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  1. Hello All, My name is Josh, i live in Olympia, and i've been a veggie for the last 3 years and also for two years in high school, don't worry i know that i will be one for the rest of my life now. I've been going vegan over the last few months and love it. I love everything about it, the way it makes me feel, my sense of helpin out the environment and other living animals, being cruelty free. I just started lifting weights again over the last couple months too. I lifted in high school alot but haven't really gotten into it as much since. I have a very limited gym that i work out at so i don't have that great of a selection of equipment at my disposal. But i love working out, it just gives me this great feeling like i'm pushing myself to new limits and trying to get better at something. I love to cook, it's my favorite thing in the whole world to do. I also only cook vegan. I figure, anyone can make something that tastes good using all the fat and animal products they want to, but using mainly healthy vegan ingredients is where the art of cooking comes in. Oh yeah, i also am in the summer contest, so be warned everyone else who entered, i'm doing quite well. Great, nice to be here, see you all later, bye. -Josh
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