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  1. I want to look like this guy, what an awesome body (i think), i am a beginner and i have a fair few pounds of fat as extra, 6-8lbs ish. What would you recommend me doing to be on my way to achieving this standard? Cheers http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=MultiMedia.GalleryImgDetail&gid=128&aid=4117&return=fa%3DMultiMedia%2EGalleryImgList%26gid%3D128
  2. Good old Manchester, or not so good. Na, its not so bad
  3. Hey dude! Metal, i have too many bands to list, Punk, my favourite has to be Anti-Flag, they are awesome, 2nd to that, Pennywise! And yourself?
  4. Hi people, i have been vegetarian for a while now and taking the next step to becoming vegan. I have thought i might aswell take another step and get back into fitness too. This i guess is my turning point in life, the next chapter. I am on here to discuss topics of interest and look for info that might help me in the future. As i am new to this i think i will probably need it.
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