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  1. I think so long as you are eating plenty of whole grains, legumes and greens you will easily have your bases covered. I am starting to look into diets lower in protein all the time and each time I decrease my intake I am either getting equal or better results. I think carbs play more into a muscle building workout than it is popular to believe. Check some of veganmaster's posts. He knows of a lot of good studies that point to this. I am reading up on them. THANK YOU!
  2. Well that is what I thought, but it is a pretty typical "bodybuilding" ratio. Am I correct in assuming that a vegan diet (with plenty of variety andnatural fat) doesn't demand a strict calculation of carb/protein/fat ratios?
  3. About how much protein (gram wise) to you get each day, Marcina?
  4. I make this without the margarine and it still rocks!
  5. I would like to know how many of you use foods in their most natural state, i.e. beans, legumes, fruits, veggies, edamame in lieu of veggie protein shakes, bars, boca burgers, veggie dogs, etc. I understand that these products are convenient and help to get the protein ratios right, but is it possible to do that with strictly unprocessed vegan foods? I can get enough protein, but my ratios are not anywhere near 40/40/20 (or the neighborhood thereof). Any insights would be appreciated I did search the forums, but didn't really see where anyone sticks strickly to unprocessed vegan food. TIA, Gina
  6. I am a Seventh Day Adventist...we are predominately vegan/vegetarian Christians
  7. I have been reading at the site for some time now and figured it would ba good idea to actually participate on the forum:-) I am pretty much a walking billboard on how nutrition and exercise can dramatically change your life. 6 years ago I was very overweight, chewing prozac and aching from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet....When the doc couldn't give me a higher dosage than she already prescribed, she turned me onto light therapy, exercise and nutrition......talk about a life changing experience! I am now a Personal Trainer and Specialist in Sports Nutrition....I love the work I do and I can get pretty militant about my beliefs....I am working on that, however...my clients continue to call, so I can't be all that bad!
  8. Heeheehee....Pig iron = raw iron.... a term for free weights...I will go post an intro now...
  9. When the hulls remain on the seeds, one tablespoon of sesame seeds will contains about 88 milligrams of calcium.
  10. #1.....oatmeal with flax and berries #2.....hummus and veggies on ww bagel #3.....large salad with kidney beans, beets, onions, etc etc #4.....apple with natural peanut butter (about 2 TBSP) #5.....stirfry seiten with lots of veggies If I feel the need for a sixth feeding it is usually frozen tropical fruit
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