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  1. Thanks very much, I ended up with a pea protein and will see how it works over this month.
  2. Hello all, I just converted to a vegan diet, I'm 6'0 190 and want to stay this weight. I have some rice protein and wondered if I should also get some pea protein. I'm wondering how many grams I need, according to my weight he guidelines are somewhere upwards of 140 grams and most days I'm getting about 60..do I really need 140 grams to maintain-build size.
  3. Hello, Recently converted vegan very concerned about keeping my size up on my new diet. I've read several forums about about eating legumes/nuts etc about keeping protein levels up. I travel (by plane) multiple days a week so carrying food isn't practical, I was thinking about protein powder but cant decide between rice, pea or whey. Looking for advice or guidance. Thanks much
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