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  1. Welcome, good to see more Canucks on the site, eh?
  2. I'll echo what the others have said. Spending more time in the gym won't make you lose weight faster. It could increase your chance of injury, and if you're injured then you won't be able to do any workouts! So take it slow, follow the advice of others on this forum, and make sure you're getting lots of whole foods to eat.
  3. Mmmm, salted potatoes.... I've run for hours and hours on nothing but salted potatoes.
  4. 22.6KM run this morning with some friends. felt very good and surprisingly managed to keep up a slightly faster pace than yesterday. Drank water and ate half a Clif Bar on the run. Wendy is off at a spinning class this morning, so she might have something interesting to tell about later today!
  5. 20km run this afternoon. I made sure my route today had a bunch of hills. The run felt good, and did the whole thing with only water to drink.
  6. I've just started doing deadlifts and I love them! Although I have a fairly weak back which limits how much I can deadlift, I think they're lots of fun. I don't mind squats, although I find them a bit harder on my back than deadlifts.
  7. welcome to the forums, and good luck with your weight loss!
  8. Thanks robert, great to know that people are enjoying reading about my workouts. I keep a way more detailed running/workout log over at coolrunning.com. I track miles on my shoes, time, distance, weather, heart rate (sometimes), route, what I ate before and during the run, and time of day. Maybe a bit obsessive?? Today's workout was the usual grab-bag of random exercises that I do on Fridays. I have been avoiding squats for a couple weeks because they were uncomfortable on my back. I kept doing deadlifts and smith squats. Today I went back to the squat rack and found them extremely easy. I plan to increase the weight next week, but I'm going to do it slowly so as not to hurt my back.
  9. I was never very flexible, even when I was involved in a sport that required a lot of flexibility. Since running and weight training I've become less flexible, though I can still touch my toes if I try hard enough (and not just bouncing).
  10. Nothing special about my run today. Gym tomorrow morning, then I'll go for a 10km run in the afternoon or evening. By then I'll be over 200km for the year to date.
  11. Cool!! Yeah, it was pretty cool. I wish I still had abs like I did in those days. Today's run was a fast tempo run of 10km. It good despite being quicker than I've run in a couple months. I also did a 3km cooldown run. Actually, I had to run to make it to the comic book store before it closed!
  12. Welcome aboard and good luck with your training. I'll be interested to hear how it goes!
  13. I don't have anything to add, other than the fact that I'm in the same boat. Both my shoulders have been dislocated, the right one once and the left one about half a dozen times. The last time the left one came out was while I was swimming. I do some rotator cuff exercises (not enough ), and some shoulder exercises like lateral raises. I can't do a freeweight military press, because the weight on my shoulder can cause a dislocation if my form is not 100% perfect. So I have to use the smith or the machine press.
  14. Legs and core today. I did a couple of old abs exercises that I haven't done in years. I used to be a competitive springboard diver, and did hundreds of crunches, situps, kickouts, pike-ups, etc each day. These days I'm pretty uncoordinated and lack the endurance that I once had. But the muscle memory is still there; I still remember to point my toes when I kick out.
  15. I got into Nascar after watching an IMAX movie about it. It's actually pretty cool, although it has alot of baggage (good ol' boys, tailgate parties, and whatnot).
  16. Several people mentioned doing a running contest. Over at coolrunning.com, they used to have a "Virtual Race Across America" every couple months. People would divide into teams, log their miles, and see which team gets furthest in a given amount of time (usually around one month). There were some neat variations thrown in as well, like bonus points for racing or fast workouts. I was the organizer of two coolrunning VRAA's, and would be willing to put something together if there's interest. Of course, it's all done on the honour policy, and prizes are bragging rights only!
  17. I forgot to bring home my running gear after my Saturday long run, so I couldn't go out Sunday. Bummer. I'll see about going for a run later today, but it probably won't be a very long one (it's -30C!). Today's workout was arms. For a bit of a change, I've switched from doing lat-pulldowns to doing pullups. I can do sets of 8, and hopefully I'll be able to add some weight to that soon.
  18. Cool. I saw wild moose close up a couple years ago when I was tree-planting in northern Saskatchewan. I was amazed by how big they are! Great pics!
  19. I know, I remember reading your results from the pump and run. You know I would kill for a 18 minute 5K?
  20. My long run today ended up being closer to 16km rather than the planned 20. I had to meet Wendy downtown so I had watch the time. Nevertheless, it was a great day for a run. There was deep snow on some parts of the trail which made for a bit of an ankle workout.
  21. I'll admit that I'm starting to toy with the idea of competing this year or next. I know that I have pretty good genetics for body building (much better than my genetics for running!). But I still haven't decided if bodybuilding competitions are for me. There's a natural competition this Ottawa in the summer, so maybe I'll go to watch this year and then look into competing the next year.
  22. On my friday workouts, I do a bit of everything. I know that I'm going to have to come up with something better soon, but for now I just do a couple exercises that I missed in my Monday or Tuesday workouts. So today I did chinups, dips, smith squats, smith bench press, some abs stuff, hammer curls, and a couple more sets of deadlifts. I might be forgetting a couple more. As far as running training is going, I'm planning to start doing double long runs on the weekends. This weekend I'll start with around 20km Saturday and 15-20 Sunday. Eventually I'll work up to 35/35 or more. My first race of the season is in six weeks, and I've got lots of work to do before then.
  23. Another 10.5 run tonight. My legs are feeling much better than they did earlier in the week. Hopefully that's a good sign for tomorrow when I'm back in the gym.
  24. Wow, team Vegan Freak rocked this contest! Way to go everyone!!
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