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  1. It doesn't really matter.


    For the amount of food I eat, having three meals would mean three huge meals and I would find it a chore to eat, so I spread it out over six throughout the day.


    On the other hand some people find it annoying having to eat six or seven times a day..


    Up to you really.

  2. I've always been quiet, but popular for some reason. I'm always the most shy person among a usually noisy and popular group I guess. I was never good with girls. I got a bit of attention but I think I was just oblivious to all of that or didn't care until after high school because I was too busy skating every afternoon and having fun. I didn't try alcohol until I was 17. First real girlfriend was when I was 21.


    Looking back at old school report cards, the comments from the teachers are always along the lines of "Sam is a quiet, hard working student, who is often distracted by others".

  3. Squats are the right thing for everyone who is physically able to do them.


    Calories consumed Vs calories burned is what determines whether you lose or gain weight, but you can't choose where you lose fat from I'm afraid.


    Use this to work out how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight - http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm


    Keep the protein high and do weights if you want to keep your muscle.


    Those are the basics.

  4. Impressive!


    When you're doing 5 x 5 do you count warm up sets as a legit set or do you do the same (max working) weight for 5 sets once you've warmed up to it?


    I'm actually doing HST but I have read others saying they switch back and forth and I've never learned about 5 x 5.


    Also, do you have any problems doing heavy weight for 5 reps with things like the squat?


    There's a few ways to do 5 x 5.


    One way is to do a couple of warm up sets and then do 5 x 5 with the same weight.

    Another way is to warm up and then do 5 x 5 with the weights increasing each set.

    Another way might be two warm up sets, followed by 3 x 5 with the same weight.


    Sets of 5 reps with squats are more tiring for me than say, sets of 5 with bench or overhead press, and I would say more tiring than sets of 5 deadlifts, especially when going heavy.

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