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  1. Age, daily activity, etc all play a part in it as well. http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/ Give that a try and see what you come up with. From there, if you follow macros, then you can tweak those numbers if you start to gain unwanted body fat. Keep the carbs high, as it will help with strength. Hope that helps you out.
  2. http://mx.bodybuilding.com/store/catalog/search-results.jsp#/store/?q=Vegan%20vitamin&type=5&key=AllContent Bodybuilding.com says they ship to Mexico, and they have a few different kinds of vegan vitamins on there. Might want to email them to double check on the shipping etc..but that might be a good route to go! Good luck!
  3. A lot of plant based "milks" are fortified with b12, and vegan breakfast cereals are fortified with b12 a lot of times. Eat good food, and you really will not need to take supplements. If you can find a decent vegan multivitamin online that you can get in your country, that would fill in the gaps that you are missing.
  4. If you feel like you are losing muscle mass, then the issue could also be that you are not eating enough total calories. If you are eating in deficit, and your protein intake is low as well, your body could start burning muscle mass for energy. Your protein options look good. You could also check into some vegan protein powders. I know Plant Head is gluten free, and I'm pretty sure Sun Warrior is as well. If you are struggling with calories, make sure to add in stuff like beans, nut butters, etc. You can make vegan mass builder shakes with 1-2c almond milk, protein powder, 1-2 bananas, 1/2-1c oats, 2tbsp peanut butter, optional fruit. Super tasty and almost a thousand calories. Hope that helps some.
  5. If you are looking to build some lean mass with the strong lifts program, then you should be shooting for .7g-1g of protein per pound of body weight. So, if you were on the high end, you should be shooting for 110g of protein per day. You can always adjust the number if you are not putting on mass, or if you start to put on excess weight. If you are just looking to maintain your current weight and muscle mass, then consume closer to the opposite end. If you are looking to avoid bars and powders, I would look into seitan, tofu, and tempeh. Other than legumes, those will be some of your better options for protein intake. Nuts and seeds are also a good source. Pumpkin seeds and dry roasted edamame especially. As far as the hunger, if I had to guess it would be the abundance of carbs and not enough protein. Some carbs are kinda like Chinese food. You feel stuffed for 15 minutes, and then you could eat the same thing again. Haha. It may also be that you may not be consuming enough calories. Something to check into as well.
  6. Performance wise I have notice some stuff here and there. I honestly think it may be a combination of diet and some form issues..but I have had people check the form and say that it's good..so I was figuring perhaps the diet..I may just be getting ahead of myself as well. I have only been seriously in the gym for 6 months now. I have been increasing weight etc on the good majority of exercises I do, but have stalled on some..so I have been trying to find a culprit. But yeah I know what you mean on finding good quality carbs. I have been trying to incorporate more healthy fat into my diet to try and bump the calories some.
  7. Most days I feel like I stuff myself, but I am still falling short on calories. I used to track everything I ate daily, but have slacked off some due to eating a lot of the same things all the time. My goals are to get bigger, put on muscle mass, and trying to limit my fat gain as much as possible. I am in the gym 6 days a week. Weight train all 6 days. A typical day of eating for me is as follows: Breakfast: 3/4 cups oatmeal with 1-1 1/2 Tbsp of maple syrup 20-24 whole almonds Protein shake with 2 scoops protein powder and 1 cup almond milk Mid Morning snack: Banana or apple Almonds Lunch (1st meal): 1/2 cup basmati rice 1-2 cups steamed green beans 2 boca veggie burger patties 1-2 tsp flax oil Lunch (2nd meal): 3/4 cup basmati rice 1-2 steamed veggies 1/2 package of tofu baked with braggs aminos and spices 1-2 tsp flax oil PM workout Post workout shake: 2 scoops protein powder 2 Tbsp PB2 Creatine 35-40g dextrose powder Dinner: Gardein Turk'y Culets (2 pieces) 2-3 cups of Kale Salad w 1-2 Tbsp of oil or dressing I know I am eating less than I should be. I guess its just hard because everything is so nutrient dense and not calorie dense unless you are super heavy on the carbs. I have been playing around with carbs lately. I typically eat on the heavy side throughout the day, but try to keep them really low during dinner. I have the occasional bit of dessert type junk food...vegan ice cream..lenny and larry cookies etc...but not enough to make a huge difference. I have looked online, but haven't come across some good high calorie/high protein meals that would help me hit my goals without having to add like 3 more meals haha. I am open to any suggestions and input. Thanks!
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