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  1. Hi y'all, just want to introduce myself. My name's ben and I live in Houston, Texas. I first got into weight training about a year ago, when I found out that the coffee shop where I work has a deal with the gym across the street - they get free coffee, we get $15/month memberships. So, being vegan, I was excited to find a website with information for vegans! I never posted then but I got a lot of helpful information just reading through the forums. I was making steady increases in strength, keeping a log, able to go a few more reps each time and stepping up the weight regularly. Then I pulled my back in a mosh pit and couldn't go to the gym for about a month... and I'm embarrassed to admit, it took the wind right out of my sails and I haven't gotten back into a routine yet, even though my back's better now. Well I'm signing back up at the gym this week, and part of the reason I'm posting here instead of lurking like before is that I hope I'll get motivated by posting here and talking to people! So hi everyone....
  2. My girlfriend Ashley has just started to get into weight training and was asking me about different exercises to do with free weights. I wanted to point her to a website which was very helpful to me when I was new to all this too. I'm pretty sure I found the link at either veganbodybuilding dot com or dot org, but now I can't find it and can't remember the name of the site. It has a bunch of animated gif's of a guy doing different exercises with dumbbells or barbells, you would click on the name of a muscle group and it would show a list of exercises and another click would open a page with a description of the exercise and a gif of someone doing the exercise to give you an idea of proper form, etc. I think it had an "rx" somewhere in the url? Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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