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  1. 5/11 Squat 5 x 60 3 x 80 3 x 110 3 x 130 2 x 150 1 x 180 1 x 195 PB
  2. Wow, that all sounds amazing. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I'll be visiting NYC November 16 to December 7. Does anyone have any "must see" vegan hot spots? Also if anyone wants to meet up, let me know because I'll have quite a lot of free time. My sister is over there working so I'm visiting her, but I'll be out exploring during the day.
  4. Making the Connection The Vegan Society wanted a film, suitable for all ages and all walks of life, that would express the various advantages of a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Environment Films selected a diverse range of contributors and to avoid the standard educational format and to prevent the film from being static we crafted linking scenes from topic to topic and tried to deliver the facts in a relaxed and informal way. The music was specially written (excluding two hip hop tracks by vegan artists Promoe and Jah Sun), which add to the contemporary feel of the film. http://www.environmentfilms.org/EF/Making_the_Connection.html
  5. Sounds great so far. Also in the food section, maybe an article about bulking and cutting, with sample meal plans?
  6. Brock really was dominated in that fight. I expected him to put up more of a fight. That cut on his face was pretty nasty..
  7. Thanks, Ryan I'll let you know if I'm nearby, for sure. It would be great to meet you. 20/10 Full Clean 6 x 50 3 x 70 3 x 90 3 x 105 Push Press 3 x 50 3 x 70 3 x 3 x 85 Front Squat 3 x 60 3 x 80 1 x 100 1 x 120 1 x 135 PB 1 x 140 PB
  8. Thanks, both of you I train every second or third day, but haven't been logging every session here. Here's what I did today: 17/10 Full Clean 3 x 60 3 x 80 5 x 100 Jerk From Rack 3 x 50 3 x 60 3 x 70 3 x 3 x 90 Clean High Pull 3 x 90 3 x 100 3 x 3 x 120 CG bench 8 x 60 7 x 80 I might be going to New York City in Nov/Dec this year. My sister has an internship there, so I'm hoping to go and visit her. I'll probably travel around a bit, maybe to Chicago to see a cousin and might visit other friends in Portland and around the midwest. Would be cool to meet up with anyone. No solid plans yet, but I'm working on it.
  9. Today - Clean & Jerk 3 x 50 3 x 60 3 x 80 2 x 90 1 x 100 1 x 105 PB Deadlift - Clean grip 3 x 100 3 x 130 3 x 150 1 x 170 1 x 190
  10. He's in there somewhere. I used his avatar photo.
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v52/essjayyell/wheresrob.jpg Robert is actually in this.. who can find him?
  12. Haha yeah I avoided them for almost a year. I think I should keep doing them to help with my cleans.
  13. On Saturday I did some dumbbell stuff at home - floor presses, seated presses and curls. 21/09 Snatch Balance 10 x bar 3 x 40 3 x 50 3 x 3 x 60 OH Squat 2 x 3 x 60 Snatch Pull 3 x 80 3 x 90 3 x 3 x 110 Front Squat 3 x 60 3 x 90 3 x 3 x 120 I was planning to do back squats but felt like I needed to practice front squats more.
  14. I think the only advice I can give is to squat more often and slowly increase the weight. My best gains with squats came when I started squatting 3 times a week, just adding 2.5 kg each week, or whenever I could
  15. I've done that with 90 kg once before. Fell back, bar hit my legs and I somehow hurt my thumb. Not a pleasant experience! Thanks. I'll be doing some squats tomorrow. Deadlift max is 210 kg. It's been a while since I've gone for any PB's, except for the front squat yesterday.
  16. Thanks I've just started doing full cleans. I feel like I'm getting into a good rhythm. At first they were a big mental challenge.. just have to keep thinking "drop under, drop under!.."
  17. I'm doing more Olympic lifting these days. Still need to learn to snatch properly. Here's my log from today 16/09 Full Cleans 3 x 40 3 x 50 1 x 60 1 x 70 1 x 80 1 x 90 4 x 100 Push Press 3 x 40 3 x 60 4 x 3 x 85 Front Squat 3 x 80 2 x 100 1 x 115 1 x 120 1 x 130 PB - more in the bag. Will aim for 140 next time. Here's a video of a 100 kg clean from last week - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9sI8TWcC_Q
  18. Oh yeah, Ryan Wilson.. and Marc Bartley http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1465081&d=1217989579 http://www.t-nation.com/img/photos/2009/09-188-nutrition/03.jpg
  19. I have size 11 - 12 US, depending on the shoe and my feet are wide and flat. I just got some of the strength shop shoes and they're great for squats. The sizing of them is quite large, so if you're looking at getting some, I'd recommend that you get at least a half size down from your normal shoe size. Keep in mind that US 12 is UK 11, so you'd be looking at either a UK 10.5 or 10. For deadlifts, anything with a solid flat sole will do, or just go barefoot or in socks if you can.
  20. Nice work with the presses man. I'm enjoying the one arm dumbbell presses at the moment.
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