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  1. On having read the previous thread on the topic, it appeared, like so many others in this section lately, that it digressed into a 'Vegan Joe vs the rest of the board' slanging match. Perhaps this thread might be free of that? Who knows!
  2. My apologies for repeating an already posted thread. I have been looking at this section of the board a bit recently, but didn't remember seeing a thread about it. My mistake.
  3. I am just curious to see the overall political persuasion of the US vegan community. I think we all know exactly which way Vegan Joe will vote (Obama, right? ), but I am curious about the rest of you. If you wish to vote anonymously, please do. If not, could you please support you vote with an explanation with regards to your reason for voting for the candidate. Looking forward to seeing the results. Jonathan
  4. That's bang out of order. Be that may, as far as I'm aware Robbie does not arrogantly go around claiming he has the best physique amongst veterans/in his age class, he's the Number One vet and all that, so really don't see why you felt the need to make that snide and totally uncalled for remark. As for putting videos up, you seem happy to accept the lifts of others at face value without seeing visual evidence, even allowing for the fact that Robbie claims to be able to lift some very heavy weights. I made the remark for several reasons. Firstly, he has never contributed anything to either here or veganfitness. When asked for any advice, the usual response is something along the lines of "As an expert and trainer, I can't go revealing too much". Secondly, Robbie has made claims that are preposterous. There is no one on this forum who can deadlift 8x220kg. Take Avi Lehyani for instance. He is a competitive powerlifter in Israel. He competes at a similar weight to Robbie. He is Israeli champion in his age and weight class. He is younger than Robbie, bigger than Robbie, stronger than Robbie, yet his best deadlift is 240kg for a single. That equates to perhaps 3-4 reps at 220kg. Robbie claims to have done 8. This is a picture of Avi: http://veganbodybuilding.com/profile_avi_1.jpg I really REALLY cannot stand it when people make claims that are clearly false. It belittles the acheivements of those who actually work damn hard to make them. It makes a laughing stock of veganism as any one who has ever deadlifted can clearly see Robbie cannot deadlift anywhere near the weight he claims to have done. Finally, I do believe that the only reason Robbie has placed well in any comp is that there are so few people actually doing at his age, and bodybuilding is such a fragmented sport. Dozens of federations for what is a minority sport. Does placing 3rd out of 5 suddenly make someone an expert. I mean jesus, even I have beaten more people in competition than Robbie but I am far far far from being an expert in this field.
  5. Claims such as the one that is in my above post which is from veganfitness, dated and timed from 2005. If you have performed even 180 for 8 I would be genuinely impressed. Get some videos up, put your money where your mouth is.
  6. Sorry Robbie, but there is nothing that you have ever written that is not already widely available on the net. In what way are you an expert mate? From what I have seen of your training it involves no compound lifts, you fail to ever substantiate any lift that you have claimed to do: ....which would automatically make you British champion in your age group, and probably overall in your weight category. Having been to a few bodybuilding shows in 2005, I have seen numerous people of your age or older in better shape. Are you so egocentric that you feel the need to post under a psuedonym in order to protect your reputation as a trainer? Why not just share the wealth, or are you concerned that your advice isn't as good as you think it is? /flame Jonathan ps - sorry to anyone offended by that post, but I really hate self appointed experts, and people who make outrageous claims that they cannot back up (and clearly cannot do).
  7. He looks fantastic - he has that density that only comes with a lifetime of lifting. I am almost certain he is the same guy who posts as Deavman on veganfitness. He is an 88kg Israeli powerlifter, with a 192kg squat, 170kg bench and 240kg deadlift. Seems like a really nice bloke too.
  8. Because a significant proportion of the members here are from the US, the rest of us have to shut our mouths about issues we have with your political and social systems? That is complete rubbish. Whether we like it or not, decisions made by the US affect everyone. So therefore, I believe I have just as much right to an opinion as any American citizen. I really don't get national pride or patriotism. You cannot help the country you are born in, nor where you live until you are an adult. So why take pride in something that is completely out of your control. Also (and I am equally disapproving of the UK) what does the US have to be proud of? Withdrawing from Kyoto? Invading Iraq? Invading Iran? Selling arms to Iraq and Iran? Funding and directly involving themselves in "Administration changes" all around the world to suit their interests? The majority of the population having no concept of a world beyond their own borders? A lack of genuinely free health care? The biggest gap between the richest and poorest people in the world? Many of the most fundamentally extreme religious zealots in the world? Need I go on? National pride is a dangerous thing, and it should be avoided.
  9. Bah, US tax rates are already amongst the lowest in the developed world. Just because you are pissed off that you don't get free health care and your sister does, doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve it. It's the system that is messed up. Everyone should get free health care. It's a basic right. It is clearly demonstrated, empirically and statistically, that nations with high levels of social welfare also have the highest standards of living. The US has a huge gap between the richest and poorest people, and it is ing. I deplore any administration or system that reinforces this. Jonathan
  10. No, I wouldn't ever do bench first unless you were going for a new 1rm. I always follow the rule of doing weight bearing, standing lifts first, and non weight bearing or sitting/lying lifts after (like chins/bench). Rob - I suppose we steered Alex in the right direction, but the seeds of a strength athlete were there all along! Jonathan
  11. Rob, the only reason why people hassle you about your training is that you ask for advice, and then don't follow it. It can be just as irritating from this end of the stick too. You have good potential as a natural lifter/bodybuilder, but you have to make some changes to your training. You know this, we know this, and I am not suprised you get pissed off when people remind you of what you have said you would try, but then don't. Tough love Rob, it's what you need
  12. Less training and more rest if I were you. This is what I would do if I were you: Tuesday: Squat - heavy or volume Bench - close grip Power cleans Chins Abs Friday: Push press Squat - light and form work Bent over rows Seated shoulder press Abs Sunday: Front squat Deadlift Bench - normal grip Curls Abs Squatting regularly is paramount. Make sure you don't go too heavy on any lift too often, and watch your overall volume on the squats (as in don't go crazy on it). Jonathan
  13. Squats are the cornerstone of your entire workout programme, not just the leg day. Best lift there is, and should be done at least once a week, ideally twice. Rob, as I have said to you before, I think you would be able to squat if you started out with just the bar, nailed the form (I mean really nail it) and gradually worked up from there. I have trained with dozens of different people, and I have never met anyone who couldn't squat, just quite alot of folk who didn't want to squat. Regarding nausea, I reckon squats are king for just totally killing you. I did 10x150kg (330lbs) this week and couldn't speak for a couple of minutes after I was so knackered!
