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  1. Great pics! You guys look awesome. I would love to work out there someday.
  2. Ottawa?? Not like anyone important lives here, I mean, we're only the capital...
  3. Heh heh. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Yesterday I gave a motivational talk to a group of runners training for their first half marathon. I told some stories of my long training runs and ultramarathons, and tried to tie the stories into ideas that they could use to keep motivated in their training and racing. I think it went over pretty well. I went for a short run with the group afterwards, maybe 5km. This morning I got all the way to work before realizing that I had forgotten my keys. I tried to catch a bus back home (about a 40 minute walk away), but ended up running the whole way. Wearing my old worn out running shoes. I got home, then took the bus back to work, and made it with plenty of time to spare before my appointments started for the day.
  5. Thanks mannherz! After the exhausting run Saturday, I knew that Sunday was a great chance to practice running on tired legs. This is an essential part of ultramarathon training. Some ultra runners do +60km long runs, some people do shorter distances late at night when they're tired. Me, I like to do back to back long runs. They are extremely hard mentally and physically they take a toll, but it's worth it on race day. I was pleasently surprised to find that nothing was hurting or sore after the Saturday run, so I set out to run 29km with a group of friends. The weather was beautiful and the pathways were clear of the ice that had caused Wendy and I such headaches yesterday. We kept an even pace throughout the run, although we did slow down toward the end when a bunch of our group decided to stop at 25km. Overall, it was a much faster run than Saturday. I had to repeatedly tell myself to keep pushing, that fatigue isn't a good enough reason to slow down or stop running. I held on until then end of our 29km route, then ran home for an even 30km total distance. I'm pretty happy with how the weekend went for me. Tomorrow at the gym I might be a bit tired, but I'll go anyways and make the best of it.
  6. Bummer that you haven't been seeing results. Are you losing fat and gaining muscle? Even if that was the case though there should be some decrease after a month. I hope the new diet works out for you. Keep up the great training and stay motivated. And if you need us to give you a push to get you moving, we'll be right here for you!
  7. Wendy and I did a 27km run together this morning. It was very tough, and we're both pretty beat up. The weather is now getting warmer, but this morning we got a bunch of freezing rain which made the running paths very slippery. Every stride had to be placed carefully, which was physically and mentally exhausting. I took one spill, but didn't hurt anything. We both finished the run tired and sore, and have spent the rest of the day eating.
  8. Welcome aboard! Good luck with your training.
  9. When I got home this evening, the March issue of Ultrarunning Magazine was in my mailbox. I opened it excitedly, because every March they list the previous year's top performances in North America in the five major ultra distances (50/100K, 50/100 Miles, and 24 hours). They only include the top performances in each of the events, and list only those that are faster than a certain cut off time which is adjusted to reflect a certain proportion of the current world record. Guess who the 238th fastest woman to run 100 Miles in North America in 2006 was?? Wendy!! Also, as I quickly scanned the rest of the results, I noticed some guy named Brendan Brazier had the second fastest 50K performance in North America in 2006, a blistering 3:10:51. So, although I was still a bit pooped from my workout this morning, reading their names inspired me to go out for a quick 10K run this evening.
  10. Pretty good workout this morning. I did a bunch of stuff that I didn't get a chance to do earlier in the week, so it was a bit of a mixed bag today: Pullups 9+6; dips 20+15; 1-leg quad press 8x250 + 8x230; decline crunches 3x8x25; side bends 3x8x55; decline dumbell chest press 4x8x50; back extensions 4x8x35; 1 arm reverse grip tricep pushdowns 6x55; tricep pushdowns strip set ~40 total reps from 130 to 70.
  11. Welcome aboard! Sounds like you're off to a great start! Keep it up. I also noticed that my running endurance was better when I didn't eat meat, and this eventually led me to veganism. See you around the boards.
  12. I haven't posted for a couple days because I haven't been able to get the gym, and it's so cold outside this week that running outdoors would cross the line from "hardcore" into "just plain stupid". But it looks like this will be the last gasp of winter, and there's warmer temps on the horizon. Today I did a short but pretty intense leg workout. I started with about half an hour of weights, then did a half hour hill workout on the treadmill My 400m hill repeats were doine at betwen 10 and 12% incline, at around 10km pace. Hamstring curls 2x8x80lbs + 2x8x65 lbs Squats 8x135 + 3x8x185 Deadlifts 3x8x135 (still hard on my back, so I'm not increasing the weight yet) Decline crunches 3x8x25lbs
  13. What do you mean? Gummybears and hotdogs are great meals!
  14. That sounds like lots of fun. And man, I'm jealous of your little trophy. It's so cute! Congrats to all of you.
  15. Yeah, many gyms are open at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning but it's tough when your commute is already that long. For your remaining few weeks at this gym, I would suggest going at least a few times during the non-peak hours (mornings and weekends) to get a batter feel for the equipment and exercises. The you'll have a better idea of what you can and can't do at home, or what you'll need to buy to have a decently equiped home gym. If you haven't seen it already, check out this thread about the pros and cons of clubs and home gyms.
  16. Hi Jen, That's a bummer about the gym. It's tough to get in a good workout when every piece of equipment is busy, so I can definately understand your desire to workout at home. I workout mostly at a gym, but I think there are some people on this forum who do all their's at home so maybe they can answer your questions better. Is it possible for you to make it to the gym at a different time of day? Gyms are usually crowded at lunch time and after work. If you go in the morning you might be able to use equipment without having to worry about lineups.
  17. Welcome aboard! Good luck with putting on the muscle.
  18. Welcome aboard! Good luck with your training.
  19. I did my upper body workout today. It started great, with lots of pullups and dips, then a great superset of dumbell chest press and bent over rows. By the end of the workout, though, I was starting to look forward to being done and getting on with my "real" work for the day.
  20. Thanks SiNa, I've been trying not to let the snow impede my running too much. In fact, as winters in Ottawa go, this year has been a fairly good one. Yesterday evening and this morning I had a bit of an upset stomach, so I decided not to run in the morning with my running buddies. Instead I went out on my own for a somewhat abbreviated run this evening. I did about 17 or 18km, which puts my weekly total at 60km. Not bad, though it's definately go to go up in the next few weeks. I might add in a couple of days of doubles this month.
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