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  1. I already eat other foods like beans, rice etc. I found some studies which say that high amounts of phytoestrogens can lower testosterone. Quinoa, Buckwheat, Beans etc. include phytoestrogens. Could this be the reason for my low testosterone problem ? I don't really think so but I want to be sure that my nutrition is not the cause before I start TRT. My Doc has no clue why my T levels are that low. He said my extreme diet and the low BF could be the reason, but its 7 months ago now and I already gained a lot of fat.
  2. Hello, I`m a 20 years old guy from Germany. My height is 6,2 feet. My weight is 192 lbs. BF 15 %. November 2013 I made a diet and in 6 weeks I put my BF from 16% to 5-7%. I didn't eat much fat and during the diet I started to feel very bad. I lost my sexdrive and my ejaculate volume sank every day. In December 2013 I nearly didn't produce ejaculate during an orgasm. But I loved my form at this low BF and so i held the very low BF for 2 more month. I also worked out very hard. 6 days a week and every day very hard. I felt very bad during the workouts and had not much energy. In february 2014 I felt so bad, that I went to my doctor. A bloodtest showed, that my Testosterone levels were very low: 0,9ng/ml (3,3-10) I realized that the hard diet and the low bodyfat could be the reason for the low T levels. I started to raise the fats and ate 30% fats from total daily calorie intake. I paused the workout for 1 Month and after that month I started to workout very easy. I put on BF and in June 2014 I had a BF of 15 % again. I felt a bit better. My T levels in May 2014 1,77 ng/ml (3,3-10) I went to the doctor again and my test levels were now at 2,45 ng/ml (3,3-10) My biggest problem is that I still have no sex drive and low ejaculate volume. Before I started the diet I masturbated for 3-4 times a day and produced a lot of cum. I recover for 7 months now but I still have low t levels and no sex drive plus I feel not very well. My current BF is 18 %. I think this is a healthy BF and my T levels should be normal again but they aren't. Im loosing hope again. Currently I work out for 4 days a week and 2 times very easy cardio for 20 minutes. I think thats not too much. Will my T levels ever recover ? Will I ever get my sex drive back ? How long does it take to reover ? Do I need TRT ? I really don't want to star TRT. I think my body should recover himself without medicine. You took tamoxifen. Shall I also try that treatment or wait a bit more ? Hope you can help me. Best regards from germany. Joe
  3. Hello, In December 2013 I started a raw vegan diet. I lost a lot of weight and went during 2 months from 15% bf to critical 5-6%. When I entered the 10% range, the low testosterone symptoms sat in. Weakness, loss of libido, low ejaculate volume, low erection, felt cold. I went to my Doc and a bloodtest showed that my test levels were at 1,51 ng/ml (normal: 3,3-10ng/ml) I started to eat more, stopped exercise and the raw vegan diet. I started to eat load of quinoa and buckwheat and felt a bit better. I gained a lot of fat and my bf went to 18%. 3 weeks ago my test levels were measured again and they came back at 2,42 ng/ml.(still very low) I still have no libido, low ejaculate volume and all other symptoms of low testosterone. I was sure that the strong diet (fat too low but now higher) were the reason for low test levels. I found a lot of people with low test levels after a diet. But now I have been recovered for 7 months, gained a lot of weight and nothing happened. So maybe there could be another reason for my low testosterone problem: 1. My body needs more time to recover. 5 % body fat is very low. I didn't make reefed days and so my leptin levels are still very low. There are strong correlations between leptin and testosterone levels. 2. Phytoestrogens in Quinoa and Buckwheat. I eat 400 gr Quinoa and 600 gr buckwheat per day, everyday. Could the phytoestrogens be the reason ? (I don't think so) 3. D-chiro-inositol amounts in buckwheat. I found a study that showed lowered testosterone levels in woman after taking D-chiro-inositol. in buckwheat are huge amounts of this phytochemical. http://immortalhair.forumandco.com/t1867-buckwheat-dci-lower-testosterone Of course I also eat other sources for fats, carbs and ports like walnuts, coconut oil, Wakame Alga, vegetables and fruits etc. I really hope that my nutrition is not the reason. I love Quinoa and Buckwheat and don't want to change anything. But I also want to get healthy again. So what do you think. Could my nutrition be the reason for my low testosterone levels ? Hope you can help me. Best regards from germany. Joe
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