also have been debating buying one of Roberts books.. any suggestions? Workouts are fine for me its diet tweaking.. Thanks Jim
  7. Hey Guys So.. 8 -10 months vegan so far and for the most part I am happy. When I say "most" I have noticed a few issues. 1. gas, bloating, 2. tired, 3. I am hungry often., 4. lost some strength... On the plus side, my bowels have been great! I was diagnosed with IBS years ago.. since being vegan no pills! I poop great There is a few issues there... I am not giving up by any means... 8 months ago I was about 187-190. lbs. Now I am 184. I compared some photos (see the photo subsection) and I am surprised how well its working...http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=37201/url] I have read and read into what may help and it appears I do not enough of beans, legumes, and combos that everyone suggests. I do not eat enough whole grains as before when I ate meat I monitored my carbs to prevent weight on. It is also possible that I am not eating enough, however my weight shows me to be relatively close. I have noticed that I often do not prepare food in advance and like to look for quick meals. I have found many meals that I can make that sound amazing, however the prep time for many is insane..Now do not get me wrong I do not eat the pre made crap like torfkfu etc.... I still eat whole foods just opt out for quick stir frys or smoothies. What I am wondering, is there any ideas for quick meals, that will provide proper nutrition and help to reduce the few issues I have? I really have to monitor my time as I often in in a hurry as I work 12 hr shifts, full time, and have 4 kids under 8.. Our house is a gong show! Any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks Jim
  8. Thanks for the posts..... typically I eat a large mix of vegetables, I try to get numerous colours throughout the day. I also eat at least 4 servings of fruit a day, apples, bananas mainly this time of year, some strawberries, blue berries,mangos..... I eat oatmeal, quenua, whole grains,some barley... I eat tofu say every other day, vegan protein powder, hemp seeds, beans, lentils the rest (2-5 times a day) I like smoothies, usually 2 day, with almond milk, a fruit and two-3 handfulls of veggies, usually greens, and or peppers. Fats-lots of nuts.... Hope this helps......oddly enough the bloating stopped after 3months (mostly) only to come back... only thing I can think of is I increased my carbs? and stopped drinking the wifes fermented drinks. Also had full workup at doctors all vitamins etc normal.... (except Billirubin, but he said likely genetic issue not diet)
  9. Hey Guys, I have been vegan for four months now. I have leaned out a bit, holding weight steady. My bowl movements are awesome....one to two times daily! About 15 years ago I was told I had irritable bowl syndrome and took 3 pills daily to help me go to can..now I do not need them! I have noticed that I feel gassy, bloated and my tummy often feels bloated. I drink lots of water which is supposed to help. I read somewhere that often when you go vegan, you do get this feeling, but after four months should it not be gone? Any suggestions.?
  10. Hey Thanks. I found Roberts sample diet plans and starting with that... also found a cool website called ohsheglows.com (good recipes) .. I started today and so far so good. I had egg whites in AM as I have a bunch left to eat but rest has been vegan.. loving hummus!!
  11. Hey Guys Jim here from ON, Canada. The wife opened my eyes to what crap is in our meat etc.. and I agreed to try vegan. I love many of the foods, but I am not exactly sure how to balance a diet. The way now is simple, portion protein, carbs and veggies.. throw in some nuts and fruits... I have been steady with my weight.. 180-190.. usually lean for well over 15 years. I want to try vegan but I am nervous that I will over or under eat, deprive myself of vitamins and just F*ck it up..... I am hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction on how to sort out a diet? Glad to be here.. look forward to learning and chatting! Thanks Jim
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