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  1. the food at Blossoming Lotus looks and sounds so good!! i just visited the link. awww i want to go!!! but i live in sydney Aus. and most of our vegan resteraunts are asian run.. i have nothing against that but its all to processed for me. maybe therer are some new ones now.. i must investigate.
  2. ah thank you thank you for the links whats MBA?
  3. Are there any vegan catering companies around?? (on the plantet?) I want to work for one…. I don’t care where in the world it would be… hmmm
  4. This is the my BEST ever smoothie Soy milk 1-2 fruits, varied 1 teaspoon soy protein powder ½ tea spoon slippery elm powder 1 teaspoon psylium husks. Small handful of nuts 1 table spoon flax seed oil. Made with love and so yum!
  5. ahh ok so maybe a fruit in between one meal and i soy yoghurt in between another?? thanks for the tips
  6. In your opinion, to eat the following or similar on a daily basis is enough food or not? Breakfast: one bowl breakfast cereal and one fruit and 200ml soy milk Lunch: 2 pieces of toast with a salad filling and 250ml home make carrot and orange juice. Dinner: 1 cup cooked rice, 1-2 cups chopped steamed veg, palm size 2cm slice of tofu. *no other food or snacks - but lots of water. Is this an ok amount for some one who is exercising and would like to lose a few extra holiday pounds?
  7. Awww. this is the nicest Forum i have ever been a part of
  8. My goals for this year are as follows: 1) Get down to 120lb (coming from 145) 2) Train hard everyday to build strength and endurance 3) Work on techniques to protect myself from shin splints,knee and back pain 4) Finally I want to pass the PFA and get through 28 days of Basic training.
  9. Yes hmm. I need to work out what works best for me. Weather i should be doing them twice a day, once a day or every other day. I think I should be giving my body ONE day of rest each week. Maybe a Saturday or Sunday where I don’t do any exercise at all? I also attempted to do a chin up/pull up today off the swing set in the back ward.. And I could not even lift myself one inch! But the pull ups are not important at this point.
  10. Ah, thank you both for that information. Some really god ideas there that I defiantly would not of thought of. thank you thank you thank you !!
  11. I started doing push-ups last week (real push-ups, straight back and knees, and on my toes) last week I could only do about ONE and now I can do SIX. I am doing them about 2-3 times I day. So far when I do them I can almost go down till my arms are at right angles. I NEED to be able to do 30 by the end of March and work up from there. Does anyone have any special push-up secrets that they would share with me? I was thinking about maybe using some weight machines to build strength but I think that just doing the actual push-ups is best practice.
  12. Hello everyone I'm not new but I have not been very active.. Just occasionally lurking around. I have been busy moving houses twice in the past 3 months. I have had a few interesting changes in my life lately. Right now i am concentrating on getting fit and healthy again so that my body and mind are ready for my final year of university. I hope to be around allot more this year. I have lots of things to talk about and lots of question to ask x x x Bloom
  13. BREAKFAST: 1 bowl of oats with fruit juice (homemade or soy and fruit smoothie) LUNCH: 5 rice crackers with salad toppings. Dinner: Steamed or stirfriend vegies with tofu or nuts or other, or mashed potato. YUM thats all atm. i'm on a diet
  14. thank you very much for all that INfo, i'm going to look into it! ... i think ih ave more then an inch
  15. Ok what is body fat percentage?? My friend who is into body building said that when he competes it goes down to 4 !!! and I heard to healthiest is 20.. But then I heard females under 30 are underfat…. Oh my I’m so confused… and also.. I’d like to know what my body fat percentage is. Can you please tell me how to measure it.
  16. sounds good, i'm just so use to eating till i'm full.... but i think i'll stop doing that once i move out of my unhappy share house situation.
  17. I usually eat 3 huge meals a day… I literally stuff myself silly, it’s crazy and my gut is so huge. If I eat like 6 small (one hand full sized) meals a day do you think my stomach will shrink??
  18. i have been told that the best time to do a workout is in the morning because you kick start your metabolism for the whole day. However even if i had a big breaky afterwards i manage to get very tired just a few hrs later and no amount of feed allows me to regain my energy. so I tend to work out at night, that way i'm tired shortly after and pass out into bed and have a great sleep, this really works well for me.. so is it ok for me to do ??? i really dont see the point in trying to do it the other way.... unless i know that my body will get use to it... but i dont think it will.
  19. well i likes it... becasue i'm type A but hmm... it tells me to avoid tomatoes!!!! and i really dont want to do that ~
  20. How many meals would you recommend one has per day?
  21. no it's not one of them juicers. I did buy a god one, once apon a time it was a 'dampson juicer' and it was red and it was a slow cold pressing one. But when my mum left she took it with her and dais it was hers and i wont go into it but she has it now... i'm always welcome to use it tho and if i really wanted to i could take it back. But i live at uni with 3 stupid people who always question my eating habits and just dont leave me alone and make me so mad and i thought it me best i just myself a brevil juicer... the types that's lound and only juices... and anything that isnt an apple, carrot or cellery stick goes compleatly to waste.. but thats ok, it's all i need to now i think. when i get my own place i'll get my sampson back and thank you for the birthday wishes
  22. there are more bacteria in your body then cells. (I read that when i was reserching intestinal disbiosis or dysbiosis) most of them wont hurt you. maybe every few ays give it a good clean as it's not the fact that there are bacteria there it's HOW MUCH bacteris are there. as long as you keep the lag phase down you will be right.
  23. Kathryn are you a raw foodist? do you have any pointers for me. I know i have so much more evergy when i go raw. but i could never keep it up (because of my mum)but she no here now. it was my birthday 3 days ago and i'm going to buy myself a juicer today as a B.day presie to myself (lame) oh well.
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