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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I still haven't noticed any significant detox symptoms. I have been eating less with each meal, however. It's been down to abour 3 bannas, a cup of strawberries and pineapples, brocolli and baby spinach in my smoothie.


    In the morning I drink a smoothie and either eat another banana or have an apple. My meals lately have been lettuce wraps. I use a whole avacado, peppers, and tomatoes, which I put on lettuce wraps and eat. I was feeling TOO full after two bowls of salad plus the smoothie, so now I only eat one bowl.

  2. Thanks a lot for the reply veganpotter. It's nice to hear some reassurance that my diet is fine. I realize that only I can determine if it's right for me, but some extra advice is always nice. I'm not too worried about gaining weight right now, but once I get more accustomed to eating RAW I think I will start to focus on that more.


    I haven't really experienced any detox symptoms...yet, at least. It's been three days so far.

  3. Hey everyone,


    On the 28th I started a trial to see how I could do with a purely raw diet. I have been vegan for some time now, and I want to transition to an all-raw diet.


    I am 18, 6'2, only 150 pounds. I'm very skinny, but that's how I have been my whole life.


    As far as my raw diet so far...I have been making 3-4 green smoothies per day, ingredients include (there are variations): At least 4 bananas, pinapple, strawberries, blueberries, mango, black berries, rasberries, baby spinach, broccoli, and other various mixed greens. These smoothies fill my blender about 3/4s of the way full and I finish the whole thing. I have been eating about two large bulls full of salad with each meal. In the morning I have an additional two bannanas, some apples, maybe some strawberries. I have been adding chopped carrots and advocados to my salads, as well.


    Each time I eat I get very full, so I assume I'm getting enough calories. It's always felt like I can't eat much at all.


    I just want to make sure this diet seems fine, if there are any concerns let me know. I'm hoping to buy some raw protein powder to add to the smoothies. I haven't done much research on that however, and I'm not sure if the local Whole Foods carries any.


    Thanks a lot! This website has been a big help in my search for a better, healthier, lifestyle.



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