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  1. thank you ! well, i'm working on it, have to translate them first
  2. oh, and i forgot those pictures are awesome, she is a real beauty !
  3. i would also want my little girl to be beautiful and gorgeous and belive me, flanders77, a good looking girl, who IS smart is more dangerous than every man and boy in the world
  4. David hehe unicum is absolutely crazy! first (and last) time i tasted it i had no voice for some minutes! i can't guess why the hell was it but scared me enough that's just not my drink next time your friend should bring some hungarian palinka made from pear or plum, pure vegan drink
  5. Robert, what you wrote is my new favorite thing, that counting 10 the other one is when someone try to read in hungarian without learning it i love that you did a good job, but i write the numbers down (without accents) egy ketto harom negy ot hat het nyolc kilenc tiz wish you all the best
  6. thank you all! this salutation thing in lovely what i usually forgot to mention is that i will be a dietician when i finish the school one of my dreams will come true
  7. juhaszbarbi


    hello my name is Barbara from Hungary here to read and share good vegan recipies i'm vegan for a month now, but vegetarian for 8.5 year so this lifestyle is a bit new for me thank you for the invitation Robert ! good to be here Barbara
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