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  1. Thank you. I love this forum because people can be mature or funny hear. Many forums I am are not like this one.
  2. Really? I thought it was still BB2. When I go to phpBB3 I just see an install screen.No it's definitely phpbb3. I know the difference, trust me.
  3. Just so you know I wasn't being sarcastic, I see the forum hasn't died for sure, and I like things to keep the same, I'm just kinda that type of person.
  4. Thanks Rob, nice to see this forum hasn't died. And I'm also glad after all these months, you still kept your awesome avatar .
  5. 1. MySpace. 2. FaceBook. 3. Twitter. 4. Hi5 5. Bebo 6. Tagworld 7. Friendster I believe that's all I have joined on.
  6. Yes, I have been gone since Febuary 2008. I forget why I ever left, I just kinda forget about the site. I see you guys converted to phpbb3 which is pretty cool. So do you any of you remember me? I just kinda remembered the site and decided to come back. Feels good to be here again. I will try to start posting again.
  7. The human body only requires about 10 grams of protein a day. That could be easily required by consuming 10 fruits,5 vegetables, or 2 pieces of whole-grain bread. And carbohydrates are needed to gain muscle and function properly. Don't let some weight-loss diet creators wearing size 0 lead your nutrition.
  8. Yes, hemp protein contains all the animo acids which need to be eaten from food. Don't listen to brainwashed quacks who rely on outdated 60-year old studies .
  9. Isn't your username "Luigi" from Mario . Welcome to the boards ! It's great to have another bodybuilder on this place.
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