  14. No need to supplement at an early stage. The basics are: Eat alot. Every 2-3 hours at the most. Train well. Three times a week of lifting, based on squat, deadlifts, bench, overhead press, rows, chins. No need to isolate muscles, with lifts like curls or kickbacks. Rest well. 8 hours of sleep each night, as a minimum. Avoid excessive cardio. Most people start off skinny - do something based on the above basics and you should gain well Jonathan
  15. Consistant cardio and consistant weight gain are virtually incompatable mate. Weight gain can come from good lifting and light cardio, but that is it. Time to choose
  16. Aye, pop entertainment into general. Shame that strength sports has gone. It seems that in the last week or two it finally got a bit of activity, and now it is gone Jonathan
  17. I couldnt even image being that big! The most I have ever weighed is 210. And that took me not doing any cardiovascular, no martial arts, in fact, I couldnt even dead lift or squat. I had surgery on my knee and all I did was upper body exercises. I believe most if not all was fat(i was eating at least 1 loaf of bread a day), because my arms look much bigger now than they did then. With the speed/technique squatting, do I get just a very low weight and blast through it? Ill try to get a video up soon. Warning though, Im SKINNY! Haha. I was 170lbs when I started lifting 4 years ago - had the old "just walked out of Auschwitz" look going on there. All it takes is eating, and training to a lesser degree. Anyway, goals for this time next year: 130-135kg push press 225kg squat 285kg deadlift 155kg close grip bench 135kg power clean 120kg log press 180kg stone to any platform 430kg yoke for 10m 160kg farmers for 20m 200kg double overhand deadlift with 2inch thick bar And many more
  18. Nice to have another 6ft 8inch guy on the board. I'm 286lbs though Keep squatting - I used to make excuses about long legs, but in reality you just have to squat frequently. Get squatting twice a week, once for speed/technique and once for volume/heavier weights. If you can video your squats, we can get your form nailed at this early stage. Don't worry about not benching - it isn't an important lift. Better to stick with push pressing Jonathan
  19. I personally think that there is no need for a beginners section. There is little difference in training methods for beginners or intermediates (I think we would agree that there are no advanced weight lifters on the forums at the moment - I include myself in that) or even advanced lifters. Better to have a sticky with a few basic programs, and guidelines for diet and rest. Jonathan
  20. Robert just said in the above post that he intended on getting VEGAN experts, not non-vegan ones. And the donation would be optional for members who want to contribute, not required. [/i] Why not just invite them to the forum? Better to have them here because they want to be part of the community, rather than paying them to be here. For the record, I have no objection to donating to help support sites - I have done it in the past to help with the costs on veganfitness. I simply object to the idea that we need to employ experts.
  21. I think that it is a bad idea. Reasons being: * It creates a class divide. So called experts and those who should learn from them. * It adds a financial element to a community board. * There is no need to "employ" experts - on some of the boards I am on, there are national strongman competition winners, and they are happy to advise, for free. * There actually isn't any great secret to training. With regard to strength training, train hard, eat well and rest. That's it. * It does not reflect well on vegans if we employ non-vegans to advise us. Think about it - we can't direct our training ourselves, so we have to get non-vegans to help us. Doesn't look good, and is completely unnecessary. I think that it would be far better to simply try to create an environment that might entice people with an extensive sporting background to the board. By employing people, you just take the shortcut, and lose all the potential benefits that could come with shaping a forum that takes sport seriously. Just my thoughts. Jonathan
  22. That is all well and good, everyone has different ways of self motivation, but repeatly posting the same photos of yourself for compliments isn't going to help you keep a realistic handle on reality. Regarding the event organisation, whilst I think that it is a great thing to do, it is important to well represent the lifestyle you adhere to. You are a vegan lifter/bodybuilder. Don't feel that you need to organise all these events at the expense of your own ambitions. You have said many many times you want to hit 200lbs. With good training and eating, and rest you can get to that. You are probably right, but ultimately, it would fuck up my health, training, competing, marriage and work, so it's not a price I'm willing to pay. You are in control of what you take on. Jonathan
  23. Rob. Stop living in the past man. It would appear that you have lost weight due to lack of focus in training and other issues. No need to post photos we have all seen before to get carrots (compliments). Why not post some current progress pics, your current training and eating plan, and work from there? Jonathan
  24. Aye, overhead work is superb, once you get the hang of it. I train overhead at least twice a week, and feel like I've had a crap session if I don't! I would opt for plain and simple push press. Take a weight that you can military press for a few reps and add leg drive. It might take you some time to get the coordination right. The trick is, don't dip too much with the legs, explode up, and start pressing with the arms before your leg drive is finished. Get the head through early, and drive the bar slightly backwards to lockout. Have fun! Jonathan
  25. DV, could you please post a video of your squatting
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