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  1. I did my regular 10.5 km run this evening. Wendy's mom is visiting for the week, so our workouts (esp Wendy's) will be a bit erratic this week.
  2. I haven't had this specific problem, but I do sometimes get a funny feeling in my wrist when I do hammer curls. It could be a matter of techinque, or maybe it's just that your wrists are not strong enough to support the weight that would work your biceps. Maybe do some forearm exercises?
  3. Surprisingly, they're fine. I was expecting them to give me hell, but they weren't sore at all when I woke up this morning. Sweet!
  4. I did my legs and core workout today. Kept most of the weights the same as last week, although my legs were feeling a bit fatigued so many of the exercises felt more difficult. I changed the hamstring curl from 2-legs to 1-leg, which was a nice change.
  5. I prefer the term ass-up. Great workouts and eating Flare. Keep it up!
  6. Wow, 20 miles in three days is great! Hope your legs aren't too sore.
  7. Here is what I did today for my arms workout. Some jackass put the dumbells in the wrong place, and I accidentally grabbed a pair that weren't the same weight. Partway through my second set of the chest press, I thought "gee, my left arm usually feels weaker than my right arm, what's up with that?" Sure enough, I had been lifting 60lbs in my left and 65 in my right. D'Oh. Seated cable row 4x8x100 chest press 4x8x60 (one hand 65 for two sets) bent over dumbell row 3x8x60 + 8x65 side shoulder raises 4x8x15 shrugs 4x8x65 lat pulldown 4x8x130 incline chest press 4x8x35 cross-body cable raises 3x6x25 (I'm not sure what these are called) reverse grip cable curls 3x8x70 strip set cable curls 100/85/70/55/40 reverse grip 1-arm tricep pushdowns 2x7x55 strip set regular tricep pushdows 115/100/85/70/55/40 pec deck 2x8x85 reverse fly 2x8x40
  8. I finally got a converter so that I know how cold that is in Farenheit! About -35 I used to live in Fairbanks, Alaska Yep, it was pretty chilly. Maybe not alaska cold, but pretty cold. I skated for about 45 minutes on Friday, then again for an hour with Wendy on Saturday: http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k123/markc7/wendyskating.jpg Today I did a 14km run, nice and slow. Back in the gym tomorrow for an arms workout.
  9. Good work. Sounds your you've earned the indulgance of some vegan chocolate milk.
  10. I tried out the deadlifts today. Wow, what a great exercise! It felt great on my back, no soreness at all. Although I didn't use much weight this time around, I can definately see adding these to my routine from now on. The recent cold weather here in Ottawa means that the worlds largest skating rink is open. I might dig out my old skates and go out for an hour or so this afternoon. -35C means it won't be too busy, and the ice should be pretty fresh.
  11. Cold, quick run this evening. Nothing special to report. Tomorrow I'm working out at the gym. After avoiding them for some time, I'm planning to add deadlifts to my Friday routine. Wendy is showing me how to do them properly, and I'm going to start with barely any weight for the first couple and concentrate on form. Any other advice would be appreciated!
  12. Good stuff. I like your set of rules; I think most of us would benefit from following something similar.
  13. Good stuff! It's such a cool feeling when you leave the gym feeling better than when you arrived. Keep it up!
  14. OK, I've set up a Nascar team. How do I join the VBBF group?
  15. I'm signing up right now. Sounds like fun. Although I know very little about golf.
  16. Thanks bunnylalu! Today I did my upper body workout. Did dumbell chest press in a superset with bent over rows, lat pulldowns, side cable raises, incline chest press, preacher curls, tricep pushdowns, pec fly, reverse fly, and side dumbell raises. I felt great the whole time, though my butt is sore from the quad press yesterday.
  17. Today was my legs and core day at the gym. It went very well, and I increased the weight on my two favourite exercise, the one-legged quad press and the seated calf press. Each of those is now up to 230lbs, (four sets of 8 reps). I also did hamstring curls, squats, incline crunches, side bends, back extensions, and thigh adductor/abductor. My legs were pretty tired at the end, so I may or may not go for a run tonight.
  18. I was about to ask where you were! Good to hear that you're feeling better. Good luck with the workouts this week.
  19. Today was a "more kilometers than degrees" run. I ran just over 20 km in 2 hours, and the weather here in Ottawa is -20C. Good times.
  20. Good job getting back into it! Hope your teeth feel better.
  21. My runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were 10km, 6.2km, and 14km respectively. There's new snow out here, which is making running outside lots of fun. I'll probably hit the gym tomorrow sometime, and then go for a short run with Wendy. Sunday will be a moderately long run, maybe 15-20 km.
  22. I found running socks helpful as soon as I got to the point of running for more than 20 minutes or so. Cotton socks get wet easily (particularly if your feet tend to sweat), and wet cotton can rub your skin causing blisters. Which isn't a problem on short runs, because you'll be taking off the socks in a few minutes. Running socks, which are made of Coolmax or another similar synthetic material, keep your feet relatively dry. Unless you're running through puddles or running an extremely long distance, you won't have trouble with blisters. Running socks can also be pretty cheap if you shop around a bit and don't buy the fanciest versions, so I think it's worth the money to pick up a pair. I've bought running socks for as cheap as 2$/pair, and as much as 20$/pair (generally not worth it).
  23. Take care out there! We got a big dump of snow here, and it always seems like people forget how to drive for the first few days in the snow.
  24. Legs and core workout today, plus 12 minutes on the stairclimber. Felt pretty good, except that my back was a bit sore from carrying around my laptop.
  25. My arms workout today was pretty good. I upped the weights on the bent over dumbell rows and chest press. Otherwise it was pretty much like usual.
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