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  1. Last week I did little exercise and ate a whole lot. This week I'm being a bit more disciplined. Sun: 4 hrs practice Mon: cycled, 2 hrs off skates training, Tues: cycled, 2 hrs practice I'm quite sore today and my knee is hurting so I'm not going to cycle to work today and I'll see how my knee is doing before I make a decision about whether to go to the gym tonight.
  2. Rest of last week... Thurs - 2hr practice Fri - cycled Sat - gym (front squats, cleans, shoulder press, pull ups, abs) Sun - 3hr practice
  3. Robert - yup, still in London! We have no plans to leave any time soon. This weekend my mom was visiting, so I didn't go to practice. Mon - cycled and went to off-skates training Tues - cycled Wed - cycled
  4. Last week was OK... one gym visit, one practice, and three cycles in to work. Not great, but not terrible. Yesterday I had 4 hours of derby practice. And I was hung over. That felt like a pretty long practice.
  5. Let's see... I went to the gym last Friday and to practice on Sunday. I cycled on Tuesday. That's about it for this week. The drain on our tub sprung a leak and it's not fixed yet, which means I haven't showered much lately. I'm also going to a training course for work. So my usual routine is a bit disrupted. Going to practice tonight and gym on Saturday -- going to watch my team's first game at Playoffs (through the internet) on Friday so have to push the gym visit back a day.
  6. Yeah, derby is lots of fun - you should definitely go to a bout! My league's A team is actually in Chicago right now, before heading on to Fort Wayne for Playoffs.
  7. Thanks! I haven't been really consistent with weights for about six years, so I hope I can stick with it and see what happens. We'll see, though - I have a pretty busy schedule but I hope to make it work.
  8. Wednesday I went to the gym and did squat, shoulder press, and pull-ups. I'll be going again in a moment and will do deadlift, bench press, and row. Here's a picture of my back from a couple of days ago.
  9. Had off-skates training last night. We did lower weight, higher rep stuff in weights -- squats, deadlifts, high pulls, shoulder presses and press ups. Nothing today. I also have this week off of work, so I'm not cycling. It'll be only weights this week.
  10. I'm getting more consistent with weights now. These are my current lifts for reps for the main lifts (can do about 3 reps of this weight). Squat: 75kg/165lbs Deadlift: 85kg/187lbs Bench: 45kg/99lbs I'm pretty pleased with bench as I've only just got back to doing it and that's around what I was lifting when I was doing it regularly six years ago.
  11. Here's another attempt at a log! My primary sport is roller derby, and everything else I do is pretty much in support of that, though I do enjoy cycling and lifting weights in their own right as well. My background is in my last log here: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26984. I'm currently on the B travel team and not the A team. My goal is now just to improve my playing; I don't have a goal to get back on the A team per se. This is my schedule at the moment, or it will be starting 1 Sept, as August is our derby month off so I am not skating right now. Monday: cycle to/from work (1/2 hr each way), off skates training (2 hrs) Tuesday: cycle to/from work, derby practice on occasion (2 hrs) Wednesday: cycle to/from work, weights (45 min) Thursday: cycle to/from work, derby practice (2 hrs) Friday: cycle to/from work, weights Saturday: rest Sunday: derby practice (3-4 hrs) My cycle commute is just under 12 miles and about an hour round trip, but obviously I do half of that in the morning and half in the evening. Realistically I cycle in around 4 days a week. I also cycle to the gym, to off-skates session, and part of the way to Thurs/Sun practices, so I cycle about 50-60 miles per week. Monday off-skates sessions are a mix of weights, agility and plyo/circuits. Wed/Fri weights sessions are just quick, three exercises: one day is deadlift, bench and row and the other day is squat, shoulder press and pull ups. Tuesday practices are optional for me, so I plan to go every other week but might end up going less. Thursdays are two hours and Sundays are 3 hours of scrimmage, with an additional hour of team training around once a month. I lost a little bit of weight in the beginning of this year, so I'm currently around 67kg (148 lbs). I'm not trying to lose weight but I wouldn't mind being a bit closer to 65kg, though wouldn't really want to go below that while playing derby.
  12. My thoughts are just that it's not easy. It can be really hard to get a visa to move to another country. If you don't have any links to a country your only chance is, as the previous poster said, to get a work visa or perhaps a skilled migrant visa. But neither one is easy, and most countries are tending to make things harder these days. I moved from the US to the UK (London) six years ago and love it here, but my mother is English so I have British Citizenship. I don't know that I would have been able to do it otherwise. Actually I might have been able to get a highly skilled migrant visa at the time (I have a PhD in psychology) but I don't think those exist any more.
  13. Finally all better and the weather isn't too bad now. I've been cycling regularly for a few weeks and am feeling pretty good. I keep meaning to get some photos but haven't got around to it.
  14. I'm finally back to cycling. I took time off while I was ill, which was about a month in the end! I still have a lingering cough, but I at least feel OK. I still went to all my Monday off-skates sessions and missed only a few practices. I'm now going away this weekend and next, so I'll miss a bit of practice and one off-skates training.
