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  1. Nov. 10 squats: 1x20x45 2x8x125 1x6x135 incline bench, dumbbells: 1x20x10 1x8x35 1x6x35 1x4x35 seated shoulder press, dumbbells: 1x15x10 1x8x20 1x6x20 1x3x25 bicep curls: 1x20x10 1x8x25 1x6x25 1x2x30 standing calf raises, each leg: 1x22x20 1x20x20 1x18x20 weighted crunches: 55 w/ 10 lb. plate
  2. today's workout: squats: 1x20x45, warmup w/ the bar 2x8x125 1x5x135 1x3x135 flat bench press, dumbbells: 1x8x35 1x6x35 1x5x35 bent over rows, dumbbells: 1x12x60 each side 1x8x60 each side 1x6x60 each side calf raises, one leg, holding dumbbell: 1x20x20 each leg 1x18x20 each leg 1x16x20 each leg 50 crunches, holding 10 lb. plate food: 7:45 am breakfast: cheerios w/ soymilk, soy yogurt, orange juice, toaster waffles w/ peanut butter 9:30 bike to gym, workout, bike home 11am post-workout snack: apple, builder bar, smoothie (strawberries, banana, hemp protein, soymilk) 1pm lunch: tofu scrambler w/ nutritional yeast, mushrooms, green peppers; 2 slices whole wheat toast w/ earth balance; apple juice 2:30 pre-work snack: soymilk, banana, multivitamin 2:40 bike to work 5:30 clif bar 6:30 handful of french fries 10:30 bike home 11pm wheat gluten nuggets, orange juice, some peanut butter, and a shake (soymilk ,rice protein) 3000 calories, 145 g protein, 400 carbs
  3. Thanks for posting this - I just called my dad and asked him to tape it for me! Sea Shepherd rules!
  4. I'm an activist, not a legislator. Apart from the above-mentioned lesbian couple seeking to hold a ceremony in a park, I found 1.) articles on county clerks being sued for refusing to perform legal ceremonies (employed by the state, not the church.) 2.) lawsuits challenging state laws denying gay couple the ability to be married. 3.) An incident in which 11 state lawmakers in Pennsylvania sued a gay couple for publicly challenging a gay-marriage ban, and 4.) the only incident other than the NJ park suit in which a church has been sued, an Episcopal priest was removed from his post by the church authorities, supposedly because he opposed their practice of ordaining gay ministers. So he sued the church to be allowed back in. If you have knowledge of some other cases, please share.
  5. This has already been done. I hope you read up on it more and discover for yourself that is's just not as simple as people would have you believe. Well to be up front, while I want to keep a cool head and not stoop to name-calling, I am an activist and have marched for gay rights. So I'm not coming into this unbiased or unfamiliar with the topic. But, per your post, I did some googling. In the articles I found, there seems to be one lawsuit that the opponents of gay marraige are focusing on, in which a lesbian couple in New jersey sued a Methodist church for refusing to let them hold a civil union ceremony at a park the church ran. The church was not being asked to perform the ceremony, and the park was registered as a non-profit entity and received state funds. In any case, these new amendments were not worded in such a way that they merely protected churches. They were worded to deny legal marriage status to gay couples. That's the only "freedom" I can see that's under attack in this recent round of legislation - the freedom of gays to have the legal rights that come with state-recognized marriage.
  6. rest day - slept in till 9:30! 9:30 breakfast - oatmeal w/ agave nectar, soy yogurt, apple juice 12:30 builder bar, banana. 1pm bike to grocery store & back. 2pm lunch - last of the macaroni & yeast cheese, soy salami & avocado on whole wheat, strawberry banana soymilk smoothie with hemp protein, multivitamin 2:30 bike to work 5:30 clif bar 9:30 apple, builder bar, bike home. 10pm dinner - carrots, almonds, strawberry soymilk shake with rice protein 3500 calories, 150 g protein, 460 carbs. Got distracted and didn't eat as much as I'm trying to. Resorted to eating 3 protein bars today - I'd rather be using those to supplement more solid food, not as a substitute!
  7. I don't think anyone involved is saying that a particular church has to marry anyone. Just that churches that want to, would be able to. These amendments take away that freedom. That's like a law being passed that says all restaurants have to have at least one meat item on the menu, because the majority of voters don't want "that vegan lifestyle" crammed down their throats. (Also, coming from someone new to this site - you're coming off as very defensive here. Perhaps you've been attacked before during discussions on this issue, but I haven't seen anyone call you a name or attack you personally in this thread... )
  8. Gym day 3! Did my main exercises of squats, incline bench, rows and threw in a little extra arm and chest stuff. Still figuring out what weight to start back at with some of these. squats: 1 warmup set 20 reps with the bar 1x8x115 2x6x125 1x5x135 incline bench press, dumbbells: 1x10x30 1x6x35 1x3x35 1x1x40 just to see if I could. bent over rows, dumbbells: 1x10x60 1x8x60 1x6x60 (wanted to write seven but didn't quite make it all the way up) dumbbell flies: 1x10x20 1x2x25 (ooops too heavy) 1x8x20 seated shoulder press, dumbells: 1x10x20 1x4x25 1x6x20 biceps curls, dumbbells: 1x8x25 1x5x25 1x1x30 weighted crunches: 45 with a 10lb. plate behind my head The rest of the day, with food and accidental cardio, went like this: 5am cheerios, orange juice, toaster waffles, soy yogurt 8am iced soy latte 9am bagel, banana 12:30 hit the gym 1:30 builder bar, bike home 2pm smoothie (banana, strawberry, soymilk, rice protein), whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce, 1/2 can chickpeas 2:30 bike to second job 4:30 banana, pb&j on whole wheat 5:30 clif bar 7pm some grilled tofu that a picky customer sent back to the kitchen - tasted fine to me! 8pm banana 8:15 lecture from the boss about eating at work 9:30 bike from work to a meeting 11pm got a ride home from someone with a bike rack! shake (hemp protein, strawberries, soymilk) biked about 10 miles. 3800 calories, 155 g protein, 600 carbs.
