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  1. When I first posted this I thought it didn't work. Now that I've been home sick a week with a sinus infection I revisit the site and see your wonderful reply! Thank you for all the thought that was put into that. I will most definitely read your references. I've tried much supplementation over the years as I've been trying to improve my health. My blood tests do always show a low vitamin D and A level. I have supplemented with up to 10k iu of the vitamin D. My levels really would not improve enough and I'd quit taking them. I thought my lack of absorption was food allergy related but years of being extremely clean in that regard hasn't improved my blood levels. I've tried probiotics but never a digestive aid. Anyone have a good one they can recommend? I am very interested in the nutritional advice. I do very well but not as clean as you suggest. I'll read the links, clean up the diet, supplement again and take a digestive aid and check back.

  2. I've spent my life with random health problems and very susceptible to infections. I have low hormone, vitamin and mineral levels. I can't run a race at a hard effort to reach a goal time without being hit with a series of heart palpitations that don't stop unless I walk. I've tried many supplements and have taken prescriptions for thyroid and adrenal issues with success yet still I can't race with a strong heart. I've been checked out by a cardiologist and I'm ok to run. I have been gluten, dairy and stimulant free (I don't even eat chocolate when training) for years. I drink water from a spring and I've always ate healthier than most people (and believe me, the doughnut and fast food eating people love to tease me if I'd just eat some normal food maybe I wouldn't get so sick). Tired of getting so terribly sick 1 year ago I started raw till 4 and kept up with it. The vegan diet is tasty and fits easily into my life style it almost feels too easy! I already had good habits like green shakes for breakfast, making my own food from to avoid allergens, and preferring plant foods) But now the test. I didn't train last summer because my lungs were taking a long time to come back from a 2 month long pnuemonia. Now I'm ready to try again. I have a goal to get down to race weight and qualify for Boston in late summer. It is only possible if I can be healthy enough not to come down with infections (like pnuemonia , sinus infections etc), withstand training and be strong enough to not get palpitations. I've spent my whole life weaker and sicker than my friends. If everyone stayed up all night the next day I'd get sick for a week. A routine dentist visit gave me an infection and put me in the hospital for a week. I guess that's why I'm trying this. Because of my life long problems and because I have already tried so hard to fix them I lack confidence this will really help things. If I document what I'm doing someone can help me if I am going wrong with my nutrition, and I can document if this really works.

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