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  1. oh yea of course, I knew that. I was just speaking upon the low carb diet. Ive competed before. I was just talking about a balance if your calories are low enough you will loose weight but if your eating horrible foods then your muscles will not give you the toned look you are looking for. You will still look flabby if your diet is not on target. Eating 1200 calories of newman o's (vegan oreo's) for a days worth of food will not get you anywhere but to the dentist. Plus you have to worry about the fact that eating garbage is unhealthy to you.
  2. The only thing I can say is that there is so many opinions on sugar! For the bodybuilder it may not be ideal. But for the normal "everday" fit person sugar is okay. Calories are calories no matter what. You eat 1200 calories of garbage you are bound to lose weight. That myth of low carb diets works for everyone is not true. It does work dont get me wrong due to the lack of calories. This is where genetics plays in, you say that guy/girl overthere has a 6pack and barely does abs. Well thats because they have great genetics. Everyone has them. Its just a matter of diet and exercise. Some people in all honesty cant get them. Getting bf% that low still might not let them show. Everyones muscle is different. Myself I am in that role. Im a small girl and lean, but getting to the point of that low bf% is difficult. For those who have them and can! mad props to u!
  3. Welcome. To gain muscle you need a good balance of good carbs, oatmeal, brown rice, yams etc, good proteins and fat. Omega 3, 6's are always optimal. With a solid nutrition plan and workout scheme you will get great results! Ive competed and enjoyed it, now that I am trying to shed muscle because of getting back into gymnastics its difficult to change the diet and training scheme. But youll figure it out! best luck to u.!!!!!
  4. Since my turn to this lifestyle going without meat is not bad at all. Eating more carbs and less protein also has a great balance for me. Now that I changed my training as well doing less weight and more reps the carbs are really needed. Although at times little to no carbs is what needed. I like the concept of eating and living naturally. Although It is still a learning process. I really like the challange.
  5. I love chocoalte soymilk. Ive been looking for a sugar free one. Anyone know of a good brand? or low sugar at least?
  6. Living healthy is not cheap @ all. Supplements are killer to have but expensive to live by. Glad you liked the shake!
  7. I recently started using 1 cup soy milk (sweetend), if its sweetened use only 1/4 cup blueberries if unsweetened use a cup mix wid ice and a tblspn of natural pb! and you are good to go.Use fat if drinking after a cardio session on an empty stomach if not then skip the pb. You need to halt cortisol asap.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have been eating more carbs lately. Becauase due to my long days 10-12 hrs plus! I wasnt eating enough and suffering from burnout. So people suggested to eat more. I am changing my diet around but more with vegan foods of course. I need to @ timess to get out of the "chicken and rice" mentality. There is other foods out there, that i something I have to realize which sucks, because Like I said @ times the "mentality" is still there.
  9. Thanks for the scoop. I am onmy way to reading that right now. My question to you also is. How is your bodyfat? low? I honestly want to shed a little muscle. Of course maintain some, but lost a little and a little bodyfat as well. It was okay to have this much before when I use to go in heavier. I want to slim down a little and get into my gymnastics once again. Still reading up, got some morningstar burgers and they are great! Taste just like meat. Also looking into more vegan foods so I can really make a smooth transition. * Update* Just read the post, quite interesting with the whole "put a baby with an apple and a rabbit". so true. Great article all in all. Really makes me enjoy my new lifestyle.
  10. Gotcha! Thanks Kollision you have been a big help as far as my converting over to veganisim. The big thing for me, is shedding down the bf. A fellow competitior of me told me she shedded bf very quickly after she changed to a vegan due to of course the lack of hormones and fat in her diet. She said she took in some nuts and nut butters, but she noticed the difference immensly.
  11. ive competed before but never with a vegan lifestyle, thats why i was askin. any advice would be good.
  12. Hi, I was thinking of competeing this october. I need to drop fat like crazy. Any suggestions as far as dieting?!?!?!
  13. I did thanks! I actually got some books today so hopefully it can help! Thanks again.
  14. Im def gonna check into those things! Any good recipes?!?!?1 Thanks
  15. Thanks so much Savebabe. Right now I am stil learning. But it is a growing progress. Also. Losing BF is something I need to do because of competeing. So how long before that happened? That your body fat went down so low? What are your daily meals like? I love food, so I need to know what is good. Or somethings you suggest?!?!? Thanks Jeanice
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