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  1. Sticking to Stronglifts is not going to turn you into the incredible hulk. You won't end up looking like Arnold or Ronnie, but you will get strong.
  2. Well shit, I can only do about 10 dips. Maybe I should stop supplementing B12?
  3. When I first skimmed over your post, I thought you were complaining about it costing $191.89 for two for a month. Then I read it properly. Yes it can be very cheap. My university has boxes of fruit & veg each week for $10, which is awesome. It's usually different from week to week, but still really good value each time.
  4. Elite FTS has some good videos on their youtube channel for squat technique. In this series they take a guy who has done some squatting in the past, look at his technique, then fix the problems he has. So far there's just two videos uploaded but the rest should be up soon.
  5. I'll try to get some too. Robert, could you also try wearing weightlifting shoes, which have a raised heel? They probably wouldn't raise the heel up as high as with the plates though.. http://www.strengthshop.co.uk/index.php/strength-shop-lions-weightlifting-shoes.html
  6. Yeah. I think their business model is to subscribe as many people as they can who aren't actually going to use the membership. The fat lazy people sign up because they know they need to workout and are comfortable that there won't be anyone there who is actually fit. They never actually go once signing up but are too lazy to cancel because the monthly cost isn't too much.
  7. Nice deadlifting. You kind of remind me of this guy - just your technique and similar physique. Not sure how tall you are or how tall he is, but anyway...
  8. So Planet Fitness is supposed to be a "Judgement Free Zone", but it's ok for them to judge and exclude the huge muscular guys who just want to lift weights?
  9. I'm going to order some of these soon. What's everyone's favourite flavour?
  10. Mine's nothing fancy.. Pre - whatever I have for breakfast, then 1 tsp creatine in water about 20 minutes before workout. Post - 2 scoops rice protein, 1 tsp creatine in soy milk & orange juice.
  11. Milk: So Good chocolate flavour Cheese: Daiya Mozzarella Meat: Fry's Schnitzels Fast Food: Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant: The vegan menu at John's of 12th St, NY. Food Bar: Clif Protein Bar: Clif Builders - cookies & cream
  12. Bumping this up. I'm going home tomorrow, flying Virgin America from JFK to LAX, then V Australia from LAX - SYD. The food on the flight from SYD - LAX was pretty terrible. At the time of my booking, there didn't seem to be a vegan option when I was selecting my meal preference, so I chose the one that seemed safe, which was "raw vegetarian". I thought that since V Australia markets themselves as a "cool, hip, progressive, new airline", the meal might be good. It turned out to be a few slices of tomato and some carrot sticks, for every meal! Wasn't too impressed. So I made sure to call them the other day, to ask if they had any regular vegan meals and it turns out that they do. It will be interesting to see what I get this time. I have packed some clif bars and builder's bars to snack on too.
  13. When I get home from my holiday, I'm probably going to do more of a bodybuilding style routine, but with all compound lifts. It will be split like this - Legs & shoulders, chest & upper back, lower back & arms / fun stuff. For upper back I'll do barbell rows and pull-ups, maybe dumbbell rows, then lower back just deadlifts. Probably 3 x 6-8 reps for each. Also on the legs/shoulder day I'll be doing clean and jerks, which will hit the back too.
  14. All you need - http://strengthshop.co.uk/index.php/powerlifting/powerlifting-belts.html
  15. I'm here. Having a great time. I have some photos here - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=299192&id=506871084&l=6e8d2eaefb so you can see what I've been up to. I went to Johns on 12th St tonight. It was very good. Nice atmosphere and great food. There's a vegan restaurant next door too. I can't remember the name of it, but I'll see if my sister remembers it..
  16. This isn't metal, but I could listen to it all day..
  17. I drink maybe once every month or two. Usually it's just a few beers while sitting and relaxing with mates. Can't remember the last time I was drunk.
  18. I'm second year at Newcastle Uni. I have my last exam for the year tomorrow!
  19. Hey welcome, I'm a nursing student too! Where are you studying?
  20. Thanks, chewy. Yeah getting close. Might be a while before I try for 200 though
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