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  1. Not to be outdone by other people's Canada Day pictures, here are a couple of me enjoying Canada's birthday in Ottawa. This is me with Terry Fox's van. This is the actual van that drove with Terry as he attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. If you don't know much about Terry, give this a quick read. http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k123/markc7/00022a.jpg Here is me with one of my least favourite politicians, Stephan Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, just not exactly PM material. I mean, who wears a suit outside on Canada Day? http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k123/markc7/00028a.jpg There was a cool BMX show going on down on Rideau Street. I got a couple good action shots. Here's the best one: http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k123/markc7/00031a.jpg More coming later...
  2. Didn't Thomas Jefferson define dissent as the most sincere form of patriotism?
  3. I was a little bit sore this morning, but nothing too bad. I had been planning to do a Canada Day run with a friend of mine this morning. We had talked about doing a 10k loop along the Ottawa River, then maybe adding a km or two depending on how we felt at the end. Well, I seem to have gotten my metric and imperial systems mixed up, because the route I had in mind was actually 10 miles, and I didn't realize it until almost 8km in. So we ran a bit further than planned, maybe 17km total, but it was a really nice day for a run so I didn't mind. Happy Canada Day!
  4. I'm glad you wrote this, and wrote it much better than I could. I often get pissed off when I hear people equating patriotism with certain partisan political views. The right wing and the media have done a great job of convincing people that only one set of views is patriotic, and that if you show patriotism you therefore must hold those particular views. It's a damn shame that liberals have swallowed that story so completely. I'm going to catch hell from some people tomorrow when I walk around on Canada Day wearing my Canada/US flag bandanna, which somehow makes many people think that I am a Bush supporter.
  5. Bike Days rock! And even when the roads aren't closed, you'll be pretty close to the canal and other pathways. My log seems to be having the desired effect; I exercised today despite not really wanting to. What I really wanted to do was go buy a container of soy ice cream and watch movies. What I did instead was a short and easy workout in the gym. I haven't lifted since January or February, so I just did a couple of exercises (bench, deadlifts, pullups, crunches, plank, lat pulldowns) on low weights to get my body used to it again. It felt good, but I know that often when I go to the gym after a long hiatus the DOMS hits a couple days later. We'll see.
  6. I saw Wall-E today and absolutely love it. It got at 96% fresh rating on Rottentomatoes, and some of the words used to describe it are "instant classic", "masterpiece", and "perfection". Here are some of the things that I found so compelling. One of the most incredible aspects of the movies is that there is no dialog for the first 40 minutes, but the main characters are established better than any other Pixar movie. The love story, despite being between two robots is the best of any animated movie I've seen. The movie has a strong message about environmentalism and anti-consumerism, which is super cool, but it never for a second feels preachy or simplistic. The movie's vision of a society where consumption has run amok isn't 100% original, but it was still surprising to me to see a mainstream movie push it so far. You'll know what I mean when you see Wall-E encounter humans for the first time. Of course, the animation is flawless. The sound (much of the dialog is in beeps and whistles) is incredible. I don't think that there's any age group that wouldn't enjoy this movie. There are some scenes that riff off of 2001: Space Odyssey, which add to the enjoyment if you've seen 2001 but don't take anything away from it if you haven't. And best of all, this is a movie that is all about hope being awoken, in both the main and supporting characters, so it's got a great, uplifting story arc. Go see this movie.
  7. Welcome aboard. Good luck making the transition complete!
  8. Welcome. Good luck making the transition!
  9. Today was a long run day. I did 21.5km at a very slow and easy pace, since this was my longest run since my 100 miler last month. Also it was hot and I didn't have any food or sports drink with me on the run. But it felt good regardless. Ottawa is such a cool city for running; every Sunday in the summer they close down three or four of the major parkways to vehicles, and open them up to bikers, rollerbladers, runners, etc. It's a nice change of scenery to be running on the roads in training. Tomorrow I'm going to take a day off from running, but I'll maybe go to the gym. Then July 1st is my favourite holiday of the year: Canada Day!!
  10. Welcome to the forums!
  11. After having learnt my lesson about not eating alot of processed crap, I decided to spend much of last night drinking instead. Actually, I didn't have too much to drink and it was spread out over several hours and two restaurants. This morning I felt fine, so the final lesson here is that sugar and cookies are worse than beer and JD. This morning I did a really nice 13km run in just over an hour. It was a bit muggy out, but raining lightly so it felt quite cool. I left my place thinking I might run around 5-8km, but a couple minutes into the run I knew it was going to be one of those days that I would want to just run forever. If I didn't have lunch plans with a buddy of mine, I would have run for a couple more hours. It's days like this that make me so happy to be a distance runner.
  12. Chest and abs are probably tied for my favourite. Biceps and back are a close second. But I enjoy doing deadlifts more than any other exercise.
  13. I was sick yesterday, so I didn't do a workout of any kind. I've been eating relatively clean for a couple weeks, then made a dumb decision to eat a bunch of refined stuff the day before yesterday. Tasty, very tasty, but it felt like I was punched in the gut. Lesson learned. Yesterday I ate better and so today I feel fine. I just got back from a really tasty lunch of pad-thai. Mmmm.
  14. Welcome! Getting serious about weight training will definitely help you with your goals.
  15. One thing to do for your next trip is to check ahead for a bunch of good vegan restaurants in the area that you plan to visit. LA certainly has many many restaurants where you can get vegan food. Even along the way there are probably a couple places. it might be a bit late it this trip if you're leaving tomorrow morning. Personally I usually pack maybe a day's worth of fresh food, plus a bunch of convenience food like granola bars. If you have to resort to fast food, the best bet is probably Subway. Have a fun trip!
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