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  1. Hey, I got my rice protein from Fit Bits. I ordered it on the weekend, they sent it yesterday and I got it this morning. It's just the same unflavoured rice protein I've had before, but much cheaper. I think I'll order from there all the time now.
  2. Welcome. Great lifts! Also check out veganfitness.net - lots of strongmen & women and powerlifters over there too.
  3. Hi, could you give us an idea of your weight and what your diet is on an average day? I would recommend doing a strength training routine such as Starting Strength. Focus on getting stronger and as long as your diet is good, the muscle will come. You don't need machines for this, just a barbell, plates and a rack. Combine that routine with cardio a couple of times a week and it shouldn't be too difficult to keep the fat off. Not sure if you do intervals, or slower steady-state cardio, but I would be more inclined to to intervals as an effective way to lose fat. Something different you could try would be to do interval training with sprints outside.
  4. Ok next time I'm over that way, I'm going to Portland.
  5. Cool, looks like fun. Even from those videos you can tell you're a fast runner.
  6. I have the legs.. everything else on the other hand
  7. http://workout-routines.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/BillPearl2.jpg
  8. ANYWAY... http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/762/29502214643872543957314.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm180/BangoSkank1/Arnold2.jpg
  9. I think this is a matter of opinion and that's fine. For the record, I wouldn't use steroids either. The steroids are not the motivator. The goal or dream of achieving a certain size, or winning a competition is the movitavtion, and in some cases, steroids are used in the process of getting there, in addition to a lot of hard work. I mean to say the bodybuilders who are or were actually at the top, e.g. Ronnie, Arnold, Jay, would still be, or have been, at the top of their game without them, if all bodybuilding competitions were drug tested. Or another way of putting it would be that if these specific people never took steroids and competed in drug-tested federations, they would likely win. Animal welfarists, which is what you appear to be, are people who I have a major problem with. The end result is still death, no matter how "kind" a person was to the animal during its life. There is no ethical or kind way to kill an animal whose life existed purely for that end result, or that gain for the people who raised it. You are not in any way vegan, let alone "more vegan" than me, but veganism is not a pissing contest, so I'm going to stop here.
  10. Steroids do not do any of the hard work for anyone that takes them. For bodybuilders, all they do is allow them to get to a certain size that they might not be able to reach without them. Steroids do not make the work that people do in the gym or in the kitchen any easier. So while it might not be possible to get to that size without steroids, although he was only about 250 lbs at 6'2", which I can't see as being impossible without steroids, you cannot deny and should not disrespect the work that he put into achieving his physique. People who take steroids work just as hard, and in most cases harder than those who don't. If no one took steroids, the top bodybuilders of today would still be the top bodybuilders. The same goes for those who competed when Arnold was active. They were and are the ones busting their ass day in day out to be at a the top. What I idolize in Arnold is the hard work and dedication that he put in. He is a legend. And for what it's worth, he only used steroids two months in the year. Do you honestly think that someone who started off as a skinny kid living in Austria became a successful powerlifter, bodybuilder, actor, businessman, politician in the United States because he took steroids? You don't just do all of that by taking steroids. You do it by getting off your ass and putting in the work to make it happen. I'm quoting you from another thread here So what exactly are you doing here?
