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  1. Thanks man! It's been tough. Some weeks I struggle with energy and feel like I cant finish my routine. Maybe it's what I've been eating. Still learning everyday how to feed the vegan way.
  2. I have read it and it's very good. The information is given to you simply and straight forward. It takes you through the entire process of body building. Starting with determining your macros (off season and on) to lifting routines and daily feeding schedules with meal suggestions. It even goes into contest prep. What's super cool is that it has Derek's and Marcella's nutrition and excersises. So me and my wife can benefit from the books information. It's full of a ton of useful information and advice. I'm not competing but I can definitely apply the knowledge in this book to my routine and lifestyle. EVERYONE on this site should buy a copy you won't regret it. It's an easy, useful and very informative read.
  3. Hi my name is Christophe. I started lifting back in March of 2013 because i realized I was quickly becoming unhealthy (excess fat, fatigued and poor sporting performance). I heard about vegan body building from my wife who has been a vegan for about 5+ years now. Body building has quickly become a major part of my life. I've only recently really began to notice the changes in my body and I believe honestly it's because I have unintentionally adopted a diet which is 80% vegan. The only things I have been eating which are animal are fish and my protein shake mix. We went to the local DC Vegfest this past weekend and met Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres where they were selling their new book "The Vegan Muscle and Fitness guide to Bodybuilding competitions". I'm not a competitor but am always looking for advice. I have to say they look great (in off season to boot) and they're vegan! So we bought their book. I quickly read the manual and realized that there is definitely something to plant based nutrition and sport health that I want to have in my daily routines (life and gym). So that brings me here. I am going to give it a shot. A good one. With my wife as my Vegan mentor and this new inspired outlook on nutrition I'm going Vegan!!
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