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  1. Looking good! I think 60-20-20 should work well. Just be patient, and while bulking my tip is not to count calories - just eat as much as you can. If you keep eating a lot every day your stomach will adjust. Also if you do not gain weight, then you might want to switch the food type you are eating - for me it is really difficult to bulk without wheat, since wholewheat tortillas are like a drug to me and I can keep eating them for weeks in a row. Of course I fill the tortillas with beans ect. with lots of oil (avocados should work well!). Corn tortillas are a good option if you don't prefer gluten.
  2. In my opinion you eat too much carbs and not enough fats and proteins. Increase the amount of saturated fats such as coconut oil/milk/cream in your diet, this enhances natural testosterone production thus increasing muscle growth. Training sounds excellent, but you need more building blocks from proteins and more hormone activity which can be enhanced by increasing saturated fat intake.
  3. You look very healthy and definition is awesome! I'd go with extra calories, for example bulking with dates and figs ect. all day long besides getting enough fats (I think coconut milk is the easiest natural way to get good fats that boost muscle growth) and protein. Otherwise I think you are well balanced, but pecs could be bigger so I'd go heavy on pec deck, push-ups or bench press (I prefer bench press). Long sets, maybe 8-12 reps per set with moderate weights (=you can train more often if you don't annihilate your muscles with heavy weights thus getting better results and constant muscle growth and less risk for injury).
  4. Hay guise! I celebrated my 10th anniversary as a vegan this spring. Been mostly occupied with dancing but this summer once again some lifting as well, since I got a really nice own gym at our workplace in the new Vegekauppa store which we opened in Turku, Finland. Also opened one in Helsinki last month. All running great, and people love them! Anyway, the condition is now lean and well-functioning, pic talks better. Could be bigger but at least not too much fat. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk250/tuc_finland/Tuukkeli.jpg
  5. I don't count calories - I just eat whenever I am hungry and/or have time to eat. I eat huge amount of bananas and then often dates, figs ect. so carb intake is indeed high. I do breakdance and then some pull-ups/chin-ups and push-ups on regular basis. Earlier I used to do ~100 chin-ups per training but now I focus on slow movement and good technique and doing small training very often. The idea is to stimulate - not annihilate.
  6. Another update: high carb diet, mostly raw food with some beans & tofu in addition. Not much weight, but also not that much fat. Feeling great, but I could really use more mass. I am building a new gym to my basement so that should help with muscle building process. Building it is also hard work. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk250/tuc_finland/Bodi.png
  7. I'll post this pic here as well, put it already in my training log. I am leaner than ever since I started lifting, so I finally have a decent sixpack. I have been doing a LOT of pull-ups, like hundreds per week. If I pull the measure tape tight, my waist is 26". Inhaled my chest is around 40", maybe a bit more. Not a bad ratio I think.
  8. +3 years without updates, now training only with own body weight. Still vegan but now even more raw, body weight less than before but also fat % less than before! My normal routine consists of 100 pull-ups (sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and as much pull-ups as I can do with legs raised ~2 feet up from ground. Also breakdancing many many hours each week. My waist circumference is near to female supermodels, so I think I am tightest I have ever been.
  9. Patrik is from Germany (currently living in Berlin), but he was born in Iran. By the way, Patrik has been a vegetarian for 6 years now and he has made his best lifts recently (like that 360kg squat vid) as a vegan. He does a lot of promotion for veganism all around Europe and he has also done promotion things with Vegan Strength Germany: http://www.veganstrength.de/5.html Great stuff in Germany!
  10. Here are the squat vids: 300kg = 660lbs success: 330kg = 728lbs dropping the weights: His pb in the gym is 360kg = 794lbs:
  11. I would also like to note that these lifts were by a huge margin the best lifts any vegan has ever made in a competition even though Patrik did not even feel well. He did a 100kg (= 220lbs) better overall than the current leader of VeganFitness strength board even with the failed squat event (he has lifted 60kg more while practicing). Also, this is the biggest achievement of a vegan weightlifter in history. And there's even full-hd video material of all this. Just click the link above.
  12. Here are the deadlift and bench press lifts from the European Championships in powerlifting: www.youtube.com/user/tucfinland/videos Patrik also squatted 300kg, failed 330kg (dropping weights over his head which hurt quite a bit). Patrik won his class and got the best total of all competitors with 830kg. Here are his best lifts with kg and lbs: - Squat 300kg = 660lbs - Bench press 200kg = 440lbs - Deadlift 330kg = 728lbs He had a minor food poisoning before the competition, otherwise he would have lifted a LOT more!
  13. Use high quality oil (olive oil, cold-pressed coconut oil) ect. in your diet. Oils have 900 kCal per 100ml, you can add 1000 kCal in your diet within seconds. Also, it will make your food taste super good. Especially salads and such. Also, nuts have huge amounts of calories. Para, cashew, macadamia, walnut ect. will make your bulking both easier and tastier. Not that cheap though.
  14. JP is the 8th strongest man in Finland in the year 2012! 6th after the first round! 6th after the second round! Joni's strongest event went badly, 8th place = disqualified (6 best went to finals). Anyway, fantastic vegan representation! There were 17 competitors, so JP beat most of the competitors!
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