  11. Isn't that why people cook it with soy sauce, or Braggs Liquid Aminos?
  12. Do you eat seitan? In a 100g serve: 25g protein 2g fat 4g carbs 130 kcal
  13. Here is the last few weeks training. So with 5/3/1, the idea with the last set of the main lift is to either do the prescribed number or reps - 5, 3 or 1, depending on the week, or you can do as many as you can manage. The number in brackets is the number of reps I actually did. Cycle 1, Week 1 19/12/11-Press Day Press 10 x bar 5 x 40 kg 5 x 47.5 kg 5 x 55 kg >5 x 60 kg ( Close-grip Floor Press 10 x 50 kg 10 x 60 kg 10 x 70 kg Kroc Rows (high rep dumbbell rows) 2 x 20 x 100 lb dumbbell Tricep Pushdowns 3 x 10 x 70 kg Barbell Curls 3 x 10 x 30 kg 20/12/11-Deadlift Day Deadlift 5 x 60 kg 5 x 80 kg 5 x 110 kg 5 x 127.5 kg >5 x 145 kg ( Front Squat 10 x 60 kg 10 x 70 kg 10 x 80 kg GHR 3 x 10 Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 10 22/12/11-Floor Press Day (doing this instead of bench) Floor Press 5 x 40 kg 5 x 57.5 kg 5 x 67.5 kg >5 x 77.5 kg (9) Incline Bench 10 x 40 kg 10 x 50 kg 10 x 60 kg Chin-Ups - with light band (fatty) 8,8,6 Barbell Curls 3 x 10 x 30 kg (curl up as usual, then move bar back so it's touching my chest, then let it down slowly in a straight line - PUMPED) Dips 3 x 5 (Had been aaages since I last did dips. These sucked. 23/12/11-Squat Day Squat 10 x bar 5 x 60 kg 5 x 80 kg 5 x 100 kg 5 x 115 kg >5 x 130 (6) (Decided not to push too hard here. Did the required reps, plus one, and decided that was enough). Straight-Leg Deads 10 x 70 kg 10 x 80 kg 10 x 90 kg GHR 3 x 10 Cycle 1, Week 2 26/12/11-Press Day Press 5 x 40 kg 3 x 50 kg 3 x 57.5 kg >3 x 65 kg (5) Close-grip Floor Press 8 x 60 kg 8 x 70 kg 6 x 80 kg Kroc Rows 2 x 20 x 52 kg Dumbbell (These really take it out of me.. that many reps in that bent over position winds me. I can understand how brutal pushing a prowler must be. Or maybe I have no idea..) Tricep Pushdowns 3 x 10 x 75 kg Barbell Curls 3 x 10 x 30 kg (Same deal again with the technique mentioned before) 27/12/11-Deadlift Day Deadlift 5 x 60 kg 5 x 80 kg 2 x 100 kg 3 x 120 kg 3 x 137.5 kg >3 x 155 kg (6) Front Squat 8 x 70 kg 8 x 80 kg 6 x 90 kg No GHR or hanging leg raises today. 29/12/11-Floor Press Day Floor Press 5 x 40 kg 3 x 62.5 kg 3 x 72.5 kg >3 x 80 kg (7) Incline Bench 8 x 50 kg 8 x 60 kg 8 x 70 kg Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 8 x 45 kg 8 x 65 kg 6 x 75 kg Dips 3 x 6 (Getting better!) Curls 3 x 10 x 30 kg (Same deal again) 30/12/11-Squat Day Squat 5 x 60 kg 5 x 80 kg 3 x 107.5 kg 3 x 122.5 kg >3 x 137.5 kg (5) Straight-Leg Deads 8 x 80 kg 8 x 90 kg 6 x 100 kg GHR 3 x 12 Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 12 Cycle 1, Week 3 02/01/12-Press Day Press 5 x 40 kg 5 x 55 kg 3 x 60 kg >1 x 67.5 kg (4) Close-grip Floor Press 5 x 65 5 x 75 5 x 85 Kroc Rows 2 x 20 x 95 lb Dumbbell (All the dumbbells are falling apart and this was the heaviest I could find.. Apparently they are getting new ones soon) Tricep Pushdowns 3 x 10 x 77.5 kg Barbell Curls 3 x 10 x 30 kg (Regular curls this time) 03/01/12-Deadlift Day Deadlift 5 x 60 kg 5 x 80 kg 2 x 100 kg 5 x 127.5 kg 3 x 145 kg >1 x 162.5 kg (4) Front Squat 5 x 75 kg 5 x 85 kg 5 x 95 kg 05/01/12-Floor Press Day Floor Press 5 x 40 kg 5 x 67.5 kg 3 x 77.5 kg >1 x 85 kg (6) Incline Bench 5 x 55 kg 5 x 65 kg 5 x 75 kg Lat Pulldowns 8 x 50 kg 8 x 60 kg 6 x 70 kg Dips 3 x 7 (better again!) Curls 5 x 10 x 30 kg 06/01/11-Squat Day Squat 10 x bar 3 x 60 kg 3 x 80 kg 5 x 115 kg 3 x 130 kg >1 x 145 kg (4) (Pretty comfy. Didn't push too hard) Straight-leg Deads 5 x 85 kg 5 x 95 kg 5 x 105 kg GHR 3 x 6 (Higher setting than usual) Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 8 Cycle 1, Week 4 - Deload 09/01/11-Press Day Press 3 x 40 kg 3 x 47.5 kg 3 x 55 kg 3 x 60 kg Dumbbell Rows 3 x 5 x 95 lbs Pushdowns 3 x 10 x 70 kg EZ Curls A few and a few drop sets.. 10/01/11-Deadlift Day Deadlift 3 x 60 kg 3 x 80 kg 3 x 110 kg 3 x 127.5 kg 3 x 145 kg Front Squat 3 x 60 kg 3 x 80 kg 3 x 90 kg 3 x 100 kg
