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  1. They are honestly brilliant results all, well done! These comps are great for motivation, when you see the results!!
  2. Just an observation, I felt very much more pumped walking out of the gym after this first changed routine then I have done over the last week doing supersets! I guess this can only be a good sign.
  3. Ok so the first day of the changed routine on the 09/01/2006: Due to time constraints rest periods were minimum, no more then a minute or changing the weights about. The heavy lift sets I was aiming for 6 reps on muscle failure. (Chest and Tri's) Bench Press: 10x10kg, 6x15kg, 3x20kg, 4x30kg, 6x24kg Flat Bench DB press: 6x10kg, 6x16kg, 6x16kg. Dips: 2 x 10 x bodyweight Lying Tricep Extensions: 10x5kg, 8x10kg, 3x15kg, 5x15kg Tricep Pushdowns: Ok as the figures on the weights did not correspond to the weight I am not 100% sure of the weight used. There was no conversion charts and Could not find an instructor floating about to help, so will find this out. But carried out 8xmedium weight, 6xhard set, 6xmuscle failure was felt on the last couple of reps!
  4. Ok a few days late again, I did legs last week Friday as follows: Superset: Leg Extension: 12x20kg, 10x35kg, 8x40kg Lying Leg curl: 12x19kg, 10x22.5kg, 8x26kg Was unable to superset next sets so did them individually: Squats: 12x20kg, 10x25kg, 8x35kg Deadlifts: 12x5kg, 10x10kg, 8x15kg I think it was the first time I got the form right on the deadlifts as not only were my legs shaking on doing the exercise, I was completely out of breath at the end of the last set and felt like I was floating when walking as my legs felt so light. As I am training at lunch times, unfortunately it is proving very difficult to superset on many exercises. For this reason I am now going to change the routine to lifting heavy and lowering the rep ranges.
  5. Ok so just realised, the second abs exercise was lying leg raises, not lying leg curls!
  6. Day 2 (Arms + Abs) Superset: Tricep Pushdowns (Rope) - 12x5kg, 10x7kg, 8x9kg Dumbbell curls - 12x6kg, 10x12kg, 8x12kg Was not able to superset second arms routine: EZ bar curl - 12x10kg, 10x15kg, 8x17.5kg Dips: 12, 10, 8 assisted @ 17kg Crunches - 12, 10, 8 Lying leg curls - 12, 10 ,8 Did not feel I had the best workout today, felt rather hurried due to lunchtime rush at the gym. But am looking forward to legs tomorrow.
  7. No problem, I will find out the recipe and post it up!
  8. Yeah thats what I was coming to the conclusion about, just did not sound right from the begining! Thanks for the posts!
  9. Hey offense74, do you know what type of dhal your trying to make? Although that may seem like an obvious question my mother makes all sorts of dhals all the time, so maybe I can get her secret recipe with the mix of spices. I had a similar result when I attempted to cook what I thought would be dhal but it turned out very different to how I expected / wanted. Live n learn! Well I learnt to leave it to the experts for now!
  10. Ok a bit late in the week but better late then never. Week 1 Day 1: Meals: 07.15am: 50g oats, 200ml soya milk, 1/2 serving protein shake with flaxseed oil, small serving of dates. 10.00am: 100g almonds, 1 green apple 12.00: baked tofu, broccoli, green/red peppers, mushrooms, and medium sized baked potatoe. 14.30: Post workout, dextrose powder mixed with 1/2 serving protein shake and a Banana. 18.30: Wholewheat pasta again with green/red peppers, mushrooms 21.30: 1/2 serving protein shake with flaxseed oil Training (Shoulders). Superset 1: (30sec rest between exercises and 1min between sets) Front lateral raises - 12x5kg, 10x6kg, 8x7kg Arnold Press - 12x8kg, 10x9kg, 8x10kg Superset 2: (30sec rest between exercises and 1min between sets) Rear lateral raises - 12x2kg, 10x3kg, 8x3kg Twisting dumbbell shoulder press - 12x8kg, 10x9kg, 8x10kg Superset 3: (30sec rest between exercises and 1min between sets) Dumbbell shrugs - 12x16kg, 10x18kg, 8x22kg Side lateral raises: 12x5kg, 10x6kg, 8x6kg As my meals will not vary that much to be honest other then the source of carbs i.e rice for potatoe etc the diet will be pretty much the same from now on, so I will only document this when I change it.
  11. Hi Guys, I came across this article that talked about protein cycling to increase / manipulate testosterone production and increase muscle growth, now I have seen carb cycling quite often but never protein cycling. The theory was meant to be that for say 6 weeks you have a high protein diet and then for one week you deprive the body of protein, well have only a very small portion post training, then for another week after you increase the protein count to something higher then the initial six weeks! During the deprivation stage the lack of protein is tricking the body into producing a huge hormonal surge to counteract the lack of protein and hence aid muscle growth. Has anyone come across such a diet and could there be any implications of using such methods. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks Kunal
  12. Those pics were truly brilliant, the special effects worked a treat! If you scroll down through them at a fair pace all the scenes come into sequence well! Well 'fought' out!!
  13. Ok think I spotted the competition thread just in time. So the the plan: To gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat! Current weight 68kg and estimated Body Fat ~15%. The plan is to get to about the 7-8% mark while increasing size! Not sure if its possible to do both but will find out soon enough no doubt! This will involve doing supersets with weights (increasing and decreasing rest periods between sets) and High Intensity Interval training for cardio. Initial calorie intake will be ~2700 and will review it in 4 weeks for any alterations.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, thanks for the smoothie idea raVen I will defo being trying a couple. Just was not sure about using fruits when trying to lose body fat! I've up the cardio and trying to get a higher daily protein cout. Kunal
  15. Hi Guys, I am in the process of trying to lose as much body fat as possible (first real 'cutting' cycle) and am eating a lot of greens so limiting the carbs, but am finding it hard to decide what snacks are best when cutting, at the moment I have a handful of almonds and an apple or a low fat protein bar, some days a protein shake. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what are good snacks when 'cutting'? I guess they have be high protein and not a lot else? Or is that just a myth. I also end up eating tofu for lunch and dinner with veg and salads now I end up eating this everyday and I know your meant to have a varied diet so any suggestions on other good quality sources of protein based foods for lunch and dinner would be great! Thanks in advance Kunal
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