  9. Thanks a lot for the tips DV! I've definitely upped my calories considerably in the past week, since I've been back in the gym. I think diet was the main reason i gained so little before, especially since I was making gains in strength but not adding mass.
  10. Zappos.com has a search function that you can type "vegan" into. Sometimes something on sale pops up. Free shipping usually, and I've mailed a pair back on their dime to swap out the size before.
  11. Rest day. My original plan was to do a full-body workout every other day, but I'm thinking of switching to a 2-day split, just because my schedule is hectic and there may be weeks where the only way to get 3-4 days in at the gym is to do a couple back-to-back. 6:30am breakfast - cheerios w/ soymilk, soy yogurt, orange juice 6:50 bike to work 10 am soymilk, clif bar 12:30 bike home 1pm lunch: leftovers! mac n' yeast "cheese", black beans, 1 wheat tortilla. Smoothie: strawberries, banana, soymilk, hemp protein. And a builder bar. 2:45 flaxseed toaster waffles w/ peanut butter, grape juice 3:30 bike 2 mi. running an errand 5pm carrot and apple juice 7pm dinner: baked potato with tvp, tofutti sour cream, raw spinach 8pm shake:soymilk, rice protein, strawberries, peanut butter; multivitamin 3800 calories, 175 g protein, 540 carbs. biked 6 miles. working both jobs tomorrow, gonna be tough to get enough meals in... gonna make some sammiches to take with me.
  12. Worst part of trying to bulk so far? Doing all these @#$% dishes!!!!
  13. Today: 5am breakfast oat cereal with soymilk, orange juice, flaxseed toaster waffles 5:20 bike to work 8:30 snack: 16 oz. soymilk, banana 11 am snack bagel w/ peanut butter 1pm workout: 5 min warmup, treadmill squats: 3x10 warmup with the bar, 3x8x125 (3 sets 8 reps 125 lbs.) incline bench press, dumbbells: 1x12x30, 1x9x30, 1x5x30 seated overhead press, dumbbells: 1x8x20, 1x7x20, 1x6x20 bent over rows, more dumbbells: 1x9x60 each side; 1x7x60 each side; 1x5x60 each side standing calf raises, holding dumbbell: 1x20x20 each side; 1x18x20 each side 40 crunches holding 10 lb. plate behind my head. Remembered to stretch afterward. 2pm builder bar 3 pm lunch: avocado, tomato and soy salami sandwich on whole wheat with vegenaise; garlic sticks; carrots; banana, strawberries, soymilk and hemp protein smoothie 4:30 clif bar 5:45 soymilk, apple, multivitamin 6pm bike to grocery store & back (seems like i go there a lot now ) 7:30 dinner: 3 black bean and avocado burritos on whole wheat tortillas with tofutti sour cream and hash browns; 1 cup raw spinach; grape juice 7:45 pm bike to infoshop collective meeting, 9:30 bike home 10 pm shake w/ soymilk and rice protein, soy yogurt Around 4000 calories, 150 g protein, 570 carbs. Accidentally biked about 14 miles. Today at the gym I was still feeling sore from the last workout, and kind of tight. Got loosened up once I got into it, but it messed with the first set of squats and i didn't go as deep as I'd like. Considering how long I was out of the gym though, I should probably take my time these first few weeks. Still sore - but feeling good to be back.
  14. I'm lucky, my mom went veg when I did in high school. So the whole Thanksgiving & Christmas tables are meatless, with some special vegan dishes for lil' old me as well. She makes a rockin' vegan pumpkin pie. (Not to mention the greenbean casserole, cranberry nut bread, roasted potatoes, candied yams...) My meat-eating dad and brother just have to deal with it! Amy, here's a recipe for a "cheese" sauce that I always use when baking. Poured it over 3 1/2 cups (measured dry) cooked macaroni and baked at 350 it makes vegan mac and cheese, I also use it for enchiladas. It's from the "New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook." (I took mac and cheese made with this to a vegan potluck a few weeks ago and three different people asked for the recipe...) 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup earth balance (or other veg. margarine) 3 1/2 cups water 1 1/2 tsp salt 2 Tbsp soy sauce 1 1/2 tsp garlic powder pinch of turmeric 1 cup of nutritional yeast flakes 1/4 cup oil start the water boiling. melt the earth balance in a skillet, medium heat. Whisk in the flour a little bit at a time to make a roux. Whip it up 'till it's creamy, then let it thicken and bubble. Add your now-boiling water, stir it up and stir in the salt, turmeric, soy sauce and garlic powder. (I also add a 'lil squirt of yellow mustard here but it's not in the original recipe.) Let it thicken and bubble again. Stir in the nutritional yeast and oil. (You can use less oil here if you want, or leave it out. It mostly makes the sauce less "sticky" and easier to pour when adding it to dishes...)
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