  14. Quoting this from Daywalker, back in 2005. I was watching a video the other day, featuring a few pro bodybuilders who were asked about their inspiration for beginning bodybuilding. A few of them didn't name actual bodybuilders, but instead named cartoon superheros like The Incredible HULK or He-Man. I'll try to find the video. http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/4/49256/1032664-he_man_b_large.jpg One person who inspired me to be big and STRONG is Reg Park. Reg won Mr Universe in 1951, 1958 and 1965. He was very strong, deadlifting 700 lbs, squatting 605 lbs, pressing 315 lbs overhead and is on record as the second person to ever bench 500lbs. Arnold attributes a lot of his success to Reg Park, through the use of methods he taught him, including simple, heavy 5x5 style training routines. http://www.t-nation.com/img/photos/2008/08-098-training/image002b.jpg
  15. Not yet, but I think I will get the rice protein. What's the soy like?
  16. Who does this? I usually try to take one day where I get some food ready for the week. I don't cook every meal at once because that would be 42 meals, but I usually cook something that I can divide into 6 or 7 so I have at least one meal each day that I don't have to think about. Usually if I'm working in the morning, I'll get my other meals/shakes ready the night before. What I did today was just a mixture of things, including quinoa, 4 bean mix, tofu, peas and LSA mix, with a bit of tomato puree and garlic for some flavour. I got the idea from Billy Simmonds, but left out the ricotta cheese. I guess you could put some vegan cream cheese or something on it if you wanted. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v52/essjayyell/01food.jpg Share any recipes that you like to make in bulk!
  17. I spend about $50 each week on food for myself. I can get 2.5 kg of protein powder for about $50 if I buy online.
  18. Yes but to suggest that professional athletes are only in it for the money.. Come on..
  19. I thought it was mostly good. The comments about vegans having to eat huge amounts of foods was kinda dumb. It's not like omni bodybuilders don't eat huge amounts of food. It's just a matter of choosing foods that are going to give you the most bang for your buck, so to speak.
  20. That doesn't seem like a huge amount of running, so it's probably not going to hurt. If you keep doing that, don't do the walking that I suggested.
  21. I would increase your protein intake. 50g isn't enough to build or maintain muscle for someone your height and weight. I would triple that amount. One of the simplest and easiest ways to lose fat is walking. I would choose a good strength training routine such as Starting Strength and combine that with going for regular half-hour brisk walks each morning. You might be surprised at how effective walking is on cutting fat.
  22. I like all the food pics! Gives me some ideas. Interesting that you can't find any vegan cheese. I've found a couple of types down here, although I never really buy it. I don't think it's the good stuff that actually melts. I just had a look at the website where you buy your soy protein. I'm paying wayyy too much for my rice protein! I guess it's good to support a local shop that stocks it, but they're charging more than double what you pay online. How long did delivery take? What's in the protein sludge and the protein pudding?
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