  15. In the US, yes, but not on the West Coast. We are in the Eastern region so if we can get games against US leagues we tend to play in our region. I'm sure we'd love to play Rose, but that's a long trip! The WFTDA have got rid of geographic regions and moved to a divisional structure, and now our A travel team (which I am not on) is going on a west coast tour! They'll be stopping in Portland and playing Rose. Too bad I'm not on the team!
  16. I'm gonna see if I can resurrect this log. I started a new job in December. I can't use the internet there, so my time is a bit tighter these days. Since starting there, I've lost a couple of kilos in weight. I'm not sure why. Perhaps eating lunch out less (used to work near my girlfriend and we'd go out for lunch a lot) and/or cycling a bit more. It's 6 miles each way so now 12 miles a day rather than 8. Here's my schedule -- not too different Monday: cycle to/from work, 2-hr off skates training Tuesday: cycle to/from work and practice, 2-hr derby practice Wednesday: cycle to/from work Thursday: cycle to/from work, 2-hr derby practice Friday: cycle to/from work, 2-hr off skates training (depending on social plans) Saturday: rest Sunday: 3-hr derby practice I've been ill twice this month, which is really unusual for me. I think my body was tired out. I hope that I won't be ill again for a while! So my current stats are that I'm 5'5" (that's not changing!) and about 68kg (150lbs). I'll put some photos up when I have a chance.
  17. But domesticated animals aren't wild animals--they've been the domesticated animals they are for ages and are significantly different from the wild species they originally descended from--so there's no wild diet to base their food on. If a domesticated dog was feral, it'd eat whatever it could get its little mouth on. Some of our dog's favourite "foods" are coffee grounds and the sludge left from rotting grass.
  18. Our dog (and Italian Greyhound) is 8 years old and has been given vegan food by us since he was 4 months old. Of course--he's a freegan. We feed him vegan food but he finds things to eat in the park and we don't stop other people from giving him non-vegan treats (e.g., he has a dog walker and I'm sure she gives him treats).
  19. A lot of "meat" flavoured crisps have paprika as a component, and I like paprika. It's ridiculous, but sometimes 'chargrilled steak' crisps will be vegan but salt and vinegar won't be. I've had these Pringles before and I like them. I don't have any problem with imitation/vegan "meats" and "cheeses".
  20. I'd love to visit Portland again... it's a great city. I'll let you know if it ever does happen! Work conference on Friday and traveling for a bout on Saturday meant eating on the road. I don't know how to enter items from restaurants/not made by me. I think even my best guess would be pretty far off. Monday I went to my 2-hour off-skates training. I'm feeling a bit sore now, but nothing compared to how I felt the last time I went. I can actually walk pretty normally. Tues 9 Oct 2012 Food Cal: 1,828 (a little short given exercise for the day) C: 258g / 57% P: 115g / 24% F: 40g / 19% Exercise Cycled to home to work to practice to home (little over an hour total) 2-hour derby practice
  21. Wed 3 Oct 2012 Food Cal: 1,588 C: 229g / 57% P: 87g / 20% F: 42g / 23% Exercise None
  22. Tues 2 Oct 2012 Food Cal: 2,038 C: 310g / 60% P: 112g / 20% F: 45g / 20% That macro breakdown is pretty much exactly what I'm aiming for! Exercise Cycled to and from practice (about 1hr total) 2 hours derby practice, scrimmaging
  23. In the US, yes, but not on the West Coast. We are in the Eastern region so if we can get games against US leagues we tend to play in our region. I'm sure we'd love to play Rose, but that's a long trip!
  24. Mon 1 Oct 2012 Food Cal: 1,506 C: 248g / 67% P: 64g / 16% F: 28g / 17% That's not too bad, though would prefer a bit more protein. I'm keeping calories quite low because I'm not doing any exercise today. I'd otherwise eat a fair bit more. 1500 calories isn't much food! Apparently, I get huge amounts of Vitamin K. Exercise Opted not to go to off-skates training this week so that I'm not too sore to train properly in the run up to Saturday's bout. I don't like the idea of taking the day off when I'm just coming back (next week's DOMS will be that much worse!) but I think the bout is more important.
  25. My soreness lasted all the way to Friday. Wednesday was really horrible. I'm finally recovered, and I'll be off to do it all over again tonight. I hope the soreness isn't as bad this week, as I have a bout on Saturday, so need to be able to train properly at practice on Tues and Thurs. I did go to practice this past Thurs. I am now going to try to get my eating in line. My October habit commitment is to log everything I eat. I'm not going to post all my food here, but am going to post my daily calorie total and macro breakdowns. I'm hoping that having to log things will encourage me to make better choices. As for derby and the topic of this log, I'm feeling a massive lack of motivation right now. Well, ever since I was removed from the A team and then injured my knee I really haven't been feeling it. I'm going through the motions right now and hoping a spark comes back. This past weekend was the regional playoff for our league. Our team finished 4th, which is quite good given that we went in seeded 6th. But the top three go through to championships, which means we didn't make it through this time. Personally, I don't expect to make it back onto the A team soon, as we have a returning skater who'll definitely be placed on and some promising transfers. I'm focusing just on trying to improve my own skills without worrying about how I'm assessed by others (e.g., selection committee). But I am struggling to find the motivation for this.
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