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  1. I talked to a friend of mine who knows a lot more about running than I do. And he said that the best way to train your lungs is just by running, the same way you would train your heart. Unless, you are training for a run at altitude - then you would want to invest in some kind of device that would help train your lungs for the pressure difference. I've heard of these things called oxygen tents. I think that is the reason most runners (hikers, etc) use them. If you're planning on running a mountain marathon, you'll have to let me know how is goes. It's one of my life goals - in the far future of course.
  2. Hi, I'm proudcanadain. As you can probably guess, I'm from the great white north, and I'm proud of it. My hobbies are working out, running (some triathlons), cooking (I love food), and hanging out with friends. Some of my friends are vegan, and some aren't, but they respect my views. Right now, I'm happy with how things are looking, and going, but there's always room for improvement. Hope to see you around. Thanks for having me.
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