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  1. Not enough!! Usually around six and a half hours a night. I need more, but never get it. My own fault really for not getting me head down sooner. You wouldn't want to cross me after a few nights of not enough sleep as I get really ratty and have a short fuse. I also look dreadful without enough shut-eye.
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    Race Times

    Thanks bobbycore. I could improve further if I gave up the weights and joined a running club and really trained properly. To be honest I just do my own thing. I should race more than I do though. I woz a really good sprinter when I was 9-11. Lost my speed when I was teenager, got into road running when I was 16, been doing the miles ever since
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    Race Times

    5 miles - 29.12 10k - 34.58 10 miles - 63mins ( on a very hilly course though ) Half-marathon - 78.23 I've won a couple of races, but I'm usually in the top 10 or 20 of several hundred, depending on the quality and size of the field. I tried a 20 mile race once - collapsed at about 16-17 miles. Atrocious weather conditions, and I hadn't really trained for this kinda distance I was Staffordshire County Hurdles Champ when I was 11
  4. Co, You ever seen the pictures of fish in nets that have just been lifted out of the sea? The pics with their eyes bulging/popped out their heads? I think coz of the rise in pressure when the nets are raised. That or maybe because of suffocation. Ever seen a squid/octopus being repeatedly pummelled against the ground whilst still alive? Ever seen a lobster ( not strictly a fish I know ) being boiled alive? Why don't you try some shark fin? Nice how the fins are cut off the shark whilst it is still alive. Then the shark is dropped back in the ocean whilst still alive, to die a painful death on the sea floor. How about all the fish that are caught in nets that aren't required by commercial fishermen and are just thrown back dead in the oceans? Nets don't just catch cod for example, they'll catch other fish that happen to be in the area as well. Fish sticks are on the verge of collapse in som eof the worlds oceans because of other fishing. What about the damage commercial trawling does to the ocean floor and the aquatic eco-system? Commercial fish farms use high amounts of chemicals that are neither good for you, the fish or the environment. Fish from farms also escape and breed with wild fish, thus damaging the gene pool and selection of wild fish.
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    Hi Kollision, Thanks for the welcome. I'm not going the Heart of England Festival in Birmingham this Saturday, which Topher is attending. I wanted to attend, but I've just got back from holiday and I need a rest this weekend. I'll be going the Vegan Fitness Week in Manchester from Wednesday 22nd-Sunday 26th. I'm loking forward to meeting Topher and training with him.
  6. L-Glutamine - Apparently if you are going to use only one supplement, this is THE supplement to use. It's relatively cheap as well. Soy Protein Isolate Powder - sometimes use this, causes bloating though Creatine - Have tried a few brands over the last few years, but it always cramps me legs and hurts my lower back when running, so I don't use at all now. Vitamins and minerals - Multi-Vit, Multi-B, B12, Iron, Magensium, Zinc, Selenium, Garlic, Ginseng, Chromium, co Q12 - I don't always take all these, I usually purchase them when they are on special offer. Flaxseed/Linseed Oil I don't neccessarily think that you have to supplement as a vegan or vegan athlete. Sometimes I do not supplement at all and my physique or fitness doesn't suffer at all. I just take supplements as an insurance policy. Apparently vitamins and minerals can be a waste of money as some brands just pass straight through you without actually being absorbed - they're just full of chalk and binders etc. Obviously I prefer to get my needs from my diet, and that is why I eat a lot of wholefoods, fruit, dried fruit, vegetables and seeds. Once you get into the habit of visiting health food stores and buying a few supplements, you get exposed to different products you previously weren't aware of, and you tend to buy more.
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    Hey Rob, Finally got round to joining the forum at last Some of you may know me from VeganFitnessNet, but for those that don't, I have been vegan for six and a half years, running for eleven years and weight training for eight years. I usually run five times a week and go the gym twice a week. I eat oats/porridge, pasta, rice, noodles, TVP/soya mince, dried fruit, loadsa fruit and veg, seeds, nuts et. I take vitamins and minerals. I supplemement with L-Glutamine, and occasionally soy protein, but this seems to bloat me, so I'm thinking of giving it up once and for all. I have tried creatine in the past, but find it cramps my legs and hurts my lower back when I am running. I'm off to Manchester for the Vegan Fitness Week. Hopefully, I'll get some pics I will be able to post up on here. Matt.
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