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  1. I have been lifting weights since January and for my current routine I'm doing shoulders on Mondays, back & biceps on Wednesdays, lower body (squats, lunges, etc.) on Thursdays, chest & triceps on Fridays, and abs twice a week whenever I can fit them in. I was just wondering, is doing the lower body workout once a week enough? I am seeing results but not as fast or noticeable as my upper body. I was just wondering if I should be doing lower body twice a week instead of just once. Can anyone give me any advice?
  2. 1. mangos (indian/pakistani mangoes, not the sorry excuses for mangoes i see in the stores here in texas) 2. watermelon 3. pomegranate
  3. Thanks so much to both of you for the advice. I think I am going to order that book and read it cover to cover several times before giving it to him, that way if he has any questions at least I can answer them. Flanders, what you said about the body's attempt to flush out toxins makes a lot of sense. His doctors recently doubled the dosage of his medication, and shortly thereafter he started bleeding again, which makes me wonder if the damn medicine itself isn't exacerbating the problem. And DV, when he comes home from spring break I'm definitely going to tell him to quit all dairy first. He already knows he's not supposed to eat it, but he does anyway. Maybe once he reads the book he'll realize he has to change his diet if he ever wants to get better. Thanks again, I really appreciate all your advice!
  4. A few years ago my younger brother was diagnosed with UC. It's been pretty hard on him, and my mom as well because she's the one who ends up taking him to the doctor, getting his meds, etc. I know there has to be some kind of dietary connection. He eats a lot of meat, a lot of dairy, lots of processed junk foods, sweets, etc. I really want to find more information about how to control his disease through dietary means. I found this book but I haven't ordered it yet because it claims to "cure" the disease and I'm a little skeptical. I want to look into it more. But until then, are there any other resources out there that I could look into? I really want to be able to help him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. . "camps"? "factions"? Strange vocabulary. I guess the article was too boring without making it seem like everyone with a dietary restriction is some kind of warrior in the midst of an epic conflict.
  6. I've thought about just being honest with him, but he is actually my study partner. I'm taking 6 classes this semester and he is in five of them. Last semester we had a bunch of classes together so we just ended up studying together for most quizzes, exams, etc. So I can't really be totally honest with him because I see him every day, and on the weekends sometimes if we have an exam coming up. I can't really offend him, at least not until the end of the semester, because if nothing else he's reliable when it comes to studying for classes. I could live with it if he'd just stop talking about food so darn much!
  7. How do you deal with someone who you have to spend a lot of time with, but who doesn't shut up about food? This person talks non-stop about what he eats, how much he eats (he brags about it eating 10 tamales, it's quite ing), even how he manages to get as much food for free as he possible can (did I mention he's extremely cheap too). I see him a lot, unfortunately. Ever since becoming vegan I've changed the way I look at food--it's not really something that's the center of my life anymore, it's a necessity. I eat what my body needs and anything beyond that is just excess. So it's pretty ing to listen to this guy go on and on about food. He knows I'm vegan but he'll still talk about how delicious his cow tongue taco was, which grosses me out. I don't expect him to understand that my attitude towards food has changed, but for crying out loud, have some sense. I was just wondering if any of you guys had some advice for me on how to deal with this guy. Right now when he starts up on the subject of food, I just ignore him...like he'll describe something totally gross and go, "doesn't that sound delicious?" And I just won't say anything, mostly because I'm trying my best not to puke all over the place. But he hasn't taken the hint and he just keeps at it. What should I do? I really don't know how much more I can take, I'm not a violent person but sometimes I feel like he needs a good old fashioned smack in the face to shut him up. Help!
  8. That book is what got me thinking about veganism in the first place. I never, ever would have thought that I'd become a vegan one day until I read that book and realized not only was it doable, but that it was the best thing to do for my health and the environment. And the funny part was, the word "vegan" does not appear anywhere on the outside of the book, or even in the first chapter for that matter. The book isn't perfect but for a lot of people who, like me, would never consider veganism, it's a great place to start because it's so in your face.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I never really said anything about being "rock hard", I don't know where that came from in everyone's responses, but what VeganEssentials said about bodyfat makes sense.
  10. This may be a dumb question, but I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong...I've been lifting weights for a few months now and while I definitely see more definition, especially when I flex, I still feel like my body is mostly flabby when my muscles are relaxed. Aren't you supposed to get firmer if you work out? Is it just something that takes time?
  11. The thing that really gets to me is when people are talking/texting while driving. They're not only going to get themselves killed, but they're a danger to everyone else on the road. I wish Texas would outlaw cell phone usage while driving, I really don't want to get hit by some idiot who thinks it's perfectly okay to text and drive at the same time.
  12. How far is that from the 610 loop? I live in SW Houston and I think I've been to Spring but not sure about those other places. Jeez, I've been here for like a year and I still don't know where the heck anything is... Then count me in
  13. Learn how to cook for myself Start running so I can sign up for all those 5K charity races Get all A's in my classes (this extends beyond 2008, but one day at a time, right?) Find my passion Become more social and outgoing Volunteer more Take a class and learn something new (right now sailing and yoga are high on the list) There's probably more but I don't want to scare myself so I'll stick with these for now...
  14. I love facebook and hate myspace. I only have a myspace because when I first got facebook, it was only at certain schools. So I used myspace to keep in touch with my non-facebook friends. But now that facebook is open to everyone I'm thinking about deleting my myspace account. If anyone wants to add me, search for Anastasia in the Houston, TX network.
  15. Just out of curiosity, what goes on at one of those meet-ups? And whereabouts in Houston will it most likely take place? Houston's pretty big so I was just wondering...
  16. Aries...but I don't know how accurate it is in my case. I read some stuff about Aries and it didn't seem very much like me...
  17. I know this is old, but I had a question...instead of almond milk could you just toss in a cup of actual almonds? Would it taste the same? I'm not entirely sure what almond milk is or where to get it, that's the main reason I'm asking...
  18. Excellent point...maybe I'll just go with a pixie instead
  19. http://www.myspace.com/anastizzle
  20. I'd totally come. It would be good to finally meet some other vegans around here...
  21. Oh my gosh, you have a fantastic body! Also, I have been thinking about buzzing my hair because it's pretty long and I'm getting sick of it. It takes forever to wash and dry and looks like crap unless I spend a lot of time on it. Do you like having hair that short?? Oh and I also wanted to say that if I keep working out, I can only hope I look as good as you one day
  22. Thanks, Jason and Tasha. People on this forum seem a lot nicer than on other ones, I'm so glad I found this place. Thanks, Michelle! I have lived in Houston for about a year but between school and working I haven't really had time to figure out good vegan places to eat. I live inside the loop though, so I am sure once I start looking and with your help I'll find quite a few...
  23. anastasia

    Hi :)

    I'm new! My name is Anastasia and I live in Texas. I just became a vegan about 3 weeks ago. I'm still learning and making changes. I started off telling myself I'd try it for a couple of weeks, but after a week I knew there was no way I could ever go back. I also like weight lifting, although I wouldn't really consider myself a serious bodybuilder (can I still join this forum??). I am looking forward to learning a lot!
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