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  1. I am in the last week of heavy mileage run training. Starting next week I'll be tapering for my big race at the end of May (and driving everyone around me crazy!). After the race, I'm looking forward to running faster but lower mileage, and working out at the gym more often. But I'm looking good and feeling great! Great job everyone.
  2. Two months to go in teh spring contest! How's everyone doing now?
  3. At lunchtiem today I did a chest and triceps workout. Then this evening I went for a 7.5km run. I had eaten soon before the run, and my stomach wasn't feeling great. Then to make matters worse I decided to do some pull-ups and burpees in the park at the end of the run. Dumb. Now I'm eating some crystalized ginger and my stomach is feeling much better.
  4. Well done! Good luck in your training for the next events.
  5. I ended up doing a hard hilly trail run of about 30km this morning. The trails were clear of snow, but very muddy. It rained last night and only stopped raining just before I started my run. I did two repeats of a hard, steep hill called the Penguin, and really picked up the pace on the downhill. In total, I ran 1500m of ascent and descent. The whole run felt really good, although I was still just a bit tired from my run yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow will be a day off. Oh, and this weekends runs put me over 800km (~500 miles ) for the year so far.
  6. Great job robert! Thanks for posting the photos.
  7. I was a bit sore today after my hard workout yesterday. Plus pamela took Wendy and I out for a huge meal this afternoon, so I was a bit hesitant to do a long run today. But I waited until the evening and then went out for a nice 24.5km run. I kept the pace relaxed but not too slow. Wendy and I were thinking of doing a 6-hour run in the woods tomorrow. Unfortunately Wendy has a bit of a cold, so I may have to go alone.
  8. Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics and hear the results. Have a great time.
  9. This afternoon I did a great freerunning workout. Along my 9km course I did dozens of jumps, a couple climbs, 20 chin ups and 5 pullups (on trees), 20 decline pushups, and 10 tuck jumps. My lower back, arms, and forearms are feeling the burn.
  10. Another vote for fitday. I don't personally use it regularly, but I have used it sporatically to check my eating for a particular day or days.
  11. Great job on the squat pb! Love the new avatar too.
  12. Good stuff! I like the one where you're hanging from the monkey bars.
  13. I did a very short chest workout this afternoon. Nothing too special. Tonight Wendy and I are planning to go for a 8-10 km run.
  14. I did a nice 10.5km run today. I started with about 40 minutes at a moderate pace at the track, then ran quicker for a few minutes with some friends that I ran into, then ran slower for a few minutes with another friend who was teaching a beginner running class, then ran home very quickly. Kinda an impromptu fartlek workout.
  15. Welcome! I like your quote and I agree.
  16. Great intro, welcome to the forums! When you're making the transition cold-tofu, it sometimes helps to eat vegan comfort foods a bit more often. Things like premade burgers and stuff. It might not be 100% healthiest, and they get expensive if that's all you eat, but it sure makes the change go smoother while you're learning about all the other great vegan foods out there. Good luck!
  17. I spent yesterday showing my friend around town, which meant that I did hours of walking but lousy eating . This morning I woke up at 6:00 so that I could get in a run before the others woke up. I ended up running for about 1:20, but did a bunch of laps on the track at the end and so don't know exactly how far I ran. I also threw in a bit of free running when I got the chance. Right now I'm not doing much more than jumping over benches and across rocks and stuff. But it makes the legs feel pumped and adds some variety. Also, I started to notice things on my route that I don't normally see, like things that I could jump or climb over.
  18. I did a 10.5km tempo run this morning. Felt great. It's so much easier to run quickly when the weather is sunny and warm.
  19. Great job on the running, especially the 2:26! Keep it up!
  20. What do you guys think so far? When is blue team going to start winning some fights? I though the fight tonight was a snoozer for the first round, then once the ground game started got alot more interesting.
  21. Yesterday evening Wendy and I did a short 6.5km run together. This afternoon I did five and a half km on my own. I have a friend visiting from out of town tomorrow for five days, so I might not be quite as consistent with workouts and posting.
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