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  1. i was very annoyed by this article, i get sick and tired of people saying ' i read this article about such and such so im not going to do it, you dont know if anything works until you try it. i always prefer to believe peoples real life experience when it comes to things like this rather than believe some stupid article who clearly has something against detoxing. i have used one specific herbal bowel cleansing product which has been doing great in helping me clear up my health issues, no study or article is going to stop me from doing something what works for me i guess its down to yourself whether you believe it or not.
  2. Hi, does anyone do this to find out how many calories they actually burn from exercise or do you find it makes no difference?
  3. i know its important to take fats in everyday, what i meant is if you eat fats at the same time as protein and carbs it can slow down digestion which means the protein/carbs can easily ferment in your gut, just my opinion.. guess it could work different for everyone.
  4. good idea, i always prefer to use tape measure and body fat calipers to know if what weight i put on is fat or fat free mass. much more reliable than the scales.
  5. also forgot to add to save more time with things like rice and other grains for quick meals cook up a whole bag and then freeze zap in microwave for 5 minutes from frozen. also beans as well can be cooked in big batches and frozen. beats cooking it for 45 minutes everytime you want rice lol
  6. my thoughts are the same, if you fats with carbs and protein.. the carbs and protein digest quicker than fat, so with the fat slowing down digestion of the protein and carbs the more these foods will ferment and do more damage than good.
  7. i have read many conflicting articles courtesy of google so i would rather hear a persons experience with this if possible please is this really necessary to take as a separate supplement when already taking a protein powder when lifting? i use this protein powder already: http://www.goodhempnutrition.com/content/21-nutritional-information-hemp-protein thanks!
  8. thats great advice, always try and figure things out for yourself is the best.. always listen to yourself i plan on starting bulking soon, i have my BMR worked out its just trying to figure out how many calories to add on to gain weight (taking into account adding burned calories from exercise everyday onto the BMR) i am working out in the privacy of my own home, what do you think of the devices (watches) you can get to wear during exercise to figure out calories burned? im thinking that way at least you might get something more accurate than using any online calculators.
  9. cheers for the advice! i was thinking the same of just consuming protein powder and my superfood plus right after workout. thanks
  10. get a heart monitor, do some HIIT cardio twice a week and make sure you stay in your target heart range, worth a try
  11. if you want something cheaper than the oil buy the seeds (linseeds) and mill them at home if you have a blender that is that can do that then sprinkle tablespoons over lunch and dinner
  12. could you possibly be eating too much of the nut butters? i know how easy it is to get carried away with them! maybes too much fat? could be worth scaling back on that and adding more protein,just a suggestion. one last thing which i find people almost always ignore when starting any nutrition program especially a bulking program where you are eating a lot more.... another way to get rid of fat from your body especially from your stomach (as you say thats where a lot of the fat is being stored) is to make sure you are having at least 2 complete bowel movements a day! think about it all this extra waste your body produces from this it needs to come out somewhere. peace
  13. great answers, thanks just a quick one about myfitnesspal, when you enter your food does it then calculate in percentage what calories are coming from fats etc?
  14. is it best to eat fats separate from carbs and protein? as fat slows down the digestion f the other 2.
  15. does anyone know if there is any online exercise videos that can be used for free? for someone who is new to Weightlifting i would ideally like to watch a professional if you will to make sure i am lifting correctly until i get experienced! thanks
  16. Hi All so im new to weightlifting but a lot of my questions at this point are more nutritional, from reading some threads there is a lot of knowledgable people on here which is fantastic. so below are my questions and hopefully from your experience you may be able to help. best way to track calories? (ie food scale or an online calorie tracker site) i would imagine an online tracker would keep you updated with how many % of calories your taking in from fat etc. best way to get an accurate rate of your BMR on exercise days and non exercise days, i would ideally like to know as accurate as possible what my BMR is, so is the best the usual online formulas or get a watch that will track your burned calories in a whole day? for bulking what would you say is the best percentages to go by for protein, carbs and fats? might as well throw this one in, do you guys/gals weigh yourself? im personally thinking of just using my accumeasure BF Calipers to really know if its fat or muscle im gaining and just looking at my appearance in the mirror. think i would feel more comfortable with that rather than obsessing with figures on the scales! thanks in advance for any great answers
  17. i just read excessive carbs to protein ratio can cause adrenal fatigue which can cause a myriad of symptoms including hormonal imbalances, anyway any high amount of protein is going to stress your kidneys! jeez 110 grams of fiber, did you literally go from 0 to 110grams of fiber overnight? i know when i start bulking im going to take my time and gradually build up to a calorie deficit and a decent fiber intake etc... anyway i hope you find the answer and its good you are at least listening to your body now, maybe try find a naturopath who understands vegan nutrition as well as its effect on the body good luck!
  18. personally i wouldnt buy that Sauerkraut (i know your on a budget and money can be tight) this Sauerkraut is pasteurized and doesnt have all the vital nutrients/enzymes and live probiotics compared to unpasteurized. this is one thing im making imperative to my nutrition plan, live fermented food like sauerkraut, tempeh etc. it will help massively in digesting a ton of food as one thing i worry with bulking is your intestines have the potential to get pretty messed up if you dont look after them, if you dont take probiotics daily (from fermented foods the best) then your liver has to work double hard to produce the enzymes to digest that shit ton of food your eating,2nd best to getting a load of enzymes in to assist your digestion and give your liver a bit of a break is fresh veggie juices sorry for long post but hopefully this helps a bit.
  19. white rice? can you not get brown rice to fit in your budget its said to be more nutritious. keep up the good work though! im still researching nutrition/workout plans to fit my needs and circumstances.
  20. Hi All, new to the site and to weightlifting. been vegan for about 3 years and thoroughly love the lifestyle and learning new recipes and combination of foods not to mention the variety! i am 29 from County Durham, i have a lot of questions which im sure you will see pop up in different sections of the forum so hopefully all you people can help me on my journey and that will enable me to help other newbies down the line
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