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  1. I'm vegan and have been for the year and a half i've been attending ASU. You should be able to find vegan and vegetarian options available in both your university market/dorm market, and the cafeteria/food courts. I don't live on campus, but I had friends who were vegan and lived on campus and it wasn't a problem. I would also suggest buying a lot of things you can heat up in a microwave, it's not the healthiest obviously, but it will probably come in handy.

  2. Thanks for the response! I will definitely try that. In fact, the most I've weighed was on a two month raw-foods trial. I think it was because I was consuming so many nuts/seeds and bananas. I've increased my intake of whole foods dramatically, so I'll keep spicing them up and see how I feel. As far as your first comment, I have this problem along with the mj, as well. i really see no benefit for it's appetite stimulation, to be honest. Could just be me though.

  3. Chaohinon-


    Hahaha, why make that point anyways? Just because a life force isn't proven through, the apparently objective "science", doesn't mean it will not be in the future... You completely throwing out the possibility of whatever a "life force" is just shows how hypocritical you're being. You have you're own beliefs and so do other people. I don't understand why it's so easy for people to believe in an unprovable objective reality when it's such a dis-empowering view of reality versus a subjective reality viewpoint. Believe in whatever gives you the most ability and confidence and power to do what you want, and the most empowering belief system is not an objective view of the world by any means.

  4. If you're upset about the tests, all you need to do is to set up a different system for how you handle that class. Maybe you need a different method for studying for the tests; if you're doing well in other classes, I'm sure you could in that one as well. But really, all you need to remember is that every moment is a perfect moment, never be upset about you're current situation, it's all you have- find the positives in it and respect it. Everything in your life is your responsibility, so that means you can change anything you want. Next time you have a test, study harder, get an A.

  5. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about it and I think my calcium and iron consumption is fine. I recently bought some sesame seeds because they have a ridiculous amount of both calcium and iron. I don't eat too many avocados. I'm mostly eating sweet fruits and occasionally nuts and seeds. I would guess i'm following close to the 811, although I've never done research into that.

  6. Hey everyone, I'm on day 25 of my all raw diet! This is the third time I've tried it, but I've decided to make it permanent this time. My only concern is calcium and iron. I make around 3 green smoothies a day with 4 bananas, 4-6 cups of baby spinach and 3 cups of assorted berries. Other than that the only vegetables I eat often are with salads, which isn't too often anyways. I eat a fair amount of sunflower seeds and cashews. I eat avocados, bell peppers, onions, carrots, zucchini. I'm just a little nervous about my iron and calcium. Everything else I feel like is in good shape. I'm a small person so eating more than I am would be very hard. Any suggestions would be great for how I can up those nutrients (if I even need to) would be really appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Hey everyone,


    I was working out basically every day for a month or so, and the past week and a half (almost 2 weeks) I haven't gone. How detrimental is that to my progress? I feel terrible for not going and I know I'll be back in the routine in no time, but I'm just curious how long of a break too long is?

    p.s. I did a search but couldn't find anything





  8. Hmm...This is interesting. It's obvious that each action has a reaction, so in a sense I believe in it. There is an obvious flaw though, there essentially is no beginning of the universe, or one that we confidently know of, so when did this chain reaction start. haha, I'm thinking too deeply into this probably.

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