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  1. I like pizza so much . I have no bitterness in eating these food.Most of the time I enjoy this fastfood with my friends.
  2. All types of nutrients, proteins,vitamins and minerals are required for our body to keep feet. Fat is not so essential for a vegan body, I think. It may be wrong or right to someone.
  3. This is Kendrick and i am not so clear about you thread . It will require sometimes to understand As i am not familiar with these terms.
  4. My name is Kendrick and I am also a complete newbie in this Forum. I think myself as a person interested for vegan bodybuilding. Whenever I joined in this Forum, from that time, I was seeking for those knowledges.
  5. This routine will be so much helpful for the person who are interested in vegan nutrition and I am also interested. this routine is so valuable for me.
  6. Vegetables are always very essential for our body building and I want to make myself as the person with healthy body and nice fitness. For this, I am trying to do my best by maintaining my diets and exercise.
  7. I am new in weightlifting. I did not know the ways for weightlifting. Now after reading threads from this Forum, I know many things about it and I start it.
  8. I am also the person looking for a way to lose my fat and i am knowing many things from your thread that will help me to lose my weight .
  9. I am also a vegetarian in my family. My family members like meats, fishes and eggs more than vegetables. So, I feel much bother during this situation.
  10. I am a newbie here and I am interested to know more about body building by vegan foods. I like vegetables more than meats and fishes.
  11. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is produced in your body. It help to assist your muscle growth, cell hydration, metabolism and growth. You can take it as a supplement, but i don't know that is it best to take it separately .
  12. I think it is better to take fats as well as carbohydrates and protein. Because, all of the constituents are required for our body. Not only fat, but also other nutrients help you to digest your food.
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