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  1. Yep, though not the hardcore you're thinking of. I'm into 91-93 UK (rave/breakbeat/jungle tekno) hardcore. I did get my old gym to play one of my old Micky Finn tapes once. Still, made a change from the usual Ministry of Sound, Best Dance Anthems type shite that usually wails over the speakers. At my gym they actually have DJ's on some nights - who play, guess what house. Why do gyms play crap, commercial dance; and only crap, commercial dance; and think most of their members like crap, commercial dance.......
  2. That doesn't make it right. They should be banned regardless of whether the doping is occuring during the off-season or during the track calendar. Are you suggesting it's OK to dope so long as it's done far enough in advance of the track season? That doesn't make it right either. Whether he was doping in '83/'84 or not until '88 doesn't alter the fact that he was a drugs cheat. Nor should the fact that someone may have been vegan for a period of their life make them immune from just criticism. You cheat then you taint yourself and deserve all the criticism you get. IMO yes.
  3. I despise the awful house music which they think is good. Would much rather train in silence than listen to that.
  4. No. Depends on how much running you do and how much muscle you want to put on, as it does have an effect though. Running's great for muscle defination and cut as will get the bodyfat % down.
  5. Hey - where have you been? That's what I normally aim for, 3 days gym and 4 days running. I don't beat myself up if I miss a day, i.e I'm travelling this afternoon/evening so won't be training today. Won't do me any harm. Even when I only train a couple of times a week - due to illness, injury, tiredness, commitments - that's no problem as it doesn't occur that often and it's a good thing to ease up every now and again. It can't be good to exercise day in, day out relentlessly; even if you're varying the sport or the training program within the same sport.
  6. I read that too.Also partly motivated I think by the success of 'mature' athletes recently - 38yr old women's Olympic marathon champion, the 42yr old US female swimmer who I also think medalled (but is regarded to be on a bit of chemical assistance).
  7. Bodhi at Central Station, Sydney if it's still there. Had many a meal there...
  8. I read that one of the main reasons he's doing it is to remove once and for all the stigma of drugs that hangs over him. Since he retired the testing is much improved - not suggesting that it's foolproof or anything - witness the number of busts and riders removed from the tour over the last 2/3yrs, many of them who were top ten finishers when he was competiting last time around. He was beating them when he was clean before and with the new testing procedures he will be 'proved' to be competing clean again - that's the insinuation anyhow.
  9. I'd say working out - in the gym - every day is bad. Training every day is not. I don't think there is a problem in running every day in itself. If you combine weights with running though, I wouldn't also run on the same days you are going the gym.
  10. Exactly CollegeB - China, India and similiar countries are just going through (perhaps at an accelerated rate though) what Western Europe did in the early 19th Century. It isn't anything we can stop and as you say should we in fact want to? Compare the amount of farm workers in the UK in the 1820's to those from now - in both numbers and as a percentage of total workforce - and the figures are much reduced. The urban migration that has occured in the West is now being replicated elsewhere. 'Traditional occupations' and 'communities' have always evolved and adapted as mankind has developed. What was traditional 200 years ago may not have been traditional 500 years ago as it did not actually exist. It still happens all over the world too - Australians leave the outback towns for the increased oppurtunities and salary they can garner in the coastal owns and cities, Brits leave the rural villages for the big cities etc.
  11. Well as CollegeB says, it’s the worker’s choice – and not mine or your’s – whether they continue to work in traditional occupations or for multinationals investing in their country or for local manufacturers and industrialists. I wouldn’t make them continue in their traditional occupations if alternative options were available and they wanted to work someplace else instead. Why would you deprive them of that option? If we follow the logic of what is ‘traditional’ and what isn’t, then the industrial revolution - and all the developments that it brought and not to mention the increase in living standards – was a mistake. The invention of the combine harvester interfered with community progress as it lead to the loss of employment for those who would traditionally have harvested the fields with a sickle. Most progress has to some extent both positive and negative aspects, but overall it’s positive as that’s why it’s described as progress. Sorry, but I do not equate workers to captives. Who decides what is a spurious occupation?
  12. It bemuses me how NATO is morphing into the BSTO.
  13. People mean well but do not realise that the result of their interfering would actually have a negative impact. Remove multinationals from the equation and their workforces would be in most instances worse off. Tell worker x that he can't earn an increased wage at multinational y and that he can only work for local employer z. Due to the media scrutiny multinationals face, the conditions their are usually better than for local employers which don't get the same attention.
  14. I know one can change a birth certificate - OK, let's rephrase things - the original (and only one that really matters as no-one is born twice) birth certificate doesn't lie. I could identify myself as a giraffe, doesn't actually make me one. BW - we can choose to do many things, it still doesn't change what we truly are.
  15. No. Because that person identifies as a man now, the correct term would be to use "him" since he is a guy now. Well I think it should read 'changed her' as she was a she before these drugs started altering her body. She'll always be a she - a birth certificate don't lie. No offence meant - just my take on things.
  16. Sadly, those days are gone and will probably never be back again. Were those days ever here to begin with? As long as people have been competing, I reckon people have been cheating by various means. Should the title read 'changed her from woman to man?'
  17. You read it right endcruelty. The bronze medal winner has since turned vegan, but wasn't actually a vegan whilst competing.
  18. I'd be interested. I fractured my wrist four months ago and that has really messed up my training and I still have to train light as a result. I still can't press-up or dip... This has been frustrating enough and I wondered how I'd feel if a more serious injury really affected my training so I'd be curious to know how you get on. Hope the surgery goes OK.
  19. Yeah, it is kinda odd to have a thread on cannibalism on a vegan forum of all places. Personally I love these kind-of far out threads - fascinating reading.
  20. Never bothered with 'em. I think a lot of their popularity is to do with snazzy marketing and fancy packaging rather than any actual benefits and necessary requirement.
  21. Dead Hang - that's the words I was looking for. Anyone do gorilla chins? They're more for the abs- basically raise your legs 90 degrees to your waist and chin as normally - they really hit the stomach muscles.
  22. Must be a very scenic run I guess.
  23. Good point about the speed too DaN – much easier to ‘rush’ through a set quickly, rather than going slower and doing them properly.
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