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  1. I guess it would be the deltoid, in that area. Never had a problem with any shoulder before. Dr. Google says it could be a torn labrum, common with weightlifting. Overhead press and bench press were the exercises most affected by the pain. Dead lift is not a problem. I quit doing anything that put stress on that shoulder for about 10 days, took aspirin for anti-inflammatory. Now I'm back doing 5x5 - deloaded 10% and everything feels much better. Soreness is still there but I just did some bench press and it felt strong. I dunno maybe I just need to add weight at a slower pace, was getting ahead of myself. If my left arm was as strong/pain free as my right I'm sure I'd be lifting about 30% more than I am now. Thanks for the detailed advice, will try those exercises.
  2. Like the subject says - left shoulder (weak side) soreness won't go away for a couple weeks now. Been doing Stronglifts 5x5 for 3 months now, was doing great but now I can barely do the overhead press and bench that I was easily doing 2 months ago. Soreness is there all day even after icing, hurts to lift my arm over shoulder level. Wondering should I shut the whole thing done for a few weeks or keep doing what isn't problematic (i.e.. squats and dead lift)? (I'm 49, male)
  3. http://nssystems.ca/imgs/banda.jpg Just starting out, wanted to motivate myself by writing this down. I gained 9 pounds since June, which is great (want to finally get to 150). Been doing only bicep curls for strength training. 2 x 7-minute exercise routines of jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, lunges, tricep dips, squats, planking. Lots of stretching in between. I have to increase my pushup routine I think, as I don't have any other weight training equipment. Will join a gym one day... Meals: Bfast; Steel cut oats, banana, coffee Lunch: Soup (usually lentil), whole wheat bread 3 slices, blueberries Dinner: Massive salad - mixed greens, soy nuts, tomato, avocado, cuc, shredded carrot, hemp hearts, chia seeds Stir fry with quinoa or brown rice
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