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  1. Everyone is welcome to my new my space myspace.com/Silentwarrior702
  2. It's best I stayaway from beer. But the kombucha seemed interesting
  3. Stone Ipa Pale ale? Cute! I would really take that before going to the gym!
  4. I mixed a whole box of BOTH! Went to a Slaghterhouse and killed all the degenerate slaughterhouse workers! So it's a good thing
  5. Would mixing them be too much of a boost of energy?
  6. I'm taking testo jack and tribulus from NOW foods. Anyone else taking anything natural? Before I became Vegan I would take some crazy stacks from companies that claimed to burst your T levels extreme measures. But obviously I stopped sense these companies are doing animal testing with all ther products. But how much T is good for someone who works out really hard,vegan but not exactly trying to compete in bodybuilding?
  7. Has anyone tried stacking green tea with yerba mate? I tried 5 packagess of yerbe Mate and I must admit it gave me a burst! But would combining it with green tea be too much?
  8. Thanks for the info I'll try it like that next time. What I did yesterday was just put 3 packages boiled them then mixed them with Nitrofusion protein,Creatine& Beta Alinine from NOW foods.
  9. if you do a search you'll get lots of results about the animal testing by coke and pepsi. apparently rockstar is moving to pepsi from coke. http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=coke+animal+testing http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=pepsi+animal+testing it would only make sense that rockstar doesn't do animal testing if coke and pepsi said they stopped right? but who knows ... i emailed them as well liiiiiiike? Thanks for the links. Today before my martial arts and cardio workout I took some yebe mate it seemed to work pretty good. Although you do not get the rush that you get from Rockstar. But yeah if they're ovided questions regarding animal testing ... I question why they would do so.
  10. Thanks for the reply everyone. Yeah it's suspicious that Rockstar is not replying to my questions. Funny thing is I could have sworn I read somwhere online that Coke products are not animal tested so I assumed that would include Rockstar. Perhaps I was wrong......
  11. Does anyone know if Rockstar enrgy drink is tested on animals or contains any animal bi products? I trie calling them and e-mailing the about this and they seem to be avoiding me. If it is animal tested or contains animal bi products are there any energy drinks out there that are better suited for vegans?
  12. Never! If you don't have time in the day for two separate workouts, then choose either cardio or weights, and only do one workout, rather than combine them into one workout. Why is this bad for cutting? Is it overtraining? [
  13. What is the best way to either get rid of stretch marks or hide them? I looked around online and everything is so medical that I would not want to use them due to that they were probaly tested on animals. Anyone out ther have advice on natural remedies I could use? All advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I wake up at 5:30 A.M. and eat my first meal then I'lll eat every 2 hours after till I reach 7 meals. Is this too much? What's every one else doing?
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