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  1. In retrospect I've met more than a fair share of fat bastards who live to repulse people with their junk food addiction and are really a bunch of parasitical sad diseased souls who are victims of the American obesity epidemic. http://exponentialaltruism.blogspot.com
  2. The very premise of "vegan bodybuilding" is to completely debunk the stereotypes of a lot of well meaning but misguided vegans who are naive about nutrition who truly are malnourished. Balanced diet, complete nutrition diet for whatever body diet is the goal. People still worship brute force size and violence so much so that a fair number of shameless meat eating idiots will always play on the malnourished weak vegan stereotype. It's true there are minimalist people who choose to be minimalist but carry on whatever activity they do that isn't particularly athletically muscualar, but as healthy as they can be, while still being thin often as endurance athletes. Whatever floats the boat, but I love seeing the stereotypes of the malnourished vegan crushed and love this site and the people who prove the stereotypes wrong. The vegan athletes who push high carb/ low fat and low protein diets on everyone, who are also vegans, are the ones who perpetuate the bad stereotype of a malnourished vegan more than anyone I've ever met, and do more harm than good to ending animal cruelty. http://exponentialaltruism.blogspot.com
  3. Josh Garrett's record pacific crest trail accomplishment will always remain among one of the greatest heroic vegan athletes of my lifetime who walks his talk with a simple message to end animal cruelty and proving the meat industry to be the sadistic scum of the earth they are by accomplishing a truly superhuman feat of endurance involving no meat eating, no animal product eating, and I would guess no leather hiking shoes or other animal products either. I have yet to find anywhere where he distracts and dilutes the basic message to end suffering the way certain megalomaniac b.s. ego bantering idiots who insist on a specific ratio of carbohydrates/protein/fat for everyone for all the diverse body types and constitution of people do. Think about what a long hiking trip entails: a careful balance of sleep, caching food, basic hygene and first aid, in remote wilderness, first aid skills, setting up and taking down camps: etc. http://exponentialaltruism.blogspot.com
  4. The ratio of carbohydrates / fat / and protein varies from individual to individual and activity to activity. Never be so stupid and naive to think any one combination fits everyone. People who insist on that are bigots.
  5. there have been several people with valuable posts who get banned for something the moderator disapproves of. Instead of simply banning the allegedly inappropriate posts, the moderator bans all their posts that are not necessarily bad in what seems to be a blind blanket hatred and fear of the poster. http://exponentialaltruism.blogspot.com
  6. This thread and post will be frequently updated for as long as this account exists. Many people have misunderstood my vegan &vegetarian leanings my entire life. Balanced Vegan food retaining organic biodiverse ecosystems are optimum for human diet. Balanced vegan, plant based products, retaining organic biodiverse ecosytes and wildereness are optimum for human survival. Monoculture. GMO, Pesticides and herbicides are unnecessary and can be equally as perverted and cruelt to animals as the meat industry. So is urban sprawl. There are shades of gray between ethical opportunivores and vegan yuppies that are into eugenics and hate the human race. Screw Agenda 21 driven yuppies and elitist scum and their Darwinian Malthusian lies are evil whether they are vegan or not. So what if I have this understanding? It's true. I come to these forums to find like minded people who want to share ideas about diet and health, optimizing human survival without sick genocidal control agendas from extreme animal rights activists who hate their own species the human race. Occasionally people misunderstand me as a troll when I simply want people to think about truth. If you don't like me, well you can go proverbially go pound sand. http://exponentialaltruism.blogspot.com/
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