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  1. that is true and something to think about. They are promoters but would argue they have expert advisors. I still see no reason to go all raw. I think keeping a good amount raw is a good idea. Some foods are best cooked.
  2. good suggestion. I want to make a lower carb soup also
  3. Im back. I haven't been here in awhile. I have been very busy working too much and taking care of other people. Now I have to take care of me. I need to clean up my diet and lose fat. I let myself go and I need to eat to lose and build muscle. I never really learned to balance my diet as a vegan. I eat too much sugar and starches. I am allergic to soy and wheat and I am not sure about other grains. So I try to stay away from grains. I am not crazy about beans but do eat them. I was curious about the raw vegan diet and wonder if that has enough protein and nutrients to fuel the body for a long time. I just want to give my body what it needs and I do need to lose a lot of fat as well as build the muscle. I cannot eat soy so I wonder how much protein do I need and hwo I can get it without getting too much carbs. HELP I guess if I stick around here long enough I will know what to do.
  4. Candy. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience. I blew up while in nursing school. Too much sugar and fat. I would say I have a ton to lose. lol. You inspire me. I am tr.ying to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. I am still deciding on which way to go for my protein. Prpbably would help me out to supplement. Not sure about it, I am probably going to post my starting pics and it won't be pretty, but seeing progress will give me motivation to continue.
  5. Barb


    Hi, Bridget. I have been Vegan for sometime and I have started eating more and more raw foods. I have been using body weight exercises and power walking to lose weight and get fit but I am planning to add free weights to buiild muscle. I will be doing this at home. So far all I have is a bar, lol. We had a bench but it was not a good one and after the hurricaine it got ruined so we sold it at a garage sale. So as I can I will be buying equipment to get started. So I am a newbie to weights too and I am really excited to see what the changes it will bring to my body. Welcome and hope you come here often.
  6. Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Got supplements and also noticed some foods, drinks etc are adding b-12.
  7. I see it is a diet. I just googled it. I am not interested in raw although I do eat tons of raw veggies and fruit. I am trying to eat more beans and legumes. I am allergic to soy and wheat so I am looking for other grains. Im making some soup with lots of beans and tomatoes and garlic right now. I will be going to get my b12 supplement soon.
  8. Thanks for those resources. I have been doing some reading. There is so much information out there and sometimes it is hard to weed through to get to the reliable sources. I do feel better about my diet now. 80/10/10 ers?
  9. Which supplement are you taking and what is the dosage of b-12. I was tested low last time I went to the doctor which was when i was an omni. I guess my diet was not balance and I wasnt eating good. I was told I can use blackstrap molasses and I remember when I was 16 my mom took me to a chiropractor which did nutrition counsuling and I also took some nutritional yeast and some other supplements. Is blackstrap molasses a good source of iron and is it well utilized by the body? I also am adding some other foods high in iron and will buy the supplements. Just not sure which one and the dosage to take. I know my b-12 level was about 200 and I was showing signs of deficiency and I believe I still am low. I am not going to be tested because I have no health insurance at this time.
  10. Some people have been urging me to start eating meat because they say that as time goes on I will have more of a problem with a deficiency and I would need more and more supplementation and injections. Also my doctor agreed with this. This link was posted on another forum where some were critical of my diet. It is very disappointing and I want to hear from long time vegans that have not had any animal products what so ever for five or ten years or more. I just need some reassurance. This was posted to urge me to consider adding animal products back as an example of what would happen if I continue as the years go on.l
  11. Ty for your suggestions and information. I have been eating more green vegetables and fruits that are not too sweet such as berries. I feel much better, but I have to limit how many beans, rice or cereal I eat in one meal. Higher fiber foods are better. I am searching for a good gluten free cold cereal with a good amount of fiber. On my cereal I have been using almond instead of rice or soy.
  12. Any more information, experiences or opinions?
  13. Ty. I will find it. I am going try to do clear liquids tomorrow until my system settles down.
  14. I want to fast on juices for two days. I have been eating some bad foods the past couple days and I want to give my digestive system a rest before I start eating good foods again. I got some negative reactions to this when I mentioned it on another board. I can't see being harmful. I guess I just got ill from eating foods that were too rich this past few days and I feel as if I want to do th is.
  15. Thanks. I really appreciate the help. I want to get a variety of foods. I don't want to eat the same thing everyday in fear of developing an allergy so lots of choices is a goood thing. ty
  16. Yes I have always had a problem. The only time it went away is when I went really low carb or eat only fruits and veggies. I fasted on only strawberries for a day or so and it totally cleared up. I didnt eat many berries. If I eat my salads and nothing else it will clear up. But I amhungry and cant eat only salad.
  17. no soy or glutton for me. it is hard
  18. I have to do more reading thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I might eatt more greens and raw foods.
  19. I have taken my calories down to 1500 and no loss.
  20. I do my accu check at work all the time to see and I never go high. Even after having something with sugar.Tops would be 110. Maybe because I am very active at the timem when I check it. I was told by a doctor that I produce too mcuh insulin when eating sugar or carbs. So I need to eat foods with a lower glycemic index
  21. Well I dont exactly understand it yet. It is a pre diabetic condition. I maybe have polycystic ovarian synrome. It is really difficult to lose weight except on a low carb diet. I have lost on high protein low carb diets but only as a meat eater about ten years ago. I gained it back when I started eating beans rice and whole grains but I can not have wheat because of hives and anaphylacis.. Thanks for sharing that information. No killing will be done for me to eat. I have to figure out a diet that will work for me.
  22. I am supposed to cut down on starchy carbs and carbs in general. I am not sure how to do this on a Vegan diet. Since I cut out meat I have been eating more carbs but it is difficult because I have allergy to wheat and soy and possibly glutten sensitive. HELP ty
  23. Well I want to be really fit. I am pretty muscular under the extra fat. I want to be lean and strong but not too bulky. I know i will lose a lot of boob size. I am big now but so is my whole body. When I am through I will be half the size I am now. I am going to do it because I want to feel great. I want to be buff and have shape but I don't care if my boobs are huge. Not flatish though. I don't want any saggy skin so I am going to try to not lose the weight too fast and keep strength training.
  24. Barb


    Hello. I think you will find support and good advice here. Welcome
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