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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am assuming (hoping) that the extra few pounds since I've been back to my normal routine are muscle. The changes aren't major appearance wise, but there is definitely extra softness around my belly and less definition in my arms. I'm already back to a whole-foods based diet with minimal to no processed food, so that on its own doesn't seem to be enough. But I will take your advice and up my cardio--this is definitely where I skimp and it would probably be good for me to do this anyway. I have heard though, that with cardio you are often more likely to lose muscle as well as fat? Let me know if you have thoughts on how to avoid this...
  2. Hi folks! I'm a strength based athlete and am looking for some advice. Due to my other work I recently had to take some time more or less off from my regular training, and also had an extended period of having to eat out a lot/eat badly etc. During this time I gained 10lbs. I assumed this weight would fall off as soon as I resumed my regular routine, but I'm now 4wks in and while my strength has more or less returned (at least the weights I am lifting at the gym are back to the same they were before the break), the extra weight remains (in fact if anything I've gained a couple more pounds). While I'm obviously not thrilled with this for aesthetic reasons, I'm also really struggling with the bodyweight-based exercises that are most important to my performance--max chinups, pullups etc. are all down a few reps--and I don't think the two are unrelated. I have a whole-foods based, vegan diet with plenty of protein and healthy fats, and generally follow an eat whatever I like philosophy with food. I haven't had to worry about losing weight since I began seriously training aerial work several years ago, and previous efforts involved unhealthily severe calorie restriction which I don't think will jive well with training. So I am looking for some tips/advice/articles/books etc. about how to lose extra fat without compromising strength and performance. Thanks for